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The Unparalleled Cultivator Chapter 4 The Golden Forest

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"Stop the horses." Xie ordered as he raised his left hand. He was looking around the forest warily, as if trying to identify something. "These tracks look off. What do your birds say Lan?" Xie asked while unsheathing his blade, it was better to be prepared in case his suspicions were correct.

"...Bandits about 100 meters from us in that direction." Lan declared before she too drew her bow. Simultaneously the rest of the party drew their weapons. From Yuns heavy sword, to Nyxs odd looking staff, they were all armed and ready to fight.

"Seems they aren regular kids." A voice rang out from some nearby bushes. And then they appeared, about 10 bandits all dressed in plain clothing and armed with swords and sabers appeared.

"But why would a bunch of kids be out in the Golden Forest, wait those robes!" The same bandit spoke once again, he had a long scar across his forehead and he seemed to be quite the talkative one.

Unfortunately for him he picked the wrong time to put his guard down. Jumping off his horse Yun swung down his heavy sword, the wind blowing fiercely as the sheer might of the attack was enough to send the bandit flying.

Without missing a beat Xie launched an attack, slicing a bandit across his chest. "Hmph! They

e nothing impressive, maybe 5th Stage at best." Xie sneered disappointed in the powers of the bandits.

Naturally it was impossible for the bandits to win, and they realised this albeit a bit too late. Running away as fast as they could, they didn care for their downed companions, but it didn make any difference. The others weren just there for decoration.

In a burst of heat, 3 fireballs flew through the air landing on the backs of the bandits nearly killing the 3 that were hit. Then Lans arrows pierced another 2 bandits. All in all, with those few attacks nearly all the retreating bandits had been dealt with.

"Whew, we escaped." One of the bandits muttered out in fear, only two of their group of 10 had survived.

"Ya we got lucky." The other replied, cold sweat still dripping from his forehead. That was the last words they spoke to one another, as both their heads fell to the ground.

"You really thought wed let loose ends go? Attacking us even though you saw our robes. Not putting my Blood Blade Sect in your eyes was your biggest mistake!" Xie sneered before making his way back to the party.

In reality Yun and Xie were enough to deal with the bandits, but it was simply more efficient for Lan and Yang to launch an attack. Currently Fu was interrogating the talkative bandit trying to get any information out him.

"Are there any more of you?" Fu demanded an answer before slapping the bandit across the face. While he expected some bandits.

"I already told you this was all of us! Please just let me go Ill change my ways!" He cried out, as tears welled up in his eyes. Whod have known that a group of 7 children could obliterate his group so easily, it was simply insane.

"Tch, normally Id let you go for a price but we

e on a mission." Fu sighed, before striking the bandit on the temple killing him in one blow. Once everything was taken care of, the 7 continued on their way through the Golden Forest deciding to be more cautious from now on.

"Did they have anything valuable?" Yun asked out of curiosity. Just before they left Fu robbed all their corpses so he was curious if there were any treasures or special items.

"Nope nothing. Just a few Low Grade Spirit Stones." Fu replied shaking his head in disappointment. They were young masters and mistresses after all, so such a measly sum would never interest them. Well besides Fu that is. Five Low Grade Spirit Stones there, and five here, and soon you have a 100 Low Grade Spirit Stones! He thought happily as he pocketed the spirit stones.

Yun and the rest weren fools and they knew Fus thought process but they weren all that bothered.

It was already evening when their journey began and as the hours passed the night grew darker and darker. Eventually they came to the decision to take a break at a nearby cave. "The horses can rest now." Yang muttered to himself as he fed the horses some food.

"Pass me some of that." Yun said while reaching towards Xie. On the other hand Xie looked towards Yun as if he was stupid.

"You think Id share my food? And with you of all people?" Xie questioned before continuing to eat the rice ball in his hand. It seemed as thought everyone had packed their own food but Yun. His stomach was growling and his hunger growing more and more.

"What about you Fu? Could you give me some of that please?" Yun said as he gazed at Fus large banquet of food. Lucky bastard has a Spatial Pouch. Yun thought jealous of Fus wealth, after all his family was the richest in the Kingdom.

"No can do, I payed for this with my hard earned money." Fu chuckled to Yuns dismay. Unfortunately the others didn lend him any food either. It seemed as though Nyx didn have any, Lan barely had enough for herself and the birds, while Yang was more focused on feeding the horses. Lastly the Princess had already finished all her food.

"GROWL!" Yuns stomach roared, which caused him to immediately stand up and leave the cave.

"Where are you going?" Fu asked while munching a chicken leg.

"Hunting. Ill be back within an hour." Yun replied before disappearing into the surrounding forest. Seeing this Fu was annoyed. This guy.....I was just about to give him some food as well...for a price of course but still.

"Lan, send a bird to monitor him, if he doesn come back in an hour I am dragging him back." Fu commanded, and thus one of Lans Blue Swallows flew out and towards where Yun disappeared.

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