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Chapter 289 – Transmuted beast spear!!

“Master Rust”

“Yes, it’s done.”

The members of the Kagero Institute around me hold their breath, before breaking out in cheers.

“Thank you for your help, everyone.

It became the best transmuted beast I could make, thanks to you.”

“We also learned a lot.

I’m really glad we helped rebuild Rose, because without that experience we would have just been in the way.”

Shellrule speaks on behalf of everyone, as she looks at the measurement data in her hands.

Halhammer isn’t here because he had minor business to take care of, so there isn’t anyone here who is experienced in transmuting plant type transmuted beasts.

“Your transmutation was really great, Master Rust.”


Transmutation of plant type transmuted beasts is a technique that’s barely even open to the public.”

“I heard a long time ago that Master Rust also worked on the prototype of the vine transmuted beasts used on the latest communications devices that everyone uses now.

Apparently everything since then came about via root division of that prototype.”

I hear the members of the Kagero Institute all talking, elated at the success of the transmutation.

“Master Rust, is that true About the transmuted beasts of the communications devices”

Asks Shellrule.

“Yes, it is.

Separating them from the same root dramatically increases the spiritual responsiveness.

Information is transmitted based on that ability.”

“Then your vine transmuted beast that holds a massive amount of information…”

Shellrule covers her own mouth, most likely out of consideration.

I have to try to hold back laughter as I look at her.

“Don’t worry, nothing troubling like that will happen.

There are seals that restrict reading.

Three master ranked alchemists, including the chief of the association at the time, Master Halhammer, made that seal.”

“I see.

I’m very sorry for being rude.”

“No, I think it’s great that those things catch your eye.”

“No, I…”

Shellrule starts swaying for some reason.

“Well then, I’ll go take this to Roa.

I might need to take measurements, but I’ll do it myself if necessary.

I’m sure you’re all tired, so let’s call it for today.

Thank you everyone.”

I take the freshly completed spear and head to Kalin’s office to look for Roa.



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