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Looking at the ten rewards, Wang Ye began to ponder.

“Spiritual Barrier is a must-choose.”

This skill was very useful.

It was not only useful for the white python, but for him too!

In the reality simulation, wasnt it because he had been unable to control his memories when he used the memory lotus lamp to cultivate that he became mentally deranged

Would the results be different if he had this skill

Besides, skills werent always obtained in the simulations, especially since this was a skill that was required for evolution.

Next, he looked at the four characteristics.

[Revise and Learn (orange): You should always review the skills you have learned.

Sometimes, you can comprehend some new profoundness.]

[Calm and Collected (orange): No matter how difficult the matter is or how powerful the opponent is, you can remain calm and collected.

You can maintain the most perfect mental state from start to finish.]

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[Well-prepared (orange): You are good at accumulating and summarizing all kinds of experiences over the years.

It will often allow you to defeat some powerful opponents that you have been unable to defeat, or allow you to break through some key bottlenecks.]

[Divine Phantom Tail (orange): Your tail has been soaked in the blood of a strange roc, producing some kind of extraordinary power.

When you use a skill related to your tail, the power will be doubled, and when the attack hits your opponent, it will cause mental confusion.]

“All four characteristics are not bad,” Wang Ye muttered to himself.

The characteristic Revise and Learn was particularly powerful since it enabled one to comprehend new profoundness.

There were only chances of comprehending the profoundness when a skill had reached the peak mastery realm.

If the pet hadnt comprehended profoundness when its skill had reached the peak mastery realm, it would be very difficult for profoundness to appear later on unless one made the pet forget the skill and learn it again from scratch.

This characteristic Calm and Collected was similar to Xiao Jius Phoenix Will, just slightly inferior.

The most important point of Well-prepared was that it allowed the pet to break through some key bottlenecks.

“In the simulation this time, Dimensional Cleave was able to reach the peak mastery realm probably thanks to these two characteristics.”

The white pythons soul growth was currently at the C grade.

It was very difficult for it to improve its intermediate skills to the peak mastery realm.

Without encountering special opportunities like practicing Feather Coat in the sea of flames as Xiao Jiu did, it was very difficult.

This was called a bottleneck.

Other than that, there would also be bottlenecks in cultivating combat techniques.

There were bottlenecks in combat strength as well, and so on.

Bottlenecks for pets involved many aspects.

“In reality, it doesnt have that much significance because it may take a long time for the effects to appear in reality.

But if its in the simulation, then it would be awesome.”

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Finally, the characteristic Divine Phantom Tail was just straightforward.

It could directly increase the power of tail-related skills and bring negative effects to the opponent.

It was on par with Xiao Jius Hurricane God Wings.

“I can skip the skill proficiency of Supercomputing Space.

It has just reached the great success realm, anyway.

There will be plenty more opportunities in the future.

Two peak mastery realm skills… Theoretically speaking, Dimensional Cleave is better because its an intermediate skill.

Its not easy to simulate it to this realm even once.”

They had been simulating for more than a month.

As the white python got stronger, the duration of its simulations also increased.

Thus, Wang Yes spiritual power consumption for each simulation also gradually increased.

In the past, he could run two or three simulations for the white python a day.

Now, he could only do it once a day, which was about the same as Xiao Jiu.

Every time he ran a simulation, his spiritual power would be exhausted, so he needed to eat a lot of supplements to replenish his spiritual power.

Wang Yes spiritual power was very strong now.

Once it was exhausted and he wanted to replenish it again in half a day, the supplements needed were not cheap.

In the end, Wang Ye was conflicted for a long time before making his choices.

He did not choose the skill proficiencies.

Instead, he chose the four characteristics, the skill Spiritual Barrier, and the six chances to run reality simulations.

“With these four characteristics, especially with Well-prepared, it shouldnt be too difficult for the white python to get its skills to the peak mastery realm again.

Besides, with Revise and Learn, it will be easier to comprehend new profoundness.”

The characteristics werent like skill proficiencies.

Wang Ye had run so many simulations for so long, but the characteristics never repeat.

Even the blue ones didnt repeat.

This was because every simulation had a different trajectory.

Even with a similar trajectory, it was difficult for the same characteristic to appear.

The main reason that he didnt choose the two skills was that the two peak mastery realm skills didnt have a very powerful profoundness…

Only Dimensional Cleave had a profoundness named Combo.

Compared to Xiao Jius skills profoundness, it was a lot weaker.

Of course, the power and effect of skills in the peak mastery realm were already very strong… but since Xiao Jiu had such powerful profoundness, Wang Ye was a little OCD in the sense that if the white python did not have some powerful profoundness for its simulated skills, then he would not choose them.

After he finished choosing the rewards, the white pythons body twisted slightly, and its tail suddenly began to flicker.

Sometimes it was close to being transparent, and sometimes it was dark like a shadow.

In the end, it returned to its original white color.

Wang ye stared at its tail and rubbed it with his hand.

It felt pretty good.

It felt a lot smoother and more tender, and it looked quite strong.

“Huji!” The white python seemed to be a little sensitive, and immediately rolled up its tail.

No touching!

“…” Wang Ye.

He forcefully straightened the white python and used his hand to stroke its tail a few times.


“Huji!! Huji, huji, huji!” The white python let out struggling cries.

After a while, the white python lay flat and gave up…

“Not bad, it feels really good,” Wang Ye nodded his head in satisfaction.

The white python turned its head and used its tail to pat Wang Ye softly, feeling wronged.

With that, it sent Wang Ye flying and he smashed against the wall.

“F*ck, it has indeed become stronger!” Wang Ye slid down from the wall.

With a B grade constitution, he would naturally not be injured.

However, he could feel that the white pythons tail had become much stronger.

“Not bad, not bad.

There are still two to three days before the competition.

In these few days, lets see if we can simulate a skill to the peak mastery realm.”

Todays simulation ended here.

Wang Ye hugged the Xiao Jiu egg and brought the white python out for a walk.

When he returned home, a day passed just like that.

“The days of becoming stronger by simulating every day are dull and… interesting,” Wang Ye sighed.

It would be great if the world could continue to be so peaceful.

The next morning, Lin Rou came over to remind Wang Ye to make sufficient preparations.

Tomorrow morning, they would be heading to the location of the relic of life.

At that time, the competition would begin immediately.

The winner would rest for a day before entering the relic of life to investigate.

“Alright, today will be the last simulation for now,” Wang Ye looked at the white python.

The white python nodded.

[The pet information has been updated.

The script is loading…]

[0 year old.

The white python first found the storage rooms that it had built and noticed that a few places were damaged.

It spent a few months planning and repairing the place, steadily cultivating and growing as well.]

[15 years old.

Ten years passed in the blink of an eye, and the white pythons skill cultivation seemed to have reached a bottleneck.

It continued to go deeper into the cave.]

[35 years old.

The deeper it went, the more the white python realized that the interior of the cave seemed to be connected to some underground world.

It was as if there was no end.

Moreover, some very strange monsters would occasionally appear.]

[42 years old.

The white python felt that it had reached a bottleneck in all aspects, so it began to prepare for the matter of teleporting to the location of the broken sword.]

[43 years old.

The white python came to the location of the broken sword and used Spiritual Barrier, calmly observing the broken sword.]

[48 years old.

The white python is often injured by the sword light, but because it was fully prepared, it is able to escape unscathed every time.]

[50 years old.

The white python had accumulated a lot of strength, and Shadowless Line had once again broken through to the peak mastery realm.]

[52 years old.

The white python continued to persevere in going to the location of the broken sword to observe and learn.]

[54 years old.

The white python revised and learned something new, comprehending from the broken sword a brand new profoundness of Shadowless Line: Shadowless Sword!]

[60 years old.

The white python did not encounter that sword light again.

It felt that this was a pity.

It continued to teleport to where the broken sword was to observe and learn.]

[64 years old.

The white python revised and learned something new, comprehending a unique profoundness from Shadowless Line: Ten-thousand Shadowless Swords!]

[84 years old.

The white python has been learning for countless years.

Having accumulated a lot of experience, its Spiritual Barrier has easily broken through to the great success realm.]

[100 years old.

The white python has been studying the broken sword for countless years.

It revised and learned something new, and has once again comprehended a new profoundness for Shadowless Line: Ultimate Efficiency.]

[101 years old.

The broken sword suddenly exploded with a bolt of strong red lightning that struck the white pythons body.

Caught off guard, the white python was severely injured.

It died a few months later.]

[Obtained purple characteristic achievement: Lost Sword Python.]

[The simulation has ended.

The white python survived for 101 years.

You may retain one of the following four options.]

[Skill: Shadowless Line, 101 years of proficiency (peak mastery)]

[Skill: Spiritual Barrier, 101 years of proficiency (great success)]

[Genetic Characteristic: Lost Sword Python (purple)]

[101-years-old six-dimensional growth.]

“As expected, this characteristic is strong,” Looking at the simulation information, Wang Ye was speechless.


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