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“Remember to transfer the money,” Wang Ye walked over and patted Tang Quan on the shoulder, “This sparrow of mine was also slightly injured just now.

If you have some conscience, you can add a little more.

I dont ask for much, just a few hundred thousand will do.”

“…” Tang Quan.

“Where is it injured” Tang Quan asked expressionlessly.

“Its mentally traumatized,” Wang Ye said, “It was scared by the Soaring Crane Slash just now.

After all, its just an ordinary green sparrow.

It will naturally feel fear when facing such a high-class pet, dont you think so Xiao Jiu, were you scared just now”

Xiao Jiu patted its chest with its wings and whimpered twice, looking as if it was about to faint.

“…” Tang Quan.

This Beastmaster and his pet were ridiculous!

“Also, Im not leaving now,” Wang Ye said.

“What do you mean” Tang Quan frowned and said, “So you want the soul fire Didnt I say it already No way.

The more its distributed the weaker it becomes.

You can just come to the relic next time.”

“I didnt say I want the soul fire.”

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“You want… The crimson flame phoenixs inheritance” Tang Quan was stunned.

He glanced at the green sparrow, “Is it even possible”

“Since Im already here, might as well give it a try.”

Tang Quan smiled but didnt say anything.

It couldnt be denied that this green sparrow was awesome, and he did wonder how the other party had nurtured his pet.

After all, even he couldnt nurture his pet to have an intermediate skill at the peak mastery realm, let alone two.

If the other party had been from Qixing City, he would find it difficult to comprehend, but still acceptable.

Yet now, the other party was from the mere Yaoguang City.

As such, not only did he find it incomprehensible, but also unacceptable…

Putting that aside, the crimson flame phoenixs inheritance valued the pets bloodline.

If the pets bloodline wasnt good enough, it was already good enough that the phoenix would give the pet some soul fire to help it improve, improving the pets body and helping it comprehend skills.

For example, his cloud bluebird had a trace of the blue argus pheasants bloodline, which was kind of related to the phoenix, yet the crimson flame Phoenix didnt have the slightest reaction.

“Do as you like.

As long as you dont absorb the soul fire while Xiao Qing is comprehending its skill, its fine,” Tang Quan said indifferently.

Not long after, the cloud bluebird woke up.

It flapped its wings and looked very happy, seemingly to have comprehended something.

“Im leaving first.

Give me your account.

Ill transfer you the money,” Tang Quan snorted.

“Dont worry, Ill keep my word.

Theres no point in lying to you anyway.

Oh right, this secret treasure is for you too.”

He handed over the divine hurricane crystal.

Wang Ye took it and played with it for a while before putting it away.

According to the simulation, this guy was a prodigy from Qixing City and was a member of a big family.

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The other party would most likely keep his word, something that was obvious when he had first come into contact with the guy.

He couldnt just leave like that anyway.

He was just trying to get more money.

“Right, whats your name”

“Im the Timely Rain, Wang Jiang.”



At this moment, the giant flame tung tree shook and an ancient voice sounded, “Who woke me up”

“Oh!” Tang Quan was slightly taken aback as he laughed, “This should be the ancient tung tree spirit thats protecting the crimson flame phoenix.

The aftershock from your green sparrows battle just now should have hit it and awakened it.

If you want to obtain the phoenix Inheritance, I dont think youll even be able to pass this round.

Itll be able to see through your green sparrow with a glance.

Anyway, many thanks! Ill be leaving first,” Tang Quan said and left in a hurry, afraid to stay even a second longer.


Wang Ye looked at the giant flame tung tree and said quickly, “Im a Beastmaster who came here to participate in the trial of the relic.

Some villain came attacking just now and a stray attack hit senior.

It was purely accidental!”

“So thats how it is.

No harm, its just an itch,” The ancient tung tree spirit rustled its branches, “Putting that aside, the soul fire produced here has been exhausted for the opening of the relic this time.

Come back in a few years.”

Wang Ye was slightly stunned.


The soul fire left behind by the crimson flame phoenix was so little

“This… senior, is the soul fire so rare” Wang Ye asked in surprise.


It is the spiritual energy left behind by the crimson flame phoenix.

It has the ability to be reborn from the fire, so not only can its spiritual energy help humans and pets improve their various abilities, but it can even recover the damage and reconstruct ones soul.

Its just that for the lot of you, the latter is not that obvious and requires more soul flame, which is no easy feat.

Did you think it could be produced so easily”

Hearing this, Wang Ye nodded.

Then, a thought flashed through his mind.

Recover the damage and reconstruct ones soul…

“This, this definitely has something to do with the dark fog eruption in Anping County! Lets see… Could it be that the high-level strange god disguised as a human thats hiding in Anping County has been injured is that why it has been hiding among the humans and has not come forth”

It was as if a bright light had flashed through Wang Yes mind.

It must be so!

The black-robed man had attacked the cloud bluebird just now, obviously to snatch the soul fire!

As such, there was a high possibility that the other party was trying to collect the soul fire so that he could heal the high-level strange gods wounds!

That fellow definitely had something to do with the high-level strange god!

With this, it made sense why the dark fog eruption in Anping County was fixed every time he ran the reality simulations.

That was because the opening time of the relic was fixed, thus the timing of the dark fog eruption in Anping County was fixed as well!

Wang Ye took a deep breath, and his mind gradually became clear.

Right now, the black-robed man had missed the opportunity to get the soul fire, which meant that the high-level strange god could not recover for the time being.

If it could not recover, it should not be able to trigger the dark fog eruption in Anping County.

At least, it would not be triggered soon!

After he left the relic, he would investigate the black-robed man.

With that, he should be able to follow the clues and find the man!

Wang Ye felt that his deduction was right.

After Xiao Jiu evolved, he would run a simulation to see if his deductions were indeed the case!

But now…

“Young man, if you have nothing else, do leave and stop disturbing me!” The ancient tung tree spirit said.

“Wait, wait! I do have something to do!” Wang Ye carried Xiao Jiu, “To be honest, I would like to try getting senior phoenixs inheritance.”

“” The ancient tung tree spirit was silent for a while, “With your pet”

“Thats right.”

“A green sparrow Its not very likely to succeed… Although its pretty good, its still just a green sparrow,” The ancient tung tree spirit waved its branch.

“Senior! I forgot to tell you,” Wang Ye said, “Actually, its not an ordinary green sparrow! Its a spirit bird that has the divine phoenix bloodline! Its just that its bloodline hasnt awakened yet, so it looks like an ordinary green sparrow.

In fact, it was once a divine phoenix that soared above the nine heavens! Now, it just needs a bit of the crimson flame phoenixs power to activate its bloodline, then it can reveal its true form!” Wang Ye bragged.

“Chirp!” Xiao Jius face flushed, but it still cried out bravely.

Thats right, it was indeed the case!

“…” The ancient tung tree spirit.

“Do I look like a fool to you” The ancient tung tree spirit said in a deep voice.

“How is that possible! You look like a wise elder!”

“Then why do you treat me as a fool and say such things” The ancient tung tree spirit said angrily, “Im not blind, nor am I stupid.

The bloodline may be hidden and can not be discovered, but the aura cannot be hidden.

The aura of a true phoenix can not be fake.

Even if its just a trace of it, I will be able to feel it! This is clearly just a normal green sparrow.

I will admit that you humans are very good at raising pet beasts, to be able to raise it to this level, but it doesnt have an aura that belongs to the Phoenix race!”

“It does! If you dont believe me, look!” Wang Ye stroked Xiao Jiu, “Xiao Jiu, show senior your true phoenix aura! Use Intimidation!”



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