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“It seems to be very strong.”

It was an advanced combat-type skill.

The bear king had probably spent quite a bit of time cultivating it to the great success realm.

Unfortunately, apart from strength and constitution, the rest of the bear kings six-dimensional growth was quite weak.

It probably couldnt fully unleash the power of the skill.

“This is it!” Wang Ye nodded.

He already had the great success realm Free-size.

Added with this move, his punch should be very strong, right

There would be a huge hurdle for pets when it came to advanced skills that had reached the great success realm.

It was simply too difficult for wild pets to get advanced skills to the peak mastery realm.

It was the same for even Xiao Jiu and the others.

They needed a long time to simulate it.

Therefore, Wang Yes goal was to first cultivate the beginner and intermediate skills of Xiao Jiu and the others to the peak mastery realm.

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As for advanced skills, that would depend on fate.

An epiphany would have to occur.

After choosing the reward, Wang Ye trembled.

It was as if a shooting star had shot through his mind, and he seemed to have many more strange memories.

He only came to when the bear king patted him awake.

“Oh, oh, oh…” Wang Ye nodded, took a deep breath, and looked forward, “Do you want to go to Tianxian Mountain with me to take a look To confirm if its true”

To be honest, there was no need for confirmation.

After all, since it had happened in the simulation, it would definitely happen in reality.

“Alright, let me rest for half a day.

Well set off when I wake up.”

With that, Wang Ye leaned against the sword rabbit and fell asleep.

The bear king was strong, so its simulation had indeed consumed a lot of spiritual power.

In addition, it had taken Wang Ye half a day to swim up from downstream of the Ziluo River, so he was physically and mentally exhausted.

He immediately fell asleep.

The bear king looked at the sleeping Wang Ye and the sword rabbit beside him.

For a moment, it fell into deep thought.

It wondered whether its decision to leave the sword rabbit to this human was good or bad.

Why did the human seem to like sleeping more than the sword rabbit…

The next day, Wang Ye carried the sleeping sword rabbit and sat on the bear kings shoulder, heading toward Tianxian Mountain.

“In the simulation, a group of fierce beasts will charge in tomorrow…” Wang Ye was full of energy after waking up.

He started to recall the information about the bear Kings simulation yesterday, “Could it be that… my wild guess of the sword rabbits background was right”

The sword rabbit had slept for a longer time than him but had not woken up yet.

It was not until noon when they arrived at the foot of Tianxian Mountain that it woke up in a daze.

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Once it woke up, it looked at Wang Ye eagerly.

Wang Ye took out the Longxian fruit that was usually food for the white python from his spatial sphere.

After feeding it, he told it a segment of “The adventures of the Little Sword Rabbit”.

The little sword rabbit in the story showed its might and killed the fierce beast.

It then left the valley and went about to find its parents, beginning to climb Tianxian Mountain.

“If you want to continue listening to the rest of the story, you have to cultivate with me,” Wang Ye pointed at the Tianxian Mountain.

The sword rabbit shook its head.

It looked at Tianxian Mountain, then at its weak body.

It chose to lie flat.

“Looks like Ill have to run a simulation for you,” Wang Ye looked at the sword rabbit.

He was not sure about the sword rabbits evolution form.

However, from Xiao Jiu and the white pythons simulation experience, Wang Ye knew that the simulated evolution forms were not fixed.

He just needed to tweak the settings in a more awesome and abnormal way.

Putting aside the question of whether it could successfully evolve into such an evolution form or not, as long as the generated scripted world was awesome enough, that would be enough.

After all, the more powerful the scripted world was, the more opportunities there would be, and the better the cultivation effect would be.

“I should find an opportunity to form a contract with the sword rabbit first.

For now, Ill just slowly increase our intimacy, or else it wont be easy to form a contract,” Wang Ye shook his head.

He held the sword rabbit and jumped off the bear kings back.

“Roar” The bear king glanced at Wang Ye, asking if he wanted to climb up on his own.

“Of course, I have to train,” Wang Ye nodded.

Tianxian Mountain was truly a towering sheer mountain.

Its side was incomparably smooth.

There werent many steep rocks to hold onto, so it was very difficult to climb.

Even for pets, it was a great challenge.

“Roar” The bear king looked at Wang Ye as if to say, “you”

Wang Ye muttered in his heart, “My six dimensions are stronger than you, yet you dare to look down on me”

He did not say anything though.

He simply put the sword rabbit on him and began to climb.

He directly inserted one of his hands into the mountain wall, leaving a deep imprint.

Like a fierce tiger that had finally been released from its cage, he rapidly moved upwards.

The bear king immediately followed.

The man and the bear continued to climb.

The further they climbed, the more frightened the bear king became.

What was going on… Wasnt the constitution of this human too good

He had climbed for more than 1,000 meters in one go without even having a flushed face or panting.

Never mind his swimming in the Ziluo River before.

After all, that was a river.

Now, he was climbing up a completely vertical platform.

Disregarding the sword rabbit on him since it didnt weigh more than 10 kilograms, but the dark meteorite was still on him, right

This human could adapt to it just like that

“It cant be that this human was transformed from a pet, right” For a moment, the bear king was a little uncertain.

After climbing two-thirds, Wang Ye began to sweat, and the spiritual energy in his body was rapidly consumed.

The sword rabbit opened its eyes in a daze.

It was hanging on Wang Yes back.

It glanced down and hurriedly closed its eyes again.

Then, it glanced at the sweat on the back of Wang Yes head, reached out its furry paws, and wiped it.

“Mi…” The sword rabbits eyes were dazed as if it had thought of something.

“Brother Bear, youre bad at this.

To think youre even slower than me,” Wang Ye looked at the bear king below and chuckled.

“Roar, roar, roar!”

The bear king thought to itself, “Well thats because Im not using any skills or combat techniques.

Im just climbing purely physically.

Otherwise, you wouldnt even be able to see my shadow.”

The sword rabbit used its palm to wipe the sweat off Wang Ye.

The fur on its face turned slightly red.

It could smell the scent of its father from this human.

As it wiped the sweat off Wang Ye, it slowly dozed off again.

“…” Wang Ye.

“You can really sleep, huh”

He was speechless.

Fortunately, Wang Ye and the bear king reached the peak of Tianxian Mountain at noon.

At the top of the mountain, they could have a general view of the entire Tianxian Gorge, because this was the highest spot in Tianxian Gorge.

“Ill rest for a while, and you go talk to that thunderstorm king lion” Wang Ye looked at the bear king, “Ill wait here.

If those people, Ill immediately let you know.”

The bear king nodded and walked towards the purple-thunder forest at the back of the mountain peak.

“The scenery here is really not bad, and the concentration of spiritual energy is also high.

Its a good place to train, but its too small,” Wang Ye sat on a rock, feeling the changes in his body while enjoying the breeze on the top of the mountain, feeling quite relaxed.

Not long after, the bear king emerged from the forest with a majestic purple king lion.

The thunderstorm king lion, an Emperor-class pure lightning-type pet that is extremely violent.

Their entire body was dark purple with lightning arcs constantly sparking on them.

Their tails were like steel bars, and they were very majestic.

However, although the aura of the one in front of him seemed alright, it did emit a weak aura.

It was obvious that it had just given birth.

“Im afraid that it cant even defeat me…” Wang Ye said.

The bear king walked over, glanced at Wang Ye, and shook its head.

It indicated that the thunderstorm king lion wasnt too clear and was also feeling very suspicious about his “prediction”.

Wang Ye didnt answer.

Be it the bear king or the king lion, they were both rather intelligent pets.

They did not understand the simulation at all, so it was normal for them to be suspicious.

They were unlike Xiao Jiu and the white python.

These two had so immersive experiences in the simulation that they could not extricate themselves.

“Then lets wait,” Wang Ye thought for a moment.

“Roar, roar, roar!” At this moment, a few king lion cubs ran out from the forest.

They were dozens of centimeters in size and looked like puppies.

As soon as they came out, they saw Wang Ye and started barking affectionately around him.

This made the lioness look at Wang Ye warily.

Wang Ye reckoned that if it wasnt for his red characteristic, it might have already shown hostility.

He took a look and found that there was indeed a very unique cub among them.

Besides the purple color on its body, there were also green stripes.

“Tempest king lion, an extremely rare mutated pet.

It has the sky attribute, which symbolizes the power of the wind.

At level 2, it will grow wings even without evolving and will be able to fly.

Added with the thunder attribute, it id indeed a very rare Emperor class cub.”

The other few were all Supreme class thunderstorm king lion cubs.

“Unfortunately, I dont have enough resources.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be too bad to raise one.”

Wang Ye looked at the little sword rabbit, then at this cub.

To be honest, the gap was a little big…

However, he didnt regret it.

After all, he had a cheat, so his pets only had to be pleasing to his eye.

Moreover, based on his many years of writing experience in his previous life, there must be something extraordinary about the sword rabbit…

Yes, it must be so… Wang Ye comforted himself in his heart.

“Why not… Let the king lion take its cub and leave this place or hide first” Wang Ye cleared his throat, “Just in case we really cant defeat the enemy later… it wouldnt be good if they were taken away.”

The bear king felt that it made sense.

This fellow was still quite cautious.

However, the lioness wasnt willing to leave the place where it had lived for sp many years.

Moreover, she was still suspicious.

Wang Ye did not say anymore.

He understood.

It was normal for mothers who had just given birth to be relatively emotionally unstable.

Hearing tell-tale predictions like this, it was only a given that they would often not believe it.

The lioness soon took her cubs away and returned to the forest to rest.

Wang Ye exhaled and inhaled quietly, immersing himself in the spiritual energy here and slowly adjusting his state.

The bear king patrolled the surroundings.

Time gradually passed, and the sun gradually set.

Suddenly, the sounds of a commotion gradually rang out.

Wang Ye opened his eyes.

Dong, dong, dong!

“Roar!” The bear kings howl came from afar.

Wang Ye immediately stood up and walked to the other side.

As expected, he saw a team of beastmasters confronting the bear king.

In a cave in the distance, the lioness let out an angry roar at the beastmasters before her.

“You cant do this!” A familiar figure walked out and stopped the beastmasters, “According to Donglis rules, if you want to contract wild pets, you have to reach a certain degree of intimacy with the pet.

Mo Kai, you cant just forcefully take away young pets in the wild.”

Wang Ye took a look and the familiar figure seemed to be Shen Xue from before.

And the other party…

“Im sorry, but Im not from Dongli,” The golden-haired, blue-eyed, handsome, and tall man smiled and said, “There are many problems with your contract method.

We work on a totem contract.

If the pets sign contracts with us, they will be able to develop better.

Besides, the totem has recognized that this cub has attributes that are highly compatible with my talent.

Something like intimacy will naturally increase when we are together for a long time.”

The man waved his hand and pushed the female student before him away.

He was extremely strong.

With a casual push, he pushed Shen Xue dozens of meters away, almost sending her down the edge of the cliff.

“Thats right, Shen Xue.

Mo Kai is right.

He is an exchange student from Daying Country.

Daying Country has a divine beast totem guarding it.

The environment in their country is much better than ours, and the resources are even more abundant.

The totem contract is naturally stronger than our contract method,” A student laughed, “Wild pet cubs are not a problem at all.

Theyre not like us, having to waste time to nurture some intimacy with the pets to form a contract.

Just stop getting in his way now.”

Shen Xue, who was in the distance, frowned slightly.

She gritted her teeth and looked at the latter angrily, “I can feel that these pet cubs arent willing to go with him.

Youre forcing them, violating the laws of Dongli Country!”

Some students laughed while some were silent.

The environment of a country and the general situation of the world were often not something that mere students could control and understand.

“Herculean bear Why are you here” Mo Kai did not think much of Shen Xue at all.

Instead, he looked at the bear king in front of him with some interest, “If you want to stop me, you might not be enough.

You guys! Help me restrain it! If I succeed, I will take care of your personal cultivation resources for the next six months!”

When the students behind heard this, their expressions changed slightly.

A total of seven people surrounded the bear king.

Meanwhile, Mo Kai walked toward the cubs on the other side.

The lioness stood in front of the cubs and looked at the latter coldly.

Seeing this, Wang Ye quickly walked out of his hiding place, “Whos barking here”


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