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Marriage: The CEO Came Back to Pamper His First Love Yun Xiang's Warning

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Yun Xiang was thinking, although the opposition of his parents could be hard, it might not a problem to use the Old Man Suns name and status. So, he made his mind to use him.

Yun Xiang was lost in his memories when the driver stopped the car and announced their arrival to Yun Xiangs Mansion.

Yun Xiang lowered his head and saw his little sisters sleeping face. Not want to wake her up, he took her in his arms and got out of the car.

The housekeeper was waiting for his arrival at the mansion together with the rest of the maids.

The employees saw their Master carrying something in his arms. Upon closer look, they saw it was a lady, they all sucked cold air. Their Master did not like to get closer to women, lest carrying them like the lady in his arms.

He had a weird condition, and even his female employees are not allowed to clean his room. The second Housekeeper is the only allowed to do it.

Master is a princess carrying a lady! they screamed in their hearts.

One of them was gritting her teeth. Glaring at the woman in his arms. The hatred and jealousy in her heart was so strong that she could not hide it and showed it in her eyes.

The housekeeper was in a daze for a few seconds, but soon returned to her senses.

"Ahem, Ahem." Clearing her throat, the housekeeper, Aunty Qin, glared at the employees.

They returned to their senses and found that their Master is in front of them.

"Welcome…" when they were about to greet him, he glanced at them.

"Shh, you will wake her up."

Yun Xiangs words stunned the people present. Aunty Qin brought her most professional and caring smile.

"Welcome back, Young Master. Would you like to bring her to a specific room?" asked softly.

Yun Xiang looked at Aunty Qin, shes a woman in almost her fifties. Her mother served his grandfather, after his grandfather passed away, she and her daughter Aunty Qin were left aside by his father. Because Aunty Qins mother took good care of him when he was younger, he liked grandma Qin. He took care of her and her daughter. When grandma Qin passed away five years ago, Aunty Qin was left alone so, he took her and allow her to work for him.

Now, she is his housekeeper, and she always does a great job.

Yun Xiang nodded at her question.

"Help my little sister to adapt to this place. She will be living here. She is Yun Xue, my only little sister. Beware, her orders are higher than mine."

The first sentence was directed to Aunty Qin, and the second and third were for the rest to know the importance of Yun Xue for him.

It startled everyone when they heard that the lady in his arms is his little sister. They all bowed and said nothing. Aunty Qin reaction was slow, but she could not hide the shock in her face.

Not even Aunty Qin knew the grudges and conflict in their family, and not many knew Yun Xues existence. So, discovering he had a younger sister she did not know, and knowing he did not recognize Yun Mei the lovely girl, Aunty Qin developed a bad image of Yun Xue.

She thought that Yun Xue was the one who sow discord between the siblings. Displeasure grows in her heart.

Yun Xiang did not notice this. If he knew that todays words will lead to make people in his own mansion bully his beloved sister, he wouldve fired Aunty Qin on the spot.

"Where is Uncle Bin?" looking around, Yun Xiang did not see at his second housekeeper. The only one allowed to clean his room and study.

Aunty Qin made up her mind to make this little vixens life a living hell. How dare she sows discord between siblings, if she is living here, it means that her relationship with the Master and Madam Yun is the worst.

While Aunty Qin was calculating in her mind, Yun Xiang asked for uncle Bin.

"He went to the backyard to bring some flowers." Answered Aunty Qin.

Uncle Bin was the only one who knew Yun Xiang and his family matters. It was because he was with him since he left the old mansion, he followed him to train, and he had met his younger sister. He knew that Uncle Bin will help his beloved sister without asking him to do it.

After leaving a few instructions, he went to the room next to his and placed softly his little sister on the bed.

Like placing the most beloved possession in a flower bed, he carefully and with love let his little sister continue sleeping. He was so focused on Yun Xue that he did not notice a shadow at the door. When he was about to turn around to leave the room, the shadow left hastily.

Closing the door behind him, he went to look for Aunty Qin.

"Aunty Qin, Ill leave my little sister under your care. She has been living abroad all these years. So, she had to adapt to the traditions and many things in the country. Please take good care of her. I won allow any mishap to befall on her." Yun Xiang warned again.

Aunty Qin pressed her lips, the Young Master had never warned her about anything, she always did what she needed to do. And he was always pleased with her work. She never asked for advice nor asked for orders, he let her do what she wanted. And telling her again and again about take good care of an unknown woman made Aunty Qin apprehensive.

But her thoughts were not reflected on her face.

"Yes, Young Master." Aunty Qin bowed and turned to leave, when Yun Xiang called her again.

"Aunty Qin, don let me down. Ive allowed you to work for me because I know you are sensible and know your place. Don forget, the favor and gratefulness towards grandma Qin was repaid when I took care of her until the very end."

If Yun Xiang did not say it, Aunty Qin wouldve a better opinion of Yun Xue, but now that he said it, the disgust in her heart grew. Calculations increased in her mind.

Aunty Qin only stopped a few seconds, turned to him, bowed and left.

Yun Xiang did not notice how she clenched her fists. When Aunty Qin turned around, the gloomy face expressed her discomfort and her repulsion, and she knew in her heart that these feelings are towards the woman in the room.

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