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Yun Xue was thankful to her big brother; he is the only one who believed her. Although hes only six years older than her, and he can make her feel safe being hugged by him.

Looking at him with her grateful eyes and a current of warm flow through her heart. She let her big brother hug her and even returned the hug. Her big brother did not notice because he was angry.

Facing at their parents with a fierce glare.

"I repeat, Xueer did nothing wrong." the fierce glare and the cold words made their parents remember the Old Master Yun. The domineering Old Master left a deep scar in their hearts. But they restrained themselves, because the boy in front of them is their only son, the one who will inherit their business.

Yun Mei, got angry at the sight in front of her and throw a tantrum.

"Big Brother had never hugged me. And he is only hugging that girl. Big Brother does not love me! He wants someone else as his only sister. He doesn put me in his heart."

Complaining to the adults that she had never been hugged by her big brother, and he hugged an outsider instead.

The parents pay little attention to her verbose and focus on her tears; they got angry at their son. They confronted the 12 years old Yun Xiang, and told him to hug his only little sister and not an outsider like Yun Xue.

"Xiang, go and hug your little sister." Father Yun ordered coldly. His gloomy countenance expressed his disapproval of his sons actions.

"Son, quickly. Don let your only sister sad, look at her tears. Don you feel heartbroken?" Spoke Mother Yun.

Those words made Yun Xue the saddest. Yun Xiang did not want to continue to dwell in their bias.

"I don care. Yun Mei is only the adopted daughter you brought from the orphanage. My only blood sister is Xueer. Forget about me calling Yun Mei my sister."

Yun Xiang turned and left, leading Yun Xue outside the house.

When he was at the gates entry, he saw several youngsters, some of them older and others younger than him.

They appearance surprised Yun Xiang, they all look impressive and strong. Their cold and indifferent expressions changed when they saw Yun Xiang and Yun Xue is coming closer to the gate.

Excitedly, Yun Xue forgot her sadness and took her big brothers hand and run with him, to them screaming "Senior Brothers."

"You came!" Yun Xue had a smile on her face, a smile Yun Xiang had never seen, she was with their family for almost three months, but this is the first time he saw her smiling so unceasingly.

Yun Xue introduced them to her big brother and Yun Xiang was stunned, not only the older youngsters older than him emanate a dangerous aura, even the youngers than him had the same aura.

He felt weird. And when he saw the eagerly face on his little sister when she is talking with them, panic overwhelmed his heart. And because he is too young, he could not mask his expressions.

Feeling that he might lose his place in his sisters heart to these people, he asked to bring him with them.

"I want to go with you all. I want to train with you all." The determination to make himself the number one in his little sisters heart grew in his heart.

The older youngsters found his expression hilarious. They could understand his stand. Looking at Yun Xue, a cute and lively young girl, awakening a protective feeling and wanting to pamper her from the bottom of their hearts arose from the moment they first saw her.

And Yun Xiang, being her big brother, is not an exception. But they had a gap of six years, they had been with his little sister for six years and he only three months.

Their parents did not know the identity of those youngsters. And because the old man wore a mask, his identity reminded unknown, only his status as the best of the best and the most saw after the old man in the country.

But to Yun Xiang it is not something to care about. However, his request can only be granted by the Old Man, they could not agree with him without their Masters permission.

So, the excited Xiao Xue called their master.

"Master, Master. I want to bring my Big Brother with us!" The smile in Xiao Xue grew and the excitement in her voice was higher.

Her excitement surprised the old man. He knew her, she will not have such motivation if she did not like her big brother, and she even asked him to take her big brother to train.

When the old man heard from his favorite disciple that the eldest son of his old friend, her big brother, wanted to come with his younger sister, he agreed.

"Okay, bring him over after talking with your parents."

He wanted to meet the boy raised by his old friend, and the one who could warm the cold heart of his most beloved and favorite disciple.

"…" Silence fell. Xiao Xue did not answer to her Masters words.

Remembering their contempt and the disdain they gave her… She is young, but her intelligence is higher than any other adult. She could feel the emotions of the surrounding people. And she knew, their parents would not like to send their only son with her, the one they showed hatred.

Yes, they showed hatred and disdain towards the six-year-old girl, who is supposed to be their daughter.

On the other side, the old man understood her silence. She did not have a good relationship with her parents. He knows it, but wanted to let her experience the ugly side of what she is longing.

She had to do it, the reason he took her after a few hours of having born, was because the one who poisoned Mother Yun was…

Xiao Xue controlled her emotions and hung up the phone, telling her big brother her Masters decision.

"Big Brother, youve to ask them if they allow you to come with us. Master said that I can bring you after talking to our parents." The word parents is only a word with no meaning, and Yun Xiang did not notice her change of tone speaking about that word.

However, her senior brothers understood, and a cold light flashed through their eyes.

Yun Xiang was thinking, although the opposition of his parents could be hard, it might not a problem to use the Old Man Suns name and status.

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