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140 To the royal capital 2

“Scenario 1C, right”

“Yeah, probably.

Let’s go with C2 in case it’s not C1.”

“I understand!”

When I told Marial how to proceed, she blew a whistle transmitting orders.

Then the carriage slowed down a little and the escort cavalry closed the gap.

The dogs also gathered near the carriage, and one after another the birds flew into the open carriage.

“Yes, don’t overdo it, choose the one that you can definitely carry.”

With that said, I put out a selection of various sized glass spheres and soft-looking thin film spheres with handles so that birds can easily grasp them with their feet.

Birds then grab one and fly away.

It was practiced it over and over, so it’s a safe operation.

Alright, let’s go!


“Stop~! If you don’t stop, we’ll kill everyone…”

(Do-do-do-do, tsuban!!)(SFX)

Ahhh, Francette rushed in and took down the leader of the thieves who tried to give a warning or something… Well, who cares, since there was a death threat, it’s confirmed as a thief and self-defense, so there’s no problem.

“S-Son of a…”


“Wha…! D: L, let’s talk…”


“Hey, listen to m…”

Dozu! Bushu! Bashu!

Ah, Roland, Emile, and the viscount’s bodyguards also joined.

*It may be a trap… no, it doesn’t look like it.

Anyway, the thieves are being unilaterally slashed down one after another.

The power gap is too much…

*TL note: (入れ食い狀態 -Iregui jōtai- according to some forums it is a term used in fishing “throw the bait and see”-state of eating- in MTL.

It is often used when picking girls male is the bait and the girl is the fish.

In this case Kaoru meant it to be a trap if the guards left the convoy alone)

“This, this is, this is not what they said! Wait! Please waai…”

Zuba! Doshu! Bush!

The 20 or more thieves had already dwindled to nearly half.

And then…

“Run away!! Retreat! Retreeeat!”

The man who looked like the thieves’ leader cried.

But they were already surrounded.

“Escaping Kukukukuku”

Francette, you are turning into the villain…

『We are ready!』

A messenger bird arrived, it’s an inconspicuous, plain colored bird.

“Okay, start the attack!!”


After that, the bird flew off cheerfully.

Alright then, should we finish this quickly.

“Everyone, take the remaining thieves as prisoners! Dear thieves, I’ve decided to kill those who resist and capture those who surrender, so please choose whatever you like!!”

Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank!

Aww, all the remaning thieves threw their weapons away at once.

Looks like they have no guts at all…


At the same time, a little further away…



A platoon of infantry soldiers and a dozen cavalrymen rushed forward as their turn came to an end, but the ground in front of them suddenly exploded, their horses were thrown into chaos by stopping and veering off course.

Yes, the cause was a small ball of glass containing ‘something like nitroglycerin’ that was dropped from the sky.

And after that…


Splash! Splash!

Something soft fell on the soldiers


An disgusting stench spread everywhere, some soldiers couldn’t hold their stomachs and the horses went berserk trying to shake off the soldiers on their backs who were the source of the stench.

The birds hit the soldiers one after another like a dive-bombing plane with a thin film-like container with a handle that contains a liquid that emits an unbearable foul smell and after confirming the impact of the projectiles they flew away.

You can’t calm a horse that has gone berserk, neither get close to your target smelling like that.

If you force your way and approach them, the other party’s horses will go crazy too, and they can’t help but think you are an attacker’s reinforcements or the like.

You will be seen with nothing else but malice.

And what if, when the target was approaching, those suspicious explosions stopped on the highway and blocked the road You will almost certainly be recognized as an enemy.

I don’t think they will listen to you or allow you to be their escorts.

And, even though you’re not an envoy of His Majesty the King, there is no way that you will be forgiven for giving orders to the nobility just because you are private soldiers of other aristocrats.

That is exactly the sort of act that wouldn’t be surprising if it was determined you to be a malicious assailant and immediately retaliate.

“Damn, what the hell was all that about! Incomprehensible orders, incomprehensible explosions, incomprehensible birds and incomprehensible foul-smelling bird droppings… ‘Drive away the bandits attacking the noble party without killing or injuring them, and escort the party to the royal capital’.

In other words, this is all an act.

It’s obvious the Goddess will be displeased for plotting such an evil deed… wait, no way!!”

The commander turned pale as if the blood had drained from his face.

Yes, he has heard many times since he was a child about the fate of those who displeased the goddess Celestine.

Not as a “myth”, but as a “true story”…

And this commander had also heard rumors of a goddess miracle that had recently occurred in a certain city’s aristocratic household.

He didn’t receive any details about this order, so he had never thought that it had anything to do with that matter, but half frustrated, he unintentionally said “Goddess’ displeasure”.

Those words, along with keywords such as aristocrats, birds, and inexplicable events beyond human comprehension, made the worst possible event come to mind.

“Aristocrat’s birds… No, no! Stop the operation! Get off the road, hurry up! Move to a position where you can’t be seen from the road!!”

The commander hurriedly raised his voice, and everyone hurried off the highway and began to move across the grassland towards the forest.

Forcibly pulling the reluctant horses somehow or another.


『The human’s group ahead have moved away from the road.』

“Thank you.

Then, please continue to monitor them just in case they show any signs of meddling with us again.”

『By your will』

The messenger bird this time is a rather large one.

There might be some specific instructions from me, so I wonder if someone with a large brain capacity…in other words, a smart guy was dispatched.

It should be able to understand not only simple messages, but also slightly complicated instructions… Wait, if the bird is smart! It isn’t a ‘bird brain’!

After all, in order to enable the ability to ‘speak any language’, Ceres temporarily forced my intelligence to the same level… Ahhhhhhh better don’t think about it!!!!

“Young Lady, it seems that the soldiers-like people in front have cleared the way.

The probability of them passing by without any contact is 70%.

The probability of appearing and making contact is 20%.

The probability of attacking is less than 10%.

It seems that”

“Is that so… Then let’s keep going”

Marial nodded at my reasonable report and made that decision.

Then Bell conveyed Marial’s words to the coachman, and furthermore, the coachman sent a call signal to the other carriages and the guards, and preparations for departure began.

The 8 thieves who were caught alive were already tied up and placed inside the carriage.

This trip requires a lot of food, fodder, and other consumables, moreover we are not a merchant caravan, so there’s no way a carriage for the movement of nobles would be so tightly packed.

The carriage that attendants and escorts ride has plenty of room, and about 8 people can ride it.

……There is no need to consider the ride comfort of those guys.

Right now, there are five people riding in this carriage.

Me, Marial, Bell, Riette-chan, and one thief… That’s right; one of the bandits is now in our carriage.

“Now it’s time for a fun question and answer session!”


TL: Poor guy RIP.


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