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635 Thunder

Zhou Wencai nodded and said, ” yes, father.

Theyre all discussing it.”

However, they still had lingering fears.

They didnt dare to think about whether Lin yuelan was a human or a demon, or even a fairy.

However, no matter what, they had no way out.

After a while, Zhou Changsheng let out a long sigh and said, ” WenEr, our Zhou family will be relying on you from now on!”

This was to tell Zhou Wencai that he had already handed over the cooperation with Lin yuelan to him.

Zhou Wencai was surprised and overjoyed.

He said to his father excitedly, “Thank you, Father!”

As long as he had his fathers support, he would be able to open up his future cooperation with Lin yuelan.

Zhou Changsheng walked in front of him and patted him on the shoulder.

Then, he said earnestly, ” WenEr, Im old.

Just like what you said, for the sake of our descendants, we should pull ourselves together! However, father prefers to stay in An Ding County and be a small official!”

Zhou Wencai was taken aback.

He asked in puzzlement, ” father…”

Zhou Changsheng extended his hand to stop him from continuing.

“Father is old.

I dont have the fire in me anymore.

I just want to live the rest of my life in peace.

From now on, the glory of the Zhou family and everything of the Zhou family will be handed over to you.”

Looking at the few strands of white hair at his fathers temples, Zhou Wencai suddenly understood what his father meant.

boxn ovel.


He couldnt betray the Zhou family, and he didnt want his descendants to be dogs, so he chose to watch from the side.

Zhou wencai choked with sobs and said, ” yes, father!”

The next day, Zhou Wencai left anding County without a sound.

Zhou Changsheng took Ji Zhongcais letter and lit it up in the furnace.

Then, the entire piece of paper turned to ashes.

Zhou Changsheng looked at the stove and said, “If its a disaster, you cant avoid it!”

Soon after, he spread out the paper and wrote a letter.

After he sealed it, he said to the housekeeper, ” get someone to deliver this letter to the Zhoushan Prefectural magistrate, Lord Ji.”


At the Ji mansion, Zhou Shan City, three men stood in the study.

“Damn that Zhou Changsheng!” Ji Zhongcai took the letter from An Ding County and flew into a rage.

“Father, since this Zhou Changsheng is so insensible, we have to teach him a lesson, ” a man with a greasy face said angrily.

“We only asked him for a small favor.

How dare he refuse to do us!”

“Thats right, father.

Youre a magistrate, but youre asking a small county Magistrate for something.

How dare he refuse How despicable!” The other man looked younger than Ji Zhongcai.

He looked like he was in his twenties.

Ji Zhongcai slammed the table and said angrily, ” this Zhou Changsheng is only a rank seven official.

Hes just a small county Magistrate.

How dare he say no to me This is unforgivable!”

His two sons immediately nodded in agreement.

“yes, father, he cant be forgiven.

Father, you cant forgive him!”

Then, the two of them looked at each other.

The mans eyes turned, and he said to his father, ” father, big brother, and I will go to An Ding County to see if what Zhou Changsheng said in the letter is true or false.

If he really intended to deceive you, father, big brother, and I will definitely not let him off.

Father, what do you think”

When Ji Zhongcai heard this, he thought for a while and said, “Alright, you two go to An Ding County and see how Zhou Changsheng deceived me.

Then, teach him a lesson and make him remember who his superior is.”

After saying this, he thought for a while, then looked at his two sons seriously and said, ” JinEr, XuanEr, when you go to An Ding County this time, bring back the 50 catties of cherries no matter what.

You have to know that Ive connected with all the major officials because of this.

In the future, if father wants to be promoted and our Ji family enjoys wealth and prosperity in the capital, it will all depend on this hundred catties of cherries, understand”

The two brothers immediately replied seriously, “Yes, father! We will not fail you!”

Only then did Ji Zhongcai nod in relief.

“thats fine.

You guys get ready.

Youll go to anding County tomorrow!

“Yes, father!” The two brothers said in unison.

When Ji Changjin and Ji Changxuan walked out of Ji Zhongcais study room and felt that their father couldnt hear their conversation, the two immediately began to talk excitedly.

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