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The Unparalleled Cultivator Chapter 5 Hunt

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In the darkness of night a boy walked through the Golden Forest a sword, almost as tall as he was its blade about two palms wide, was strapped to his back. His eyes darted around the forest as if he was searching for something.

Why is it so hard to find some beasts? Don they normally jump out at cultivator at every turn? Yun thought annoyed with his luck. To say he was hungry at this point would be an understatement, so he simply wanted to kill a beast and eat it, otherwise he might starve to death.

Just as he began to lose hope that hed find any prey, a figure jumped towards him, its paws clawing violently at Yuns face. Immediately Yun sidestepped the attack before drawing his sword pointing the tip at his newfound prey.

Getting a better view of his prey it seemed to be badger. Fortunately due to his Qi he could at least see the opponent, otherwise hed be completely hopeless in the dark. I am glad I learnt how to imbue my eyes with Qi. Yun thought before raising his sword up high he wanted to end this swiftly.


With that the badger launched towards Yun once again, its claws shimmering fiercely under the faint moonlight. Alas, it was never strong enough to be Yuns opponent. In one fluid movement, Yun swung down his sword splitting the badger right in two before it even had a chance of fighting back.

...I underestimated the power of the 1st Layered Wave, that badger must have been at the 6th Stage but I could slice it in two with only 10% of my power....Well at least I found my food. Yun pondered before moving towards the badgers corpse attempting to salvage whatever he could.


Out of nowhere a pack of wolves appeared and surrounded Yun from all sides. This startled the boy, had his fight alerted them? But then realisation struck. The blood that had erupted from slicing the badger in two was clearly giving away his location.

"How am I so stupid." Yun muttered under his breath, it was truly not his best moment. Being only 14 years old meant he wasn all that experienced which led to him making a stupid mistake and not finishing off the badger in a more delicate way.

And now meant he was surrounded by a pack of wolves, each wolf individually being stronger than the badger could ever hope to be. I am not sure but based on the fluctuation they should be in the 7th Stage, although theres an odd feeling, like an 8th Stage is lurking.

Without giving Yun anymore time to think the wolves lunged at him. Some tried to bite him, others clawed at him, but every wolf had a common goal, which was to kill Yun and eat him. The law of the jungle was absolute so if Yun didn want to die it was clear what hed have to do.

Heaving his sword behind his body the boy rotated a full 360 degrees in an instant, performing the Torrential Waves Clans Omnidirectional Wave! Every single wolf that attacked Yun was sent flying back, blood flowing from their chests.

"Whos next?" Yun goaded the wolves. Although they couldn understand his words, the intention was clear. Provoked and indignant that their comrades had been injured, 5 more wolves leaped towards Yun.

Hmph! Don they learn? He thought before readying his attack, his 9th Stage Qi Gathering cultivation in conjunction with the 1st Layered Wave and the Omnidirectional Wave was nothing to scoff at. Numbers weren enough to beat him.

Unfortunately it seemed as though Yun underestimated the wolves. Just as he repelled the 5 that approached a howl resounded and then it struck.



Thunder clapped, a lightning bolt striking Yun from behind. "GAHHH!" He groaned in pain, leaning on his sword as he scanned his surroundings. The wolves were still circling him, but where did that lightning bolt come from?

That presence.... Is it there pack leader? Could it have a legendary Demonic Art!? His mind raced as he recovered from the pain. But why aren they attacking me? And then it struck him, realisation that is.

Knowing theyd get defeated in close quarters the wolves were obviously waiting for their pack leader to recharge its Demonic Art. "Heh! Fine, I Yun heir of the Torrential Waves Clan have never backed away from a challenge!"

He declared before heaving his sword high, then his figure froze before blurring into the air. It was an afterimage. Then the boy appeared next to a wolf his sword slashing down on its neck, like an executioner sentencing the wolf to death.


Decapitating the wolf in a single blow, his figure froze before blurring once again. Yun then proceeded to execute another wolf, and another. In less than 3 seconds hed successfully executed 10 wolves, they weren even able to put up any resistance.

Naturally the remaining wolves weren keen on waiting to die and immediately ran away. "Did you ask me if you could leave?" Yun roared before going after the fleeing wolves.



"GAHH!" Yun groaned, the two lightning bolts to the back had almost fried him. Where the ** is it? Yun desperately wanted to kill that wolf, at his strength it was impossible to dodge a lightning. There was a reason lightning cultivators were hailed as invincible.

Still trying to figure out where the pack leader was, a Blue Swallow appeared in his view before flying towards somewhere as if trying to guide him. Is Lan spying on me? But wheres she trying to guide me?

After a brief moment of hesitation Yun decided to follow the bird and to his surprise what appeared in his vision was a wolf twice the size of the others, with blue streaks coursing through its fur. Anyone with half a brain could tell who this was, it was the pack leader.

"Heh, thanks Lan." Yun nodded towards the bird before setting his sights on the pack leader. It was a monstrous beast, and clearly way more powerful than the wolves hed previously fought. 9th Stage not 8th like I previously assumed.

Heaving his sword up high once again, a fierce aura billowed out of Yun. His pale white Qi wrapping around his body and sword, this was his full power.

"You, youll be my dinner!"

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