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The smacking sound rang in everyones ears.

“Are you happy now”

Bo Silins eyes were hooked and his eyes darkened as he said, “Not quite there yet.”

Another one.

The two lips met.

Su Feifei stared at him after the third.

“Now Im happy.” Bo Silins eyes were smiling.

Su Feifei finally let go of his hand and went to boil the water.

The kissed mans eyes flickered and he glanced at Gu Shengs face.

Gu Shengs face was tense.

He couldnt keep the expression on his face any longer.

His fingers clenched tightly on the side of his body, and his veins popped out.

This was the most emotional expression he had ever shown since he came to the deserted island.

Their eyes met — one of them was carefree while the other was burning with flames.

Bo Silin retracted his gaze.

When he spoke again, his voice was a little colder and not as gentle as it was when he spoke to Su Feifei.

“I heard that your tent was attacked by wild beasts.

Does that mean that you dont have a place to sleep tonight”

Gu Sheng did not answer.

“We dont have any more points.

We exchanged them for your tents last night, so they were all cleared.” Xiao He said.

This was the truth.

It was because they had robbed the items to take revenge on Luo Feifas group.

Qiu Ye cried and begged them not to break the rules.

He even swore in front of Su Feifei that he would not break them in the future.

Only then did Su Feifei nod and take the things back.

Now, they really did not have a single point left.

Overnight, from a well-off life, he fell back into a penniless state.

“You guys did this on purpose, right” Ji Ran asked loudly.

“Whos doing it on purpose!” Xiao He retorted, “Its just a tent.

Is there a need to!”

“Didnt you say that your team had the most points yesterday”

“That was before.

We cant use our original points now!”

Ji Ran sneered.

“Its because we cant use it as soon as we get here, right”

“Stop being unreasonable!” Tiantian added, “And Ji Ran, did you forget that you still have something to do”

Ji Ran narrowed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and fell silent.

However, his angry expression had not subsided.

“We dont need a tent.

Ill keep watch,” Gu Kai said.

“Whats there to guard”

Ji Ran still wanted to say something, but he shut his mouth when Gu Sheng looked at him.

“Gu Sheng, why dont you share a tent with me” Someone asked softly.

“Why should he sleep outside to keep watch Its a guarded area!”

“Thats right, thats too much.

Were here to film a movie, not to experience it.”

“Ill keep watch.”

“What the h*ll does that mean Youre so arrogant, you dont even care about your tent being so abnormally damaged.”

“Its settled,” Gu Sheng said, “In the wild, its normal for wild beasts to attack the camp.

Theres no need to make a fuss.”

As he spoke, he continued with his actions.

Bo Silin waited for the few of them to finish arguing and his lips curved up in satisfaction.

Night watch

Is he trying to act pitiful

Gu Sheng lowered his head and glanced at Su Feifei from the corner of his eye.

He was waiting for her response.

Bo Silin replied to him, “Gu Sheng, what I mean is that you can stay in Feifeis tent.

Her tent is the largest, and there are two beds.”

Everyone was speechless.

[Bo Silin, have you been possessed]

[What nonsense are you spouting!!!]

[Take it back! Take it back right now!]

Only Gu Sheng looked up in hesitance, he knew that things would not be so simple.

Just by looking at the performance just now, he could already smell danger.

It was very likely that he wanted Su Feifei to come out and solve this.

“Is that so Then Ill thank you in advance, captain.” Gu Sheng answered.

“Yes, I should thank you.” Bo Silin answered on Su Feifeis behalf, “After all, having two beds must be comfortable.”

Gu Sheng raised his eyebrows.

“Feifei can sleep with me and you can have my tent.” Bo Silin added.

Gu Shengs expression changed slightly.

Ji Ran started coughing violently.

Oh my!

Was this something they could f*cking listen to

“Its not convenient for men and women to live together.” Gu Sheng said.

“Feifei, is it convenient for you to share a tent with me tonight” Bo Silin raised his voice.

“Not a problem.”

The cold voice came directly.

Gu Sheng was silent for a moment.

“Ill sleep on the hammock.” He said.

“Wont it be too hard on you” Bo Silin raised his eyebrows.

[Im so embarrassed.

Lets restrain ourselves.]

[Gu Shengs face is so dark.]

[Speaking of which, Gu Shengs attitude towards Bo Silin and Su Feifei are completely different.]

“I wont,” Gu Sheng said calmly.

“Then go to sleep there.

Be careful of the mosquitoes.” Bo Silin smiled.

He said to pay attention to mosquito prevention.

In fact, his expression was full of insincerity.

On the other hand, Qiao Hefeng whispered, “Are they quarreling Su Feifei, arent you going to take a look”

“Dont worry, Bo Silin will win.”

Su Feifei walked out and started a fire to boil water.

Qiao Hefeng nodded.

“Thats true.

But Su Feifei, why do you want to marry Bo Silin”

It wasnt like, nor was it love.

Did she just want to get married

He had wanted to ask this since the last time she said it.

“I want his home,” Su Feifei said.

“His home”

Qiao Hefeng had never expected this answer.

[Yes, yes, yes.

His home.

His parents.

His grandpa.

We all know this Hefeng!!]


His family too.” Su Feifei paused.

“And the butler.”

Qiao Hefeng was shocked.

“Dont you have one yourself”

“I didnt.”

[No Why not]

[It must be because her family was bad to Su Feifei! Can a dad like that be called dad]

[Thats true.

What a shame.]

Su Feifei added more firewood and turned around to walk toward the camp.

“Is the water temperature comfortable” She asked.

When she said this, everyones expression changed and they looked at Qiao Hefeng and Xiao He.

“Its appropriate.” Bo Silin nodded gently.

Su Feifei turned around and saw Gu Sheng standing up.

“Captain, this is done.”

He stepped aside, revealing the wooden boat behind him.

Xiao He immediately said, “He was the one who insisted on it! I couldnt even stop him!”

Su Feifei glanced at it and narrowed her eyes.

This ship was not built according to the blueprint.

It was not the ship-building method of Great Yan.

It was a strange support system that she had never seen before.

“Youre dumbfounded, right” Ji Ran said proudly, “Gu Sheng has a lot of skills! Im telling you, were giving you face by joining this team!”

Su Feifei ignored him and went forward to carry the boat.

“Su Feifei, where are you going”

“Im preparing dinner.”

Without points, these dozens of mouths still needed to eat.

Now was the active time to go fishing so she could get a full meal by going to sea.

“Ill go with you!”

“No, I cant help.”

A pair of hands stopped her.

“Ill go with you.”

Gu Sheng said slowly.

Su Feifei glanced at the distance on the ground.

He immediately took two steps back.

“You cant carry the things back by yourself.”

Bo Silin wanted to get up from the bathtub instantly.

“Bo Silin isnt feeling well and his leg is injured.

He needs some protein to nourish his body.” Gu Sheng said, “Ill go.

I can help.”

Bo Silin narrowed his eyes.

[Gu Sheng is really brave.]

[Su Feifei, lets not agree to his request!!]

[But Gu Sheng is really useful.

There has never been such a reliable member of the team!]

[If he doesnt go, Su Feifei will have to work alone.]

Su Feifei sized him up.

“Alright,” she suddenly said.

In an instant, Bo Silins face darkened.

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