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Chapter 30: Is Yun Xi His Daughter-In-Law

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Old Master Zhou had always been resolute. He had to complete whatever he wanted to do.

However, he was still waiting for an opportunity. When his son went to the military region to lead the troops, he would start to act and search for any clues related to hisfuture big fat grandson.

Zhou Lin would set off from home at 7 oclock every day without a hitch. He would go to the military region to have breakfast and work on time at 7:30. As a soldier, he was very disciplined.

However, Old Master Zhou had something on his mind. By 5:00 am, he was no longer sleepy. He had been in his room the whole time, listening to the sounds outside and waiting for the time to pass by. Two hours seemed to have passed a long time. Old Master Zhou could only pass the time by pressing his thumb on his walking stick.


Old Master Zhou finally waited for the long-awaited sound of the door closing.

He immediately walked out of his bedroom and walked toward Zhou Lins study.

Old Master Zhou and Zhou Lin were the only ones living in the Zhou familys residence in the military compound. After the Zhou familys eldest son, Zhou Liang, got married, he bought a house elsewhere and moved out in order to enjoy his little world with his wife.

However, there was still a room reserved for Old Master Zhous eldest son in the house. His eldest son did not come back often. In order to strengthen the relationship between the grandfather and grandson, this room was left for Zhou Mo to stay.

Zhou Mo would come to stay at the old mans place for a period of time during his vacation or free time.

Zhou Lins study had many confidential documents. When Zhou Mo was not around, Zhou Lin would never lock his study. Zhou Lin believed that his father would not do anything harmful to him by peeking at the confidential documents in the study.

This time, he was wrong. Old Master Zhou was a person who would give up his principles for the sake of his beloved grandson.

He could harm his sonsinterests by going to the study to look through Zhou Linsconfidential documents.

Zhou Lins study was very clean and tidy. Everything was placed in a certain position. This suited his character very well. Old Master Zhou had known his son very well since he was young. He knew everything about where Zhou Lins things were placed.

After an entire night of analysis, if there really was a girl who had an ambiguous relationship with his son, they would definitely write mushy love letters to each other. Therefore, Old Master Zhou prepared to look through the drawer where Zhou Lin kept the letters.

Old Master Zhou had been a soldier all his life and knew that there were some confidential documents that he should not look at. Nevertheless, these documents basically shared one characteristic, which was that there was a special treatment on the surface of the envelope, as well as a special seal.

However, Old Master Zhou found a letter that was neither special treatment nor a special seal among these confidential documents. There were only a few small words on the letter, which readTo Zhou Lin.

With the many years of experience in Old Master Zhous life, this was definitely the love letter he had imagined.

The old man did not stand on ceremony with his son. He directly opened the envelope outside and looked at the contents of the letter.


Hope youve been well.


When the old man saw the wordLin, he was so awkward that he had goosebumps all over his body.

Young people nowadays were really mushy.

However, Yun Xi, who was thousands of miles away, felt especially wronged. The way she wrote was completely in accordance with the format in which Zhou Lin wrote to her.

At the end of the letter, she asked Zhou Lin if his leg injury was better. She explained the details such as the number of times he had to take the medicine mailed to him. In the end, Yun Xi awkwardly explained the reason why she had given Zhou Lin the hair bracelet. She said that it was just a way to pray for blessings in her hometown and told him not to think too much about it.

Even so, Old Master Zhou was thinking too much!

In his era, if a woman was willing to give someone a hair bracelet, it meant that the woman was in love with that person.

Once a man and a woman tied the knot, they would become husband and wife. A womans hair could not be given away casually.

It was the signature at the end of the letter that surprised Old Master Zhou a little. The letter was actually from Yun Xi, who had almost become his granddaughter-in-law.

However, Old Master Zhou had a second thought. If Yun Xi could not become his granddaughter-in-law, it would not be a bad idea to make her his daughter-in-law.

After all, this was the first time this son was willing to accept something from a girl.


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