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“We didnt manage to learn from you,” Tian He sighed, “We dont even know how you raised that sparrow of yours.

I thought you would let it fight this time, but I didnt expect it to be the hornless white python.

Then I wont stand on ceremony! Come out, steel-clawed dragonhawk!”


With a loud cry, an incomparably handsome silver dragonhawk flew out from Tian Hes pet space.

Its feathers were shining the luster of an alloy mech, and its three-toed claws reflected a cold light.

Upon closer inspection, they looked like the claws of a giant dragon.

Its wings were like two giant hands, the shadows covering the white python below, as if it was giving its final warning to its prey.

It has locked onto its prey!

This was a Supreme first-class steel-clawed dragonhawk, an excellent pet that had half a foot in the Emperor class!

Dragonhawks were born with a bloodline suppression towards pythons.

Moreover, the steel-clawed dragonhawk had a steel-like defense and excellent constitution as well as spiritual resistance.

Its strength and spiritual energy were not weak either.

Its agility was slightly inferior, but that did not matter, because it could fly.

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Even if it could not fly fast, as long as it was in the sky, ordinary pets would not be able to hit it at all.

For example, when Xiao Jiu first faced the water demon crocodile in the Baisen Secret Realm, it escaped from the battle because it could fly.

The water demon crocodile had only been able to roar helplessly.

When it became stronger again, Xiao Jiu had then gone back and killed the latter.

It was just a rascal.

The matter of bloodline suppression was very complicated.

It was related to the pets ecologies, histories, and genetic changes.

“Are you ready” Lu Daying glanced at Wang Ye.

Very good, this kid was very calm.

He was facing a formidable opponent this time.

Compared to the blazing wind dog, the steel-clawed dragonhawk was many times more powerful when fighting the hornless white python.

“No problem!” Wang Ye nodded.

It was a fight of restraint!

“Let the battle begin!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the steel-clawed dragonhawk immediately soared!

“Screech!!” The steel-clawed dragonhawks eyes instantly became incomparably sharp.

It circled in the sky, and an enormous power erupted.


It started with a godly skill.

Under the premise of having the advantage in terms of combat power, attributes, and bloodline suppression, Intimidation could destroy the spirit of a weak pet directly!

It could instantly make the pet lose its combat power.

Even if its Intimidation wasnt of a high realm, it could make the opponent lose their fighting spirit and be unable to display their full strength in battle.

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“Intermediate soul-type skill! The dragonhawk knows Intimidation!”

“Unfortunately, its not Draconic Aura.

If it was, the effects would be even more monstrous!”

“Soul-type skills are so hard to learn.

Without the skill scrolls, its almost impossible for pets at this level to directly comprehend such skills.”

“It seems quite proficient in the skill, even Im freaking scared outside of the arena! Its at least in the practiced realm, right”

After using Intimidation, the steel-clawed dragonhawk looked at the white python.

It was stunned.

Why did it seem like… There was no reaction

The white python lay on the stage, raising its head to look at the steel-clawed dragonhawk in the sky.

Its gaze hadnt changed much.

Seeing this, everyone was a little confused.

What was going on

Where was the supposed bloodline suppression

It didnt seem that the suppression worked!

There was no trace of fear in the white python eyes, okay

“A characteristic” Lu Dayings eyes flashed.

This calm posture, this clear gaze, this incomparably calm expression…

It was either a result of countless battles that produced some powerful characteristic, or it was because the white python had concealed its bloodline.

The latter was obviously impossible.

Wang Ye thought to himself, “if it was Xiao Jiu and its Pheonix Will, it would probably have rushed up immediately and fought.”

Xiao Jius thought process would be along the lines of “you dare to suppress me Die!”

This was very different from the white python.

“Huji!” The white python stared at the steel-clawed dragonhawk in the sky and moved.

Those flying in the sky werent good birds!

This time, it was the first to move.

It did not seem to want to give the steel-clawed dragonhawk a chance.

The little python gently waved its tail, and a faint light began to glow.

Then, it suddenly hacked into the air with its tail.

“” Everyone.

What was this

Using its tail to split the air

Could it even hit the steel-clawed dragonhawk flying in the sky with this

However, in the next moment, they were stunned.

A tail suddenly appeared out of thin air in the sky, cleaving at the steel-clawed dragonhawk!


A crisp sound rang out!

Everyones mouth was agape.

Good heavens, the white pythons tail could travel through space!

The steel-clawed dragonhawk was struck down.

Fortunately, with its outstanding constitution, it was barely able to withstand it.


Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Tail attacks from the white python appeared in the air and cleaved at the steel-clawed dragonhawk from different angles!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As if its whole body had been twisted by the cleaves, the steel-clawed dragonhawk fell to the ground.

“…” Everyone.

So what if it could fly

The white python humphed and swung its tail.

Everyone was numb from shock as they watched.

Everything was beyond their comprehension.

Only Wang Ye nodded slightly.

The white python had used its great success realm Dimensional Cleave that had over a hundred years of proficiency.

Could the other party handle it

Divine Phantom Tail Dimensional Cleave.

It had yet to use its Dynamic Vision to dodge and enter the Supercomputing Space, as well as trigger the bonus of Spatial Flash.

The power of space-type skills was not to be underestimated!

“Intermediate space-type skill… Dimensional Cleave,” Below the platform, the cold man was silent, “Moreover, since it could be used consecutively so many times, the skill is at least at the proficient or even great success realm… How is that possible A hornless white python shouldnt be able to comprehend such a space-type skill at its current strange stage.

And to think its skill proficiency is so high too, its ridiculous.

Moreover, the damage dealt isnt quite right either.”

The difference in combat power was huge.

The steel-clawed dragonhawk was famous for being difficult to deal with.

If they were at the same level, one Dimensional Cleave wouldve indeed been able to defeat the dragonhawk easily.

But that hornless white python was clearly only a three-star level 2 pet.

The steel-clawed dragonhawk was a genuine one-star level 3 pet.

Even though it had just started cultivating combat techniques, how could it be instantly defeated

“That white pythons tail…” Lu Daying narrowed his eyes.

Something wasnt right.

“Wang Ye wins,” Lu daying looked at Tian He, who was still in a daze.

Tian He came back to his senses and looked at Wang Ye.

He muttered something to himself, put the steel-clawed dragonhawk back into his pet space, and walked down from the platform in a daze.

Wang Ye had an apologetic look on his face.

This was the white pythons own battle, not his command.

If the other party wanted to blame someone, please blame the white python.

Seriously, it didnt even leave any dignity for the other pet.

To think it even used Dimensional Cleave.

Why Did it have that much hatred towards flying pets

Could it be because of its training with Xiao Jiu

“Next” Lu Daying said to everyone, “There are still three senior investigators Stop wasting time.

The hornless white python has already won twice in a row.

It is, after all, only a three-star level 2 pet, and it doesnt have much spiritual energy.

It has already used up quite a lot of it.

If you want to defeat it, hurry up and come up!”

The remaining three people, who were a little hesitant at first due to being shocked by the white pythons strength, immediately regained some confidence upon hearing this.

“…” Wang Ye.

Soon, a senior investigator walked up.

“Kaiyang Investigation Corps, Song Qing, fighter class.

I wont be making a move since Im older,” The man said in a clear voice, “As for my pet…”

A flash of light appeared, and a turtle with a giant tree on its back appeared in everyones sight.

“A Supreme second-class giant wood spirit tortoise.”

“F*ck, to think theres an investigator who uses such a cowardly pet!”

“Its a one-star level 3 pet.

Its combat power might not be as strong as the other pets before, but…”

“A super powerful and disgusting pet has appeared!”

The investigators all complained.

Wang Ye was also stunned.

“F*ck!” He shook his head.

The giant wood spirit tortoise had an agility growth that barely reached the E-grade.

Its strength and spiritual energy were both E grades, which was very weak, meaning that it didnt have much attack strength.

It was very famous because it had two six-dimensional attributes that were comparable to a king pet.

Constitution and spirit resistance of the B- grade.

It was a typical pet that focused all its attribute points on defense due to fear of pain.

Moreover, it was a wood-type pet, thus, its recovery ability was very strong.

It could not kill its opponent, but it could exhaust the other party to death.

“Please show mercy,” Song Qing smiled slightly.

“Sure, sure,” Wang Ye looked at the white python.

Lets see what it could do.

“Let the competition begin!” Lu Daying was expressionless.

Just as he finished his sentence.


The giant wood spirit tortoise let out a cry, and the giant tree on its back started to sprinkle light-like seeds.

In an instant, the seeds filled the entire arena, then grew at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In a short while, countless thorns spread out on the platform.

“Basic wood-type skill, Thorn Tree Seed.”

“F*ck, its this disgusting skill again.”

“I cant take it anymore.

Just watching a fight with this pet is torture.”

“Its a field skill.

Only wood-type pets have such a basic field skill.”

Wang Ye was also slightly speechless.

Field-level skills were rare.

Usually, they were mostly intermediate or advanced skills.

Basic field skills were only available for wood-type pets.

Thorny Tree Sed was a skill that would grow thorns that would then cause slight damage to the pets passing by.

It would speed up the loss of spiritual energy and physical strength.

Unless the pet could fly or had a body that was as tough as steel, otherwise, it would be troubled by these thorns almost for the entire battle.

If this skill was cultivated to an extremely high realm, it was said that it would not even be afraid of fire.

“This giant tortoise feels like a fort just by looking at it!”

Wang Ye looked at the white python.

The white python did not know how to fly.

It only knew how to use spatial energy to float low in the air.

It was not the same as flying.

That being said…

Go ahead, white python! Time to start its show!


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