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With years as the unit in the simulation, triggering the characteristics of the white python was as easy as ABC…

For example, the effects of Revise and Learn, as well as Well-prepared, would take a long time to be apparent, so these characteristics didnt have that obvious of an effect in reality.

But in the simulation, they were simply awesome.

Wang Ye chose the race skill, Shadowless Line.

[Shadowless Line (peak mastery): A beginner space-type skill.

Creates shadowless and formless unique threads that can move through space and be controlled with spiritual power.

Since the skill has reached an extremely high realm, the threads can have all kinds of transformations.

Comprehended unique Profoundness: Shadowless Sword, Ten-thousand Shadowless Swords, Ultimate Efficiency.]

[Shadowless Sword: When triggered, the threads will become shadowless and invisible swords that can pierce through any defense of the enemy, unleashing a terrifying attack.]

[Ten-thousand Shadowless Sword: After triggering the profoundness of Shadowless Sword, this profoundness may be triggered.

All spiritual energy will be consumed to create countless shadowless swords that will attack the enemy from all directions.

This profoundness exhausts spiritual energy.]

[Ultimate Efficiency: Upon being triggered, the spiritual energy consumption of the skill will be reduced by half.]

“…” Wang Ye.


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This three profoundness were slightly different from Xiao Jius.

They were brand new profoundness and unique profoundness.

Xiao Jius was a combination of profoundness.

The brand new profoundness and unique profoundness would usually only appear in race skills.

They were one of a kind.

For example, Ultimate Efficiency was a normal profoundness, so other skills could also have the same profoundness.

It was the first time Wang Ye had seen three profoundness in one skill.

“Revise and Learn is forever the best.”

Of course, it was all thanks to that broken sword.

After all, the white python had been learning from it for decades.

“Not bad, not bad! The skill had been fully formed.

Once the profoundness of Shadowless Line is triggered, it will be a killing blow!”

Wang Ye could not wait to test the white pythons current combat strength.

Even if profoundness was not triggered, the power of Shadowless Line alone was enough to dominate other skills.

It would be crushing!

“Huji…” The white python felt that many inexplicable things had appeared in its mind.

Therefore, Wang Ye and the white python tested out the probability of triggering the skills profoundness.

They just needed to find an empty area and use the skill.

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The effect was beyond Wang Yes expectations.

The probability of triggering profoundness was not high, but it was not low either.

In ten times of using the skill, the profoundness of Shadowless Sword could be triggered four times.

Out of these four times, Ten-thousand Shadowless Sword could be triggered twice.

On the contrary, Ultimate Efficiency had a high trigger probability.

Out of ten times of using Shadowless Line, it could be triggered six or seven times.

“Its probably because the white python just advanced the skill to this realm and its usage of the skill is not smooth enough.

By the time the skill reaches the enlightenment realm, it should be able to use the profoundness whenever it wants.

Hmm, I suppose Im almost done.

The white python has Dimensional Cleave too.

Two skills should be enough.”

With his mind filled with the scenes of the white python crushing everyone, Wang Ye had a good nights sleep.

The next day, Lin Rou took Wang Ye to the relic of life.

“This time, six Investigation Corps are participating in the competition.

Each of them will send a senior investigator as its representative.

As such, under normal circumstances, you will have five opponents.

If the other parties didnt change their representatives at the last minute, I have sent you their general information.

If you want to get the investigation priority, you only need to defeat the five opponents one by one,” On the way, Lin Rous expression was quite serious, “Have you read the information”

Wang Ye nodded.

He had a rough understanding.

Of the six Investigation Corps, three were from Yaoguang City.

The other three were from other cities.

The relic of life was located closest to Yaoguang City, but not far from the other three cities either, so each of them wanted to go in and investigate first.

“In addition, according to the speculations of several relic scholars, the relic of life should be at least 200 years old.

Now that it has suddenly appeared, its unknown what dangers will be inside.

Coupled with the limitations of the rules that are fundamentally different from the Yihuang Forest, it is better to be careful upon going in.

We will explain the details before entering later.”

Wang Ye nodded.

The location of the relic of life was opposite the Yihuang Forest.

It was in a mountain range on the other side of Yaoguang City.

The blazing sky falcon flew for a few hours before arriving at a dense mountain forest.

The air in the mountain forest was much better than the air in the city.

Sometimes, one could see many wild pets.

From here, one could even see the faint outline of Yaoguang City in the distance.

“The relic of life is in the mountain range ahead,” Lin Rou pointed ahead at a mountain peak that was a thousand meters tall.

“Its inside” Wang Ye was stunned.

“Relics often appear in alternate dimensions that are usually different from the outside world.

They appear in all kinds of terrain.

The inside has little to do with the outside world.”

Wang Ye nodded, then went to the nearby relic base.

In the center of the base was a battle platform that had been set up temporarily.

“The rules of the competition are the same as the rules of pet battles,” Lin Rou said, “However, in this battle, the talents of Beastmasters arent restricted.

In other words, they can use their talent to help their pets.

Compared to them, youre at a disadvantage.”

Wang Ye pondered.

In terms of the talent of Deep Memory, he was indeed quite at a disadvantage, because it was useless in battle.

“Some of these senior investigators are quite special,” Lin Rou reminded him, “Especially Cheng Xian from the Huiwu Investigation Corps.

That fellow dropped out of Qixing University a year ago and joined the Investigation Corps.

He currently has two pets, and the weaker one has long reached level three.”

Wang Ye had some impression of Qixing University.

It was the university that Xiong Yin had entered, and it was also QIxing Citys signature university, a first-class university in Xinghai Province.

“Dropped out of university and joined the Investigation Corps” Wang Ye didnt understand, “This…”

“Incomprehensible, right” Lin Rou smiled, “You also have to take in mind the Investigation Corps he joined.

Its the Huiwu Investigation Corps.

Currently, its second only to the Qixing Investigation Corps in Xinghai Province.

Your parents were in this Corps in the past, but they were just ordinary investigators.

That guy, on the other hand, has become a senior investigator at such a young age.”

“As for the rest of the investigators, their pets are mostly at level three as well.

They are all the trump cards of their respective Investigation Corps.

Some of them have exceptionally powerful talents.

Tianhe of the Yaoguang Investigation Corps, who participated in the exploration of the Yihuang Forest relic with you last time, came out ahead of schedule… His dragonhawk has recently evolved into a steel-clawed dragonhawk and broke through to level three, already cultivating combat techniques.

He is also the investigator that He Xiong is proud of.”

Lin Rou said in a low voice, “Moreover… Dragonhawks have a natural bloodline counter to python-type pets.

It will be very difficult for you to fight.

Its a pity.

That sparrow of yours has the phoenix bloodline.

If it went onto the platform, it couldve directly suppressed the dragonhawk, you wouldve easily won.”

Wang Ye nodded.

The information that Lin Rou had given him was information collected more than half a month ago, and it wasnt very detailed.

That being said, what could a dragonhawk amount to

When the time came, he would let Xiao Jiu and the white python learn a combination skill: Python-Sparrow Swallow Dragon!

Woohoo, they could just take off!

Even a true dragon could be swallowed!

Wang Ye pondered in his heart as he walked to the dueling platform and sat quietly.

Soon, Lu Daying walked onto the platform and said slowly with a smile on his face, “Since everyone is here, lets officially begin.

As the Master of Yaoguang Citys Feiyu Dojo, I will be the referee for this battle.

At the moment, we should focus on investigating the relic, thus we will be simplifying the battle as much as possible.”

“Those who win the most will have the investigation priority.

If anyone can win five battles in a row, the person will be allowed to enter the relic one day in advance and the rest will then enter in turn.

To prevent any problems in the internal space of the relic, the investigation time is limited to one week.”

“With this, I announce that the competition has now started.

Is there anyone who is willing to set an example and be the first to come up and accept the challenge”

Sounds of suppressed discussions sounded among the few Investigation Corps below.

The first to go up would definitely be the target of the other Corps, and the person would also be engaged in continuous challenges, which would put the person at a disadvantage.

Normally, they would prefer to wait for others to fight two rounds before going up.

Regardless of whether they won or lost, the other party would still be exhausted.

It would be best for them to conserve their energy and be the last to go up and challenge.

The few Investigation Corps looked at each other.

“Time is of the essence…” Lu Daying frowned slightly.

“If not, we will draw lots to decide…”

At this moment, a voice sounded, “Since no one is willing to volunteer, I am willing to be first to save time.

The earlier we finish the fight, the earlier we can enter the relic!”

Lu Daying looked at the person who had volunteered and immediately smiled, “Alright, then comrade Wang Ye from the Anping Investigation Corps will come up first! Everyone else, whos challenging him first”


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