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“This cant do, the gap is too big,” Lin Rou frowned, “The hornless white python is very weak in its early stages.

Even if it evolves into a spatial shadow python, it isnt considered strong either.

Only when it evolves into a hornless shadow dragon at level 4 or level 6 can it be considered to have completed its transformation.”

Wang Ye acknowledged her words.

In fact, even if he obtained a very powerful evolution route from the simulation, the white python wouldnt be able to evolve any time soon.

“Moreover, space-type skills are extremely hard to learn.

You have the resources, and you dont lack money… Do you want me to find someone to help you train your white python Its good for it to learn a few more skills,” Lin Rou asked.

“I dont think so,” Wang Ye thought for a moment and said, “Commander, just give me the general information of the opponents that will be in the competition.

Ill study them myself and think of a way.”

“Alright,” Lin Rou didnt push her opinions on him.

After Lin Rou left, the white python continued simulating.

Its situation was much better than Xiao Jius.

Two weeks later, after Wang Ye and the white python simulated endlessly for days, he finally got a satisfying evolution route.

[42nd Evolution Form: Soul Shadow-devouring Python.]

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[Estimated Pet Class: Emperor first-class, soul dark space-type pet.]

[Estimated Six-dimensional Growth: Strength (B ), Constitution (B ), Agility (A), Spiritual Resistance (B ), Spiritual Energy (B ), Soul (A)]

[Estimated Comprehended Skills: Three-dimensional Meditation (intermediate), Instant Hell Strike (Advanced), Complete Darkness (advanced), Soul Space (emperor), Kings Prestige (emperor)]


[Estimated Genetic Characteristics: Skyshroud Python (orange), Supreme Spiritual Sense (orange)]

[Estimated Evolution Requirements: Shadowless Line (peak mastery), Dimensional Cleave (peak mastery), Spiritual Barrier (peak mastery), Intimidation (great success)]

[Required Materials: One spirit pearl, one extreme-darkness nether wood, three troll hearts, five nether spider lilies, and ten nether demon plumes.]

[Heaven-devouring Python Evolution Compatibility: 35%]

[Sky Divine Dragon Evolution Compatibility: 10%]

The evolution route was slightly better than Xiao Jius and also much more difficult.

The estimated six-dimensional growth, skills, and characteristics were all slightly better than the brilliant light sparrow.

Moreover, the evolution form being the soul dark-type meant that after it evolved, it would have three attributes, namely the soul attribute, the dark attribute, and the space attribute.

The most troublesome attributes had been gathered.

The skills of these attributes were not easy to train.

The evolution materials were also extremely expensive.

Given the number of materials needed for the last three, Wang Ye estimated that they were worth around ten million.

He could still afford them.

As for the first two materials, he couldnt find them anywhere for the time being.

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Wang Ye remembered that the spirit pearl could be found in the secret realm named the Hidden Mysterious Realm.

But he had never heard of the extreme-darkness nether wood.

“Dimensional Cleave is an extremely powerful intermediate skill of the space attribute.

Spiritual Barrier, on the other hand, is an intermediate skill of the soul attribute.

Its easy to learn at the beginning, but also extremely difficult to reach the peak mastery realm.”

Intimidation didnt need to be discussed though.

It was a standard skill.

If one wanted to become an Emperor class pet, this was a skill that had to be learned.

“Its difficult, but the value of evolution is very high.

Moreover, the compatibility of the evolution form with the heaven-devouring python has reached 35%.

What do you think” Wang Ye looked at the white python.

The white python nodded vigorously.

Well, it seemed to think that it was pretty good.

It was probably because it felt very satisfied after simulating the evolution in the scripted world.

The white python didnt actually successfully evolve in the cave.

Just like Xiao Jiu back then, it had also failed to evolve in the simulation.

The materials had all been collected, but the skills didnt meet the standards, so it naturally couldnt evolve.

However, because they had already met the requirements for the materials, by choosing the evolution information as a reward after the simulation, they could then see the conditions required for this route.

“First, you have to learn Dimensional Cleave, Spiritual Barrier, and Intimidation.

There are still two more weeks.

I hope you can learn all of them in the simulations.

If I buy skill scrolls, it will be too expensive.

The total will be close to ten million.”

Skill scrolls could allow pets to comprehend skills, making them much easier to learn.

After all, leaving the pet to comprehend a skill on its own is too difficult.

Unless it reached a higher level of combat strength, then only would the pet have a chance to comprehend more powerful skills.

Moreover, they were talking about soul and space-type skills.

“Then lets continue simulating!”

Three days later.

[The pet information has been updated.

The script is loading… ]

[0 year old.

The white python wants to cultivate Dimensional Cleave but realizes that it lacks the tools and felt that it had no way to start.]

[9 years old.

The white python is still working hard to transform the cave.

It continues to collect materials and explore the cave.]

[15 years old.

The white python begins to think about its life.]

[25 years old.

The white python starts looking for opponents in the cave to observe and learn.]

[36 years old.

The white python finds a broken sword floating in mid-air somewhere in the cave.

It was greatly shocked and felt an inexplicable pressure, as if this sword had once killed a giant dragon.

The white python did not hesitate to escape.

Vaguely, it was as if it had understood something.]

[49 years old.

The white python continued pondering, recalling the broken sword over and over again.

After building up enough strength, it once again teleported to a spot in the cave to observe the broken sword.

Suddenly, the broken sword moved slightly, and the space trembled.

Immediately, countless light traces appeared, slashing toward the white python.

The white python, which had long been alerted, immediately fled.

It dodged the attack but was also heavily injured.]

[55 years old.

The white pythons injuries gradually recovered.

It seems to have understood something.


[60 years old.

The sword light slashed over silently, splitting open a corner of the cave.

The white python activated the traps in the cave, burying a corner of the cave, and fought with the sword light.

Before dying, it seemed to have understood something.

Obtained skill: Dimensional Cleave.]

[Obtained blue characteristic achievement: Thinking Snake]


[The simulation has ended.

The white python has lived for 60 years.

You may retain one of the following three options.]

[Skill: Dimensional Cleave (intermediate)]

[Genetic Characteristic: Thinking Snake (Blue)]

[60-year-old six-dimensional growth]

“It has learned the skill,” Wang Ye exhaled, “Could that broken sword be the hidden boss”

“In terms of fortuitous encounters, Xiao Jiu is indeed much better.

It was so reckless that it had met the hidden boss of the novice village in its second simulation.

The white python had to simulate so many times before barely meeting the hidden boss.”

[Dimensional Cleave (beginner): An intermediate space-type skill.

With the power of space, you can instantly form a powerful and traceless cleave from a distance, catching the opponent off guard.]

Three days later, Dimensional Cleavereached the great success realm.

[Dimensional Cleave (great success): An intermediate space-type skill.

You can use the power of space on your body, allowing you to cross a certain distance in space and instantly form multiple cleave attacks.

Your attacks will be like a storm, catching the opponent off guard!]

“Not bad, not bad!” Wang Ye was satisfied.

There was still a distance between the great success realm and the peak mastery realm, though.

That being said, with this move, the white python now had another way to attack other than Supercomputing Space.

“Next is Spiritual Barrier.”

One week later.

[The pet information has been updated.

Loading Information…]

[0 year old.

The white python works hard to cultivate and made a cultivation plan for itself: Every day, meditate for five hours, cultivate for five hours, sleep for five hours, transform the cave for five hours, and collect materials related to spiritual power in the remaining four hours.]

[16 years old.

By repeating the same routine day after day, year after year, the white python felt that its spiritual power was getting increasingly stronger.

It is able to use its skills with ease, and it seemed to have comprehended something.]

[55 years old.

After decades of hard cultivation, the white python has grown steadily to be dozens of meters long.

Using its tail as a weapon, it can now make its tail teleport and perform a cleave, instantly killing fierce beasts that are hundreds of meters away.]

[60 years old, The white python splits the incoming sword light with one tail attack and repels the human male who cast the sword light outside the cave with another tail attack.

Then, it returned to the cave and continued cultivating.]

[79 years old, The white python feels that its strength is still insufficient, so it continues cultivating.]

[90 years old.

The white python feels that all its skills have all reached their bottlenecks, and its growth has also been restricted.

Therefore, it decides to meet the roc.]

[98 years old.

After preparing for several years, the white python teleports to where the roc is with Spatial Flash and starts a great battle with it.

The white python calmly reacted in the battle.

It used Shadowless Lines for control and Dynamic Vision as support.

After the space vibrated, it instantly entered the Supercomputing Space.

Using its tail to perform Dimensional Cleave consecutively, it finally chopped the roc into meat paste! Due to being fully prepared, the injuries it had received were healed in time.

After two years, it barely recovered.

From the battle, the white python seemed to have gained some understanding of its skills and had subconsciously comprehended some of the mysteries of Dimensional Cleave.

Because its tail had been soaked with the rocs blood during the battle, it had undergone some changes.]

[102 years old.

The white python begins summarizing its experience and recalling the battle.

It has also comprehended some of the unique mysteries of Shadowless Line.]

[115 years old.

The white python continues to cultivate.]

[119 years old.

The white python recovered to its peak condition and decided to go to the location of the broken sword to take a look.

After arriving at the location, it suddenly heard a terrifying sword chime, and its spirit was heavily injured.

Facing such danger, the white python was not flustered.

With the help of its hundred years of mediating, it had unknowingly comprehended a skill: Spiritual Barrier.

After successfully resisting the sword chimes, it returned to its base.]

[120 years old.

A roar came from the depths of the cave.

The roar was like thunder as if something terrifying had awakened.

It instantly killed the white python that was recovering.]

[Obtained orange character achievement: Revise and Learn.]

[Obtained orange character achievement: Calm and Collected.]

[Obtained orange character achievement: Well-prepared.]

[Obtained orange character achievement: Divine Phantom Tail.]

[The simulation has ended.

The white python has survived till the age of 120 for the first time and has killed its nemesis, the roc.

You may retain six out of the following ten options.]

[Skill: Spiritual Barrier (intermediate)]

[Skill: Shadowless Line, 120 years of proficiency (peak mastery)]

[Skill: Dimensional Cleave, 120 years of proficiency (peak mastery)]

[Skill: Supercomputing Space, 120 years of proficiency (great success)]

[Genetic Characteristics: Revise and Learn (orange)]

[Genetic Characteristics: Calm and Collected (orange)]

[Genetic Characteristics: Well-prepared (orange)]

[Genetic Characteristics: Divine Phantom Tail (orange)]

[120-year-old six-dimensional growth ]

[Reality simulation, six times]

“…” Wang Ye.

He was shocked!

What did it mean by a big boss quickly clearing the novice village dungeon This was it.

Xiao Jiu, watch and learn!

Wang Ye was extremely suspicious that Long Ying had secretly commanded the white python on what to do.

Looking at the white pythons slow and steady progress, it was simply amazing.

Since it had completed two achievements, the rewards were combined.

Four orange characteristics, two peak mastery realm skills, Spiritual Barrier skill, the great success realm Supercomputing Space, reality simulations…


“Six out of ten is so hard to choose, I want them all…” Looking at the rewards, Wang Ye hesitated for a moment..


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