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If there was any problem, they would definitely be alerted!

At the same time, the high-level strange god needed the soul fire to recover, so it was a given it wouldnt want to reveal any flaws and be discovered in advance.

That was why the black-robed man appeared!


The reason why he thought so was because of the news that He Xiong had just sent him.

“He Xiong said that Mingguang Enterprise is being investigated… Clearly, that mysterious organizations investigator has been fooled.

That high-level strange gods plan has completely succeeded.

The black-robed man is indeed that high-level strange gods spy! But…” Wang Ye took a deep breath.

To be honest, if he hadnt run several of these simulations consecutively and seen the future, he wouldnt have been able to notice any problems.

Even one less simulation would leave him clueless!

“Tang Quan! Tang Quan! That guy took all of the soul fire! Its highly possible that his pet absorbed some of it… Could he be that high-level strange god But thats not right, why would he still keep to his promise and send me money Besides, if he is a high-level strange god, with the other partys cunning personality, the slightest carelessness in doing so himself will expose him… impossible.

Still, that guy is definitely related to that high-level strange god!” Thinking of this, Wang Ye felt his scalp go numb.

He rushed out and immediately found Lin Rou.

He calmly asked, “Commander Lin, where is Tang Quan”

“Him He went back,” Lin Rou frowned, “Otherwise, would he stay here to be scolded”

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“He went back Back to Qixing City” Wang Ye was stunned.

“Im not sure.

I think so,” Lin Rou thought for a moment, “He left a while ago.

To be honest, I understand that you guys are unhappy and want to find trouble with him.

But how should I put this His methods were impeccable.

Yaoguang City can only suffer this loss.

Besides, because you appeared, Dojo Master Lu and the others couldnt be bothered to argue with him anymore.”

“I have something to ask him.

Can you help me ask where he went” Wang Ye cleared his throat.

“This… They have exclusive sky-type pets, so he should have gone back to Qixing City already,” Lin Rou pondered for a few seconds.

“Is it possible that he went to Anping County” Wang Ye asked.

“Why go to Anping County” Lin Rou asked curiously, “Qixing Citys Tang Family is big.

A small county like Anping County doesnt even have the right to be related to them.”

Lin Rou shook her head and waved her hand.

Wang Yes heart sank.

Indeed, it wouldnt be so easy for him to find the high-level strange god behind Tang Quan.

The strange god wouldnt be so stupid either.

It wouldnt be found out so easily.

Wang Ye was at a loss.

He had clearly found out the truth and it seemed like he was just an inch away.

“F*ck, if I had simulated it earlier, I wouldnt have let Tang Quan leave so quickly.”

Wang Ye thought of that mysterious organization.

It was probably 99% wasted effort to investigate Mingguang Enterprise now.

With the time they would take to investigate, once tomorrow came, there would be no hope.

“Should I go look for them Tell them these things Find Tang Quans whereabouts For what reason Wheres the evidence” Wang Ye pondered for a long time, but he really couldnt find any evidence.

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With the talent of Deep Memory, if he said he saw a dark fog eruption in Anping County, it was indeed possible that the other party would believe him.

Then, they would find Tang Quan, just like in the previous simulation.

But the situation now was different.

That mysterious organization might have its eyes set on Mingguang Enterprise.

Just knowing that there would be a dark fog eruption in Anping County might not be enough to make the other party believe in him.

In fact, with his relationship with Mingguang Enterprise, he might even be considered as one of them… Wouldnt that just be another dead end

Only by revealing something more shocking could he make the other party believe him.

But if that was the case, using his Deep Memory talent as an excuse would be a little pale.

His cheat, the simulator, would definitely be exposed.

Wang Ye did not dare to expose such a treasure.

He was not in some peaceful and prosperous era!

The simulator was too monstrous… Even high-level strange gods could infiltrate humans.

For a weakling like him to expose such a powerful thing, wouldnt he be the designated target of the other party Everything else would then be out of the question…

While he was thinking hard.

“Oh right, I still have the white python!” Wang Ye suddenly remembered.

This gluttonous snake that only knew how to eat had unleashed a wave of power in the simulation when Xiao Jiu and himself had been powerless, repelling the high-level strange god that had been pursuing them.

Wasnt it a little too awesome

“This means that my ten million wasnt wasted!” Wang Ye returned to his room and became excited, “According to the information in the simulation, there must be some sort of big shot hidden within the white Pythons body.

It should be injured and sleeping, which is why it needs to eat all kinds of treasures to replenish itself.”

“Ten million… If I feed it more treasures, will it be even stronger when it unleashes its strength Can I directly kill that high-level strange god At that time, Ill first let Xiao Jiu exhaust the opponents battle strength.

Then, Ill use the white python to directly kill the opponent, not giving the opponent a chance to even breathe! Although I dont f*cking know whats the trigger for this little fellow to unleash its strength, it should be possible, right”

Wang Ye was suddenly enlightened!

He had already forgotten that in the simulation, he seemed to have the strength to fight the opponent.

Why did he need to find Tang Quan

After thinking this through, Wang Ye spent the ten million he got from Tang Quan, the remaining two million he had, and the two million and five hundred thousand monetary reward.

He bought all kinds of rare attributed secret treasures.

The life golden fruit, the life spiritual leaf, the Scarlet Eye Divine Crystal… He bought another batch of the various treasures that had been secretly eaten by the white python.


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