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At this moment, Lu Daying waved his hand, “Then lets just investigate all the Beastmasters who have participated in the meeting.

Get the Investigation Corps to investigate immediately! Also, send someone to ask Mingguang Enterprises about Zhou Xings background.”

Hearing this, Wang Ye could only wait for the results.

If there were no results, he would simulate it himself.

After Lu Daying and the others finished discussing the matter, they came to Wang Yes side.

“The investigation will take some time.

How about this, little comrade, do you want to have a pet battle” Lu Daying looked at Wang Ye, “Id like to see your green sparrows new evolved form…”

“Me too!” He Xiong said loudly.

“…” Everyone.

In fact, they were all curious to see it.

After all, it was the inheritance of the phoenix bloodline.

Just a little was enough.

After so many years, a few pets from Yaoguang City had obtained the soul fire in the Hundred Birds Meeting, but none had ever obtained the inheritance.

“Can I tell the truth” Wang Ye was stunned and cleared his throat.

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“Im not very interested in that at the moment,” Wang Ye said.

There were rules to a pet battle, and it wasnt as straightforward as instantly killing a fierce beast or a strange god.

That being said, this sort of entertainment-purposed battle could indeed help a pet accumulate some simple battle experience.

Though, when fighting a real fierce beast or even a strange god, such battle experience only played a subtle role.

“…” Everyone.

“Theres still a Beastmaster who isnt interested in a pet battle these days” He Xiong scratched his head, “Even Beastmasters who have talents in the Elemental Talent Sequence that is famous for supporting-type talents are interested in pet battles.

Although investigators mostly fight fierce beasts, pet battles are a good way to spice up our daily life.”

“How about this, Ill offer some rewards,” Lu Daying said after giving it some thought, “My dojo has a cornerstone treasure.

Its a combat technique thats exclusive for sky-type pets, the Cloud-swallowing Technique.

This combat technique was passed down by one of Donglis deceased deity-rank Beastmasters Myth class pet.

Although theres only half of it, its enough to benefit many sky-type pets.”

“If its complete, its an emperor-rank sky-type combat technique.

Theres only half of it, so its only a middle-rank combat technique, though.

After the sky-type pets practice it, their physique and agility will be greatly improved.

Theres also a chance that they can comprehend unique combat techniques.

Under normal circumstances, we wont teach it to non-core members of the dojo.

If you win, Ill pass this combat technique to you.

How about it” Lu Daying smiled as he said this.

Cultivating combat techniques was the core of increasing a level 3 pets combat strength.

Those sold on the market were mainly non-ranked combat techniques.

Occasionally, some low-ranked combat techniques would appear.

Powerful combat techniques were mostly in the hands of universities, dojos, and certain departments of the country.

Without a certain level of strength and potential, it was impossible to obtain them.

“This is good stuff,” Lin Rou said with a smile, “Dojo Master Lu is really generous.

Back then, when my blazing sky falcon was at level three, I asked you to lend the combat technique to me for a look, but you werent willing, so I could only cultivate some low-rank combat techniques.

Now, youre using it as a bonus”

“You werent a genius back then,” Lu Daying said, “Exceptions will only be made for geniuses, isnt this a well-known rule”

“…” Lin Rou.

She had nothing to say.

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“How is it, little comrade” Lu Daying looked at Wang Ye.

Wang Ye nodded and said, “Sure.

Never mind the combat technique, the main purpose is to experience combat.”


“Kid, were you not interested” He Xiong laughed.

“Sometimes I can be interested.”

“This kid is just like what Tang Xiong said,” He Xiong pointed at Wang Ye and said to everyone, “He wont budge until he sees the benefits.”

Wang Ye really wanted to see what a combat technique was like.

With Xiao Jius strength, it would probably break through to level 3 within these few months.

It was better to make preparations and prepare choices for it in advance.

Even if Xiao Jiu didnt cultivate the combat technique, he could still see what it was about… Either way, this little bit of time was nothing.

“Then lets do it,” Lu Daying thought for a moment.

“Since you can clear all five stages, your strength must be extraordinary.

Now that your pet has evolved… Hmm, Wanqing, come and spar with him.”

“Huh” A young girl behind Lu Daying was stunned and said in a low voice, “Master, this cant do, right I have only reached the fourth stage.

If he can even clear the fifth stage, how can I win Im not going to fight!”

“Idiot, use your level 3 pet!” Lu Daying glared at her.

“There are restrictions in the Yihuang Forest so you couldnt bring it in, but there are no restrictions for you to use it in pet battles outside!”

“” Everyone.

“Wait a minute, Lu Daying.

Since when did your last disciple have a level 3 pet” He Xiong frowned, “When did you nurture a secret weapon”

“Hey, hey, hey, Lu Daying, thats not very fair,” Lin Rou waved her hand.

“Wang Yes green sparrow is only a level 2 pet, why are you bringing out a level 3 pet Do you think thats reasonable”

“You guys, the person in question hasnt said anything yet,” Lu Daying turned to look at Wang Ye.

“What do you think Its just an ordinary one-star level 3 pet, theres nothing special about it.”

“No problem,” Wang Ye nodded.

“…” Everyone.

Lu Wanqing then walked to the temporary storage corner in the base.

After rummaging through it for a while, she walked over with a square box.

It was a pet treasure box, a spatial device usually used to temporarily store pets or catch wild pets.

However, there were very few wild pets now.

As such, these devices were now mostly used to nurture pets that had not been contracted yet or to carry pets that temporarily could not be carried around with one.

It was similar to the spatial sphere, but the latter was more advanced.

Everyone cleared the field and arrived at the dueling platform not far from the base.

As a military base, pet battles were a basic training program.

The soldiers here would also train fighting fierce beasts.

As such, it was only a given that there was an exclusive platform for this.

“Alright, lets explain the rules,” Lu Daying gave Lin Rou a look.

Lin Rou then briefly explained the rules to Wang Ye.

The rules were very simple.

The most important thing was that they couldnt kill the opponent, they couldnt use their skills before the start of the match, and so on.

To be honest, not killing was quite troublesome.

The reality wasnt a game.

Sometimes, the pets skills were too strong and could possibly kill the opponent in one move.

Life and death werent a joke.

It wasnt like Pokemon, where there was a near-death state.

Therefore, pet battles could also train the pets control over their skills.

Of course, there was not much difference in strength between pets of the same level.

In addition, pets had extremely strong vitality.

Even if they fought with full strength, it would be difficult to kill another pet instantly and make it lose its life.

It was just like how it was difficult to kill a fierce beast.

“Come on out!” Lu Wanqing gently opened the pet treasure box, and a lightning eagle with lightning arcs sparking on it flew out.

“Screech!” A Supreme first-class lightning eagle.

It was a flying-eagle lightning sky-type pet with a B grade growth in agility.

Its skills included Lightning Cut, Lightning Strike, Lightning Claw…

Lightning Cut was the advanced version of Feather Cut, while the latter two were very powerful skills as well.

Its Lightning Claw had even an advanced skill.

Its four-meter-long body, wings sparking with lightning arcs, and lightning-filled feather crown all symbolized that it was a king of the sky.

It had a spiritual energy value of over 20,000.

Its aura was very obvious, and even Wang Ye could sense that it was indeed a standard one-star level 3 pet.

Moreover, it should have cultivated combat techniques, though that was not obvious yet.

After all, its spiritual energy value was only 20,000.

Wang Ye did not know much about it.

Though, this kind of pet was considered very powerful.

He wondered if it had other skills.

Pets with the lightning attribute had extremely strong combat strength, to begin with.

In addition to the sky attribute, its attack range was thus extremely wide and it could fly very fast.

It was extremely deadly to pets that couldnt fly.

It also had a strong restraining effect on pets of the same type.

“Its a worthy opponent,” Wang Ye nodded.

As Xiao Jius first opponent after evolving, it could be considered to have qualified as a worthy opponent.

He could also take a look at Xiao Jius current actual combat strength while he was at it.

In the eyes of others, the battle seemed a little unfair.

“Xiao Jiu,” Wang Ye pressed his palm forward and called out Xiao Jiu from the pet space.

“Chirp!” Following a sound that was familiar to everyone, an abnormally bright bird flew out…


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