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Seeing the green sparrow finally make a move, Tang Quan heaved a sigh of relief.

He had spent a lot of effort just now to clear the five stages.

He did have very strong combat abilities, but the sea of flames in the fifth stage had been troublesome.

To maintain his pets strength, he had a very hard time.

As such, when he arrived here, he was already at the end of his rope.

“You just need to hold it off for a while,” Tang Quan struggled to get up.

Since the other party was able to clear the five stages with just a green sparrow, the difficulty of his stages might not necessarily be as difficult as the ones he had been faced with.

That being said, his strength was definitely not simple since he could reach this point.

Besides, that shadow-flying crane…

“It should be a level 3 pet that has just started learning combat techniques… Its not considered brilliant though.

Its spiritual energy value should be around 30,000 to 40,000.

Its still a long way off from the limits of spiritual energy value which is 100,000 for one-star level 3 pets… Still, as an assassination-type pet that is best in one-strike kills, although the shadow-flying crane doesnt have a strong constitution or spiritual resistance, the limits of its power if it goes all out is too high,” Tang Quan thought to himself.

Who exactly was this black-robed man

The Beastmasters who could participate in this relic exploration should be local Beastmasters from Yaoguang City who had been selected.

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Those who could enter had also gone through rounds of inspections.

Could it be that the other party was like him, and had hidden their details through some talent or prop

However, the other party had intended to kill him directly.


To steal the soul fire

There was also that green sparrow and its strange Beastmaster…

Thinking of this, Tang Quan couldnt help but look over.

However, when he did that, he was instantly stunned.

In the distance, the shadow-flying crane that had resumed its attack was surrounded by a faint air current.

Its battle aura was especially unique.

It once again turned into a shadow and attacked the cloud bluebird in the distance.

When it got close, it abruptly rose and spread its entire body, then dove like a falcon that was rapidly descending from the sky to catch its prey!

A unique and powerful black shadow of a crane appeared behind it.

The intermediate race skill, Soaring Crane Slash!

It was a dark-type skill that could silently slash the enemy multiple times, making it extremely difficult to block! On top of that, it could slash from all angles.

Therefore, it was extremely easy for the skill to hit a vital point and instantly kill its target!

At this moment, a golden shadow appeared in front of the cloud blue bird and let out a loud cry, “Chirp!”

Tang Quan was stunned.

Was the green sparrow going to use its body to block it

Wasnt it a little too confident

The next moment.

Dong, dong, dong!


The shadow-flying crane, which had turned into a shadow, drew out many dark shadow trajectories in the air.

Every time a trajectory appeared, it meant that it had attacked once.

Every time it attacked, it gave people a feeling of artistic slaughter!

Muffled sounds, coupled with increasing trajectories, instantly formed a terrifying explosive air current that submerged the little birds figure.

However, the sound that seemed like a metal being struck, caused Tang Quan to frown slightly.

“Showy!” At this moment, Wang Ye shook his head.

“…” Tang Quan.

Why was he so confident


At this moment, the air current gradually dispersed, and the shadow-flying crane was violently sent flying as if it was intimidated by a unique aura.

Tang Quan widened his eyes as he looked at the green sparrow.

It was unharmed!

On top of that, its entire body was scarlet gold, as if it was wearing scarlet gold feather armor.

It looked majestic!

Just looking at it gave people a sense of indestructible strength!

“Holy **!” Tang Quan was shocked and subconsciously said, “Intermediate skill, Feather Coat What realm is this Feather Coat in Scarlet gold Could it be at the peak mastery realm Impossible, this is absolutely impossible!”

After a skill reached the peak mastery realm, different pets would have different effects.

This was because even for the same skill, different pets would have different understandings of it.

As such, the final effects of the skill that they cultivated would also have some differences.

This was especially so after a skill reached the peak mastery realm.

A clear demarcation line would be formed.

That being said, without exception, the general shape and effect of the skill would still remain! There was no mistaking it!

“Chirp!” Xiao Jiu let out a loud cry, its bird eyes staring straight ahead.

It flapped its wings, which began to flash with light.

As it inhaled and exhaled, an energy that could be seen with the naked eye circulated, and its entire body suddenly burst forth with a blood-red aura!

Feather Cut Profoundness! Blood Rage Combo!


Xiao Jius shadow flashed, and its wings slashed forward like light blades!

The shadow-flying crane let out a vicious cry, and its body dodged like an illusion!

However, it was useless.

Even if it could dodge the first slash, there was still the second, third, and even the fourth slash!

The continuous slashes didnt give it any chance to catch its breath!

Finally, at the fourth slash, the shadow-flying crane wasnt able to dodge in time and was hit!

The slash sent the shadow-flying crane flying dozens of meters away.

The airflow from the slash even hit the flame tung tree at the side, creating a huge wound on the tree.

Though, compared to the size of the flame tung tree itself, such a mark was negligible.

The same attack almost crippled the shadow-flying crane.

It must be known that at this moment, Xiao Jius Feather Cut had been amplified with Feather Coat on its original foundation!

Sky-dance Hurricane God Wings scarlet-gold feather armor Blood Rage Combo.

Adding up all the amplification, even Wang Ye was afraid.

The Bipolar Profoundness of Feather Coat hadnt been triggered this time.

If Bipolar Profoundenss had been triggered as well, Xiao Jius strength wouldve doubled, and the power of Feather Cut would increase even more!

It didnt seem to be necessary, though.

The pupils of the black-robed man hidden under the devil mask contracted slightly.

He looked at the shadow-flying crane struggling on the ground and didnt hesitate at all, “Run!”


With that, the shadow-flying crane screeched and turned around to run!

It turned into a shadow and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

It was too terrifying!

What kind of sparrow was this!

It was as hard as an alloy steel plate!

Its attacks were just useless!

Seeing this, Wang Ye had no intention of chasing after it either.

This was the advantage of a level 3 pet.

If it could not beat its opponent, it could just run at will.

Besides, the spiritual energy value of a level 3 pet was very high.

It wouldnt have to worry about running out of mana even after using a few ultimate moves, and could still run however it wanted.

Xiao Jiu wasnt able to do such a thing.

After these few moves that had combined both intermediate and advanced skills, and had amplified their effects to the limit, it seemed like Xiao Jiu could defeat the shadow-flying crane in one hit, but in reality, it didnt have much mana left.

If it didnt have Sky Breath, Wang Ye even suspected that it wouldnt have been able to use its two peak mastery realm skills at full strength.

The opponent was probably just frightened.

If they continued to fight, the outcome wouldve been hard to say.

That being said, the cloud bluebird should be waking up soon.

Even if the battle dragged on, the opponent would probably die here.

“Not bad.

The effect of the Feather Coat is still satisfactory,” Wang Ye nodded slightly.

Without triggering the Profoundness effect, the scarlet-gold feather armor formed by Feather Coat not only had an extremely high defense but also all sorts of enhancements.

Even the race skill of a level 3 pet could not break through the armors defense.

Of course, the realm of the opponents skill was not high, but it was still a level 3 pet after all.

With this, one could imagine how powerful the intermediate skill, Feather Coat, was at the peak mastery realm.

When Xiao Jiu reached level 3, if it could learn some combat techniques to strengthen its defense, then the effects of Feather Coat might be even better.

It would be a truly indestructible divine sparrow.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Tang Quan was already numb.

Wang Yes words from before echoed in his mind, including “the most ordinary green sparrow,” “Theres a difference of several classes”, “a lousy Beastmaster with a trashy talent”, and “theres no way I can block it”.

His mind was a mess.

Indeed, there was no way he could block it.

After all, the opponent had run away.

Peak mastery realm Feather Cut!

Moreover, that didnt seem to be a Feather Cut at just the normal peak mastery realm.

Judging from the burst of momentum from the combo just now, it had definitely comprehended the Profoundness effect, right

So you call this a green sparrow

Tang Quan felt that his view of pets was greatly shaken and shocked!


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