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The huge flame tung tree soared straight into the clouds.

Walking out of the sea of flames, the flame tung tree that had seemed like a ball of flames in the distance did not emit much heat up close.

On the contrary, Wang Ye even felt that it was quite cooling, clearing up his exhausted mind.

The phantom of a Phoenix was as bright as the morning star as it was burning with flames and dancing on the flame tung tree amid the flames like it was about to be reborn.

“That is… The soul fire” Wang Ye was slightly stunned.

He was still a step too late

“Who is it” At this moment, a low voice came from the front.

Wang Yes pupils constricted.

He immediately saw a mysterious person dressed in black in front of him.

Next to the person was a cloud bluebird with green feathers.

This was a first-class Emperor pet that evolved from a green pheasant.

It was extremely rare.

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It was said that every cloud bluebird had a trace of the blue argus pheasant bloodline.

When the time came, it could evolve into a divine blue phoenix.

It had slender and gorgeous feathers, as well as a supple but powerful body.

It was like a peacock, but more majestic.

The mysterious eye-shaped markings on its wings made it have a somewhat ancient charm.

However, at this moment, the cloud bluebird was lying on the side with its eyes closed under the flame tung tree.

Its entire body was burning with a faint shadow of a flame as if it was enduring something.

“So this is a level 3 pet” Wang Yes heart skipped a beat.

The other party had already obtained the soul fire

Tang Quan…

The black-clothed man turned around.

He was wearing a black bamboo hat on his head.

On the rim of the bamboo hat was a silk veil that went all the way to his waist, so his exact appearance and figure could not be seen clearly.

“To think someone else managed to clear all the stages and arrive here…” The black-clothed mans voice seemed to carry some puzzlement.

Especially when he saw Xiao Jiu on Wang Yes shoulder, he stopped in his sentence.

Wang Ye patted Xiao Jiu, signaling for it to be ready for battle at any time.

When they walked out of the sea of flames, Wang Ye had already asked Xiao Jiu to use Sky-dance.

After all, this skill needed to be released in advance, otherwise, there would be no time to use it during battle.

A real battle wasnt a duel.

There was no need to wait until the battle began before using the skill.

“Could it be that this was the fellow who killed me in the simulation” Wang Ye frowned slightly.

A masked person who was black-clothed and had a level 3 pet, his characteristics fit perfectly with the information he got from the simulation.

Tang Quan, a prodigy from Qixing City.


According to the simulation, the other party had obtained the soul fire.

Originally, he didnt have the qualifications to enter the relic though.

As a part of Yaoguang Citys resources, they didnt even have enough for the Beastmasters in the city itself, so it was only a given that they wouldnt allow the Beastmasters of other cities to get their hands on it.

Resources were simply too scarce in Dongli Country, especially those that were related to pets.

Public resources, such as the secret realms, didnt matter.

However, relics of Myth class pets had to be firmly grasped.

The only thing that Wang Ye could not figure out was why the other party had to kill him.

Logically speaking, the soul fire of the crimson flame phoenix could be given to more than one pet.

Since they could clear the fifth stage, they should be able to obtain the soul fire.

Why kill him

“To think you relied on a mere green sparrow to clear the five stages and get to this place,” The mysterious man took two steps forward and said with a low laugh, “The fourth stage consists of several low-level strange gods.

This small Yaoguang City has very few resources, yet there is still such talent.


However, if you want to obtain the soul fire, Im sorry but its impossible.”

“Why” Wang Ye said slowly, “Since Ive already cleared the fifth stage and its not like the soul fire of the crimson flame phoenix is just given to one pet.

Whats wrong with you getting yours and me getting mine”

“Of course theres a problem,” The mysterious man said calmly, “The less the crimson flame phoenixs soul fire a pet gets, the weaker its effect will be.

The more it is distributed, the worse its effect will be.

Unless one can obtain the true recognition of the crimson flame phoenix and get its bloodline, then its not a problem.

If I give it to you, the effect will naturally be greatly weakened.”

“I dont want to fight with you, so please leave.

Besides, even if your green sparrow obtains the soul flame, the improvement wouldnt be too big either.

Of course, Im not such an unreasonable person.

You have quite a bit of potential, to be able to get here alone.

I have some treasures here, a divine hurricane crystal that can be considered a sky-type secret treasure.

Its much more helpful to your green sparrow than the soul flame.

Even if you dont use it, selling it for two or three million will be easy.

Consider it as compensation for this time.

Take it and leave.

Dont bother me anymore.”

Something was wrong!

Something was very wrong!

In the simulation, the other party had directly killed him.

Yet now, this guy actually took out something to compensate

“Your cloud bluebird seems to be absorbing the soul fire now.

Is it in a state of cultivation” Wang Ye narrowed his eyes.

Could it be that the other party was afraid that he would make a move

Being late did bring benefits…

“Why” The mysterious mans eyes seemed to be sharp, “You want to snatch it by force Young man, the road ahead of you is so long.

Whats the point Its just a mere relic.

Is there a need for it Besides, even if my cloud bluebird is in a cultivation state and cant deal with you, I myself am a level 3 fighter.

As one in the Beastmaster profession sequence, I suppose you do understand that a fighters combat strength isnt the slightest bit weaker than a level 3 pet, right”

The other party wasnt flustered at all.

Rather, he was very calm.

He only took a step forward lightly.

Hearing that, Wang Ye narrowed his eyes.

Usually, the more arrogant one was, the weaker one was.

Then again, his words could also be true.

After all, the other party was a prodigy from Qixing City.

However, right at this moment…

An extremely fast shadow suddenly leaped out from the other end of the huge flame tung tree!

Its target was not Wang Ye, but the cloud bluebird.

“Who is it!” The mysterious man roared.

The shadow was so fast that Wang Ye could not react in time and could not see it clearly as well.

The mysterious man let out a cold harrumph and a powerful aura burst out from his body.

A strange human virtual figure appeared on his body, looking extremely majestic.

Then, he blocked in front of the cloud bluebird.

The two collided.


An intense air current instantly exploded, forming a gale-like air wave that blew out.

The shadow flew out lightly and landed on the ground, revealing its appearance.

It was a strange humanoid pet!

On the other side, the mysterious man was like an arrow that was released from a bow.

He was blasted out and spat out blood.

Many wounds appeared on his body.

He muttered, “Level 3 pet… A shadow flying crane! How can there be another level 3 pet here Who, who the hell is it”


The mysterious man landed not far from Wang Yes feet.

“…” Wang Ye.

“Level 3 fighter Comparable to a level 3 pet” Wang Ye looked at him.

“…” The mysterious man struggled a few times, held his breath, and didnt say a word.

Wang Ye laughed and looked at the shadow in the distance.

A shadow-flying crane.

It was a pet that looked half-human with a dark gray body.

It was about 1.5 meters tall, with slender and scarlet toes.

Several pitch-black sharp blades were mixed in its wings.

This was a rare pet with dual attributes of sky and dark.

It was an Emperor third-class with extremely high strength and agility.

It was best at killing in one strike!

“Kill the cloud bluebird first,” On the other side of the flame tung tree, a black-robed man slowly walked out.

His voice was cold and emotionless.

He wore a devil mask on his face.

“!” Wang Ye was stunned.


There was really someone else

The information he got from the simulation was only a part of the whole story!

Cold sweat trickled down Wang Yes heart.

In the simulation, because he hadnt run a simulation, he should have arrived earlier than now.

He seemed to also have been preparing to absorb the soul fire, then he was killed by a mysterious person wearing a mask.

Could it be…

Wang Ye looked at the mysterious person at his feet.

He had made a mistake.

It was not this guy

“Are you Tang Quan” Wang Ye took a deep breath and kicked the mysterious person beside him, quickly figuring out the current situation.

“You… How do you know” The mysterious person was stunned.

As soon as he finished saying that, he gritted his teeth and said, “Quick! Help me, help me block the shadow-flying crane for a while! Xiao Qing is almost done.

It is comprehending the great success stage of an intermediate skill! As long as it wakes up… That guy cant beat Xiao Qing!”

“Do I look like an idiot to you” Wang Ye asked.


“Then why should I go and send myself to my death” Wang Ye shook his head and said, “I wont help.”

“Please help me and just block it for a while!” Tang Quan gritted his teeth and said, “Since you can clear all five stages and still be in pretty good shape, your green sparrow must be quite powerful! I can tell!”

“Im not interested,” Wang Ye shrugged and turned around to leave, “Besides, the other party is so strong.

After they kill you, theyll definitely deal with me then.

Why dont I just take advantage of this time to escape Help you Am I crazy”


“Three million!”

Wang Yes advancing right foot paused.

Seeing that the shadow-flying crane was about to launch another attack, Tang Quan hurriedly said, “Five million!”

Wang Yes left foot paused, and he shook his head, “No, no, thats a level 3 pet! A shadow-flying crane! An Emperor third-class! What about my pet Its only a green sparrow, the most ordinary green sparrow.

Its only an Otherwordly third-class pet, quite a few classes below the opponent! And its only at level two! Added with a lousy Beastmaster like me with my trashy talent, we wont be able to stop it at all!”

“…” Xiao Jiu.

Wang Ye was about to leave.

“Ten million!” Tang Quan gritted his teeth, “And that attributed secret treasure I mentioned earlier!”

Wang Ye immediately turned his head and patted Tang Quans shoulder.

He said with a serious face, “This is not a matter of money.

I have been generous and righteous all my life.

People have even given me the nickname: Timely Rain.

We are fellow countrymen from Dongli Country, so how could I not help you I will definitely help you with this favor! Xiao Jiu, do it!”


Tang Quan stared at Wang Ye with his mouth agape… For a moment, he was at a loss for words.


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