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Wang Ye looked at this simple and honest olive-skinned youth and fell silent for a moment.

They were brothers.

They grew up in the same orphanage and it was not an exaggeration to say that they could share the same pair of pants.

However, in such a world, as a transmigrator, Wang Ye did not have many emotions toward such a brotherhood.

After all, he was not the original owner of the body.

But now, his feelings were somewhat complicated.

“I joined the Investigation Corps and became a reserve investigator,” Wang ye shook his head and said, “You keep the money.

Im not short of money now.

There are plenty of things for you to use the money on once you go to university.”

“What The Investigation Corps” Xiong Yin was stunned at first, but he immediately became anxious, “Old Wang, are you silly How can you join the Investigation Corps Do you know how high the mortality rate is Moreover, once you join, you wont be able to quit easily! You shouldve just told me if you needed money! I wouldve transferred the money to you earlier! How can you join the Investigation Corps”


Wang Ye could see that the anxiety on Xiong Yins face was real.

The original owner of this body was a person who cared about his reputation.

Even when he was poor to the point of death, he had never begged anyone before.

He did not want to drag anyone down with him.

Therefore, he didnt say anything to this good brother of his.


If it were Wang Ye himself, he would do the same.

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“Ive already joined, so theres no way out now,” Wang Ye said with a smile, “Dont be so pessimistic.

Lets talk about other things.

How many people from our school got into Qixing University”

Seeing Wang Ye change the topic with a firm attitude, Xiong Yin sighed and picked up the new topic, “There are quite a few of them.

Some that are better went to other provinces, and some even managed to get into Tianquan University, the number one university in Xinghai Province.

Their pets can advance to two-star level-one in a semester, and I cant even raise mine to one-star level-one.

Were just not on the same level.

I heard from Momo that the geniuses in those provincial capitals can even raise their pets to eight-star level-one in the first semester of their third year in high school.

I dont even know how they did it.

In any case, theyre extremely powerful.

All of us awaken talents, but some people have it to their advantage, while others to no avail.

There are only a few people in our county who have obtained a pet cub that was born in the Supreme class, but its said that in the big cities, even an Emperor class pet cub can become an initial pet.

Its just ridiculous.

Damn it, the textbooks say that newbie beastmasters can only tame pets below the Supreme class, so how do you reckon the newbies in big cities get such powerful pet cubs”


The two of them chatted and bragged.

From this, Wang Ye broadened his horizons, and he could understand.

It wasnt until the Sun was high in the sky, then covered by dark clouds that they stopped.

“Right, Xu Mo…” Wang Ye hesitated for a moment before continuing, “No, its nothing.

Work hard in university and keep an eye on her.

Its not easy for you to get such a beautiful girlfriend, so dont let others snatch her away.”

In his memory, Xu Mo had once rejected Xiong Yin.

Later, after Xiong Yin had awakened his talent, the two of them got together again.


However, such matters were hard to say.

After all, who could say for sure what would happen in the future

“Nonsense, do you even need to say that” Xiong Yin smiled confidently, “And this money, you must take it.

Ive got it etched in my brain since young to share both happiness and hardships with others.

If you dont take it, Ill just jump into the river now.”


Wang Ye smiled helplessly and took the 100,000 yuan.

After saying a few more sentences, the two bid farewell to the small Lin River.

One of them walked upstream, while the other stood downstream and looked.

Wang Ye looked at Xiong Yins retreating back.

After a while, he turned around and left.

The dark clouds gradually dispersed, and the rarely seen sun rose into the sky.

The shadows of the two grew longer and further away…

Returning to the rented house, Wang Ye did not say a word and directly took some pills to recover his spiritual power.

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“Time to play the game!” With that, the green sparrow flew out from the pet space, chirping excitedly!

“This time, our main focus is to practice the Sky-dance.

Remember, dont touch anything, and just keep on being cowardly! Be a coward and practice your skill! The longer you live, the better!” Wang Ye gave the green sparrow a plan.


It couldnt be helped.

The scripted world was too dangerous.

A little insect was already that strong, so what about the others

As such, the first thing the green sparrow had to do was cultivate cowardly.

After it had lived for a long enough time, then they could talk about exploring.

The light screen appeared.

The green sparrows body shook, and it entered the scripted world.

[Pets information updated.


[0 years old.

The green sparrow took the initiative and has started to practice the Sky-dance.]

[3 years old.

The green sparrow has achieved some small success in its cultivation.

A thin stream of heat is flowing in its body.]

[ 5 years old.

The green sparrow encountered a bottleneck in its practice of the Sky-dance.

It still continued to cultivate and its wings became stronger.

It seemed to have realized something.


[8 years old.

The green sparrow met the green little caterpillar again.

It carefully dodged by going around it.]

[12 years old.

The green sparrow felt a little lonely.

On this day, it met that mysterious bird beast once again.

This time, the bird beast did not emit any light nor did it dance.

Instead, it glanced at the green sparrow.

It was this one glance that caused the green sparrow to faint.


[15 years old.

After recuperating for three years, the green sparrow could feel that its spirit was becoming more and more vigorous and its feathers were becoming more and more solid.

It had comprehended the skill, Feather Coat!]


[28 years old.

The green sparrow shed its feathers and grew new ones.

When it used Sky-dance, it could stir up the air currents in the surroundings.

Every time it used the skill, its entire body would be filled with energy and its spirit would be greatly boosted! It felt as if it was invincible! It had stepped into a brand new realm!]

[49 years old.

The green sparrow has grown to be three meters tall.

It braves the wind and dew, absorbing the essence of Heaven and Earth.

It can roam freely among the cliffs!]


[60 years old.

The five-meter-tall green sparrow felt itself to be extremely powerful.

As it looked at the pool on the cliff, it was tempted to learn how to swim, so it rushed down! However, as soon as it went into the pool, the green sparrow felt as if its entire body was being crushed by a huge mountain, and it almost lost its breath.

It spent a great deal of effort to barely fly and leave the pool.

At this moment, the cliff collapsed, and violent air currents swept over everything.

The green sparrow that was on its last breath died in the violent air currents.]


[Acquired blue characteristic achievement: Longevity.]


“60 years old! As expected, being a little cowardly has its benefits!”

In a world that was too dangerous, one had to be cowardly in the early stages.

“Of the three simulations, this time is the longest! I didnt expect it to meet that green insect again.

Fortunately, the green sparrow didnt attack it foolishly.

That mysterious bird beast has appeared again! The pool at the bottom of the cliff is probably another dangerous place.

Its no ordinary pond!” Looking at the green sparrows simulation, Wang Ye pondered in his heart.

The stupid bird wouldnt think.

After living for sixty years, it still foolishly wanted to learn how to swim.

It was really persistent.


[The simulation has ended.

The green sparrow has lived to sixty years old for the first time.

You may retain three of the following five choices.]


[Skill, Feather Coat (beginner)]


[Skill, Sky-dance, 60 years of proficiency]


[Blue Genetic Characteristic: Longevity]

[60 years of six-dimensional growth]

[Three reality simulations]

Out of the five rewards, Wang Ye chose the first and the last two without hesitation.

The blue genetic characteristic was nothing much.

It was just a relatively rare characteristic.


The proficiency of the Sky-dance could be simulated again in the future, but a new skill was definitely a must-learn!

After all, the pet might not be able to comprehend a new skill in every simulation!

Not to mention, this skill was not bad!

[Feather Coat]: Intermediate sky-type skill.

Every feather will be injected with spiritual energy and wrapped around the pet, forming an extremely strong defensive feather coat for protection!


Moreover, it was not easy for the green sparrow to get a skill at this stage in reality.

With the green sparrows IQ, it would be impossible for it to learn the even skills of the lowest grade without months of training.

“Sixty years seems to be a hurdle.

Its probably so that every sixty years, the cliff will produce a special airflow that will destroy everything.

If the green sparrow cant survive it, its future simulations will probably be stuck at sixty years old, or even lower! The most important thing is the three reality simulations! I must use them well!”

After choosing his reward, Wang Ye was quite excited.

He could be considered to have achieved groundbreaking progress in the simulation this time round.

This also meant that the strategy he had planned for the green sparrow was correct.

However, the minute he finished choosing his rewards, Wang Ye fainted.


The coma lasted for a full two days before he woke up!

When he came to, Wang Ye was stunned.

“The time for the last simulation was too long, so my spiritual power was overloaded It cant be that this Pet Simulator cheat is my talent, right F*ck, I remember that when humans use their talent, it seems to consume spiritual power and physical strength!” Wang Ye suddenly came to a late realization.


During these two days, the green sparrow had also fallen into a coma.

To be more precise, the green sparrows coma was even longer.

It only woke up on the third day!

With that, the green sparrows stats had also undergone a huge change!

The biggest improvement was its six-dimensional growth!

[Six-dimensional Growth: Strength (E ), Constitution (E ), Agility (D), Spiritual Resistance (E ), Spiritual Energy (E ), Soul (D-)]

“Theyve all increased by two small levels! The sixty years of growth have changed the green sparrows six-dimensional growth! With D-grade growth, it can already be considered a pet of the Transcendent class!” Wang Ye looked at the green sparrow.

Its feathers had become shinier than before, its eyes were more lively, and its body was larger.

Its originally weak wings seemed to have gained some strength as if it had completed a small transformation.

“The grades of the six-dimensional growth are fixed from birth.

In reality, there are only two ways to improve them.

The first is to evolve along the path, which will result in the most change.

The pet will need to eat all kinds of rare materials and precious resources.

The second way is to grow older.

The green sparrow in its youth at the age of twenty must have higher six-dimensional growth than the green sparrow that is only a few years old.

The first way is fast, but it requires battle strength and money.

The second requires time, a very long time.

But my green sparrow can directly obtain the growth process from the simulator and skip the long process… This… I seem to be able to use the simulator as a cheat to increase its six-dimensional growth! If I use the simulator to improve the green sparrows six-dimensional growth to the 6S grade and then only start cultivating, wont it be invincible in the world”


Wang Ye felt that he had discovered a BUG.

However, on second thought, the 60-years of growth had only raised the green sparrows six-dimensional growth by two small levels.

Wouldnt it take thousands of years of growth to raise the six-dimensional growth to 6S

Could the green sparrow even live that long in the simulator


The green sparrow couldnt even live that long in reality!

Wang Ye shook his head.

It was a little unrealistic for the time being.

Waking up, the first thing to do was, of course, to eat.

After being in a coma for three days, Wang Ye was almost starving to death.


The green sparrow was still fine.

Its constitution as a pet was very strong.

As a one-star level-one pet, let alone three days, it wouldnt starve to death even after thirty days without food.


This time, the green sparrow didnt just peck at the rice.

It directly used its wings to hold the rice box and poured the rice into its mouth.


Wang Ye was speechless.

Wang Ye was eating his take-out and pondering about things when his phone rang.

“This is Tang Xiong.

Wang Ye, report to the North Gate of the city in the morning two days later.

Rest well these two days and remember to fully recharge your spirit.

The miniature secret realm is also quite dangerous.”


After hanging up the phone, Wang Ye pondered.

Since he had taken the money, he had to do the job.

To go was not a question.


“Dangerous…” Wang Ye pondered, “The three chances of reality simulations should be useful then, huh I dont believe that I will die in the miniature secret realm even after three reality simulations.”


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