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A twin pet, two pets as one.

“If the sword rabbit can learn a few skills from Sword Saint Gu… Or that Myth class sword spirit of his, which should be the divine wood sword in the simulation, right If it could learn a few skills, characteristics, or combat techniques, it would build a good foundation for the sword rabbits subsequent twin evolution.”

After returning, he had to start simulating the sword rabbits evolution route.

With the first estimated form, Wang Ye believed that even if the sword rabbit and the Seven-star sword spirit were twin pets, it wouldnt take long to simulate a suitable route for them.

The next day, after the meet ended, the audience and contestants packed up and returned.

Under Ming Zhus lead, Wang Ye officially met Sword Saint Gu Xinghe for the first time.

What was interesting was that Sword Saint Gu was also playing with a flame chinchilla.

He looked like a child.

“Oh Youre here” The green-robed old man stood up.

He looked slightly different from before.

Although he was still in green and his beard was still as white as snow, there werent many traces of age on his face.

He had white hair but a youthful face.

He stood up and patted the bottom of the flame chinchilla.

The flame chinchilla hugged the fist-sized fruit and ran away without looking back.

“…” Wang Ye.

“I learned it from you,” Gu Xinghe smiled and looked at Wang Ye, “These wild pets are not close to humans.

This morning, I used five Yiluo fruits to barely let a flame chinchilla let me touch it.

Im considered a master beastmaster, but I can only do this much.”

“So, I find it incomprehensible that you can attract wild pets to be close to you in the wild.

If I didnt know that your talent is Deep Memory, I would have suspected that you have other talents, or…” Gu Xinghe paused, “Youre a pet.”

Wang Ye said in his heart, “Well, I have a red characteristic…”

“Senior Gu, dont talk so much!” Ming Zhu blinked, “Hurry up!”

“Im not in a hurry, so why are you” Gu Xinghe glared at her, “Besides, what path in the way of the sword do I practice Dont you know Its useless to be anxious.”

“What kind of sword do you practice, senior” Wang Ye asked curiously.

“My talent in the way of the sword is actually very average,” Gu Xinghe looked at the sky, “It might not even be as good as your pets.”

Wang Ye thought, “Bullsh*t, I dont believe it.”

“It seems that you dont believe it,” Gu Xinghe smiled, “Nowadays, some people dont even believe the truth anymore.

The title of Sword Saint is just an empty title.

In Dongli, there were many, many more who were better than me.

Some of them even far surpassed me.”

“Well, how are you still average” Wang Ye was speechless.

In Xinghai Province, in terms of the way of the sword alone, there seemed to be no one more powerful than Sword Saint Gu, right

He didnt know about the other provinces, though.

“Well, they have all passed away,” Gu Xinghe said.

“…” Wang Ye.

“What I practice is the eternal sword,” Gu Xinghe clasped his hands behind his back, “The biggest characteristic is probably my longevity.

Those who are stronger than me have already passed away due to various reasons.

Most of them due to their lifespans, while a few are due to martyrdom.”

Wang Ye was stunned.

He carefully asked, “May I ask how old are you now”

Although Gu Xinghe was the Sword Saint, he was very mysterious.

Wang Ye could not find much information about him, only some recent battle results that were scarce as well.

“Take a guess” Gu Xinghe stroked his long beard.

“…” Wang Ye.

“Grandfather Gu knows our predecessors,” Ming Zhu said softly, “Thats why Mingguang Enterprise has some relations with him.”

Wang Yes body shook.

Holy **.


Wait, Jiang Tianxu didnt seem to be a member of the Ming Family either, according to what senior Xiao Tao had said.

But predecessors… This would mean at least several hundred years, right

Can one even live for so long

“I cant remember how old I am,” Gu Xinghe smiled slightly, “Theres no meaning in talking about those things anymore.

Although your sword rabbit is very powerful, its foundation is not stable.

Moreover, now that the Seven-star sword spirit has awakened and formed a soul bond with your sword rabbit, the subsequent evolution can only be the twin evolution.

Yet, twin evolution is extremely difficult to achieve in modern times.

There isnt even the possibility of using another successful case as a reference.

Moreover, the Seven-star sword is rather unique.

The strength of the Seven-star sword spirit that was born from the sword is also incomplete, which is even more of a hindrance to evolution.”

Wang Ye was startled.

The foresight of these old monsters was truly formidable.

To think he had casually said a bunch of problems at this moment, and all of them hit the nail on the head.

“As for the Seven-star sword… From a certain perspective, that sword spirit can be considered to be dragging your sword rabbit down,” Gu Xinghe stroked his beard and said, “After all, with that sword rabbits talent and your methods of raising pets, its future should be boundless.”

“Currently, there are many problems with twin pets.

With this, your sword rabbit will be restricted for a very long time in the future.

Im guessing that after you learned about the situation with the Seven-star sword, you were probably cursing Jian Canghai and the others in your heart, right” Gu Xinghe faintly smiled.


“Sword spirit” Ming Zhu asked in surprise, “That Seven-star sword has a sword spirit… Soul bond Twin pet Ah, this… How could this be”

“I didnt tell you before,” Gu Xinghe shook his head.

“Comrade Wang…” Ming Zhus face was slightly pale, “You probably shouldnt blame Principal Jian and the others for this.

Well, I asked him to bring the Seven-star sword over, just to see if you could try and obtain this ancient sword.”


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