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“What an ancient sword technique… The sword technique system that these sword sentries are loaded with has actually existed for so many years…” The corners of He Xingus mouth curled up into a smile.

The benefits of a mechanical sword pet were thus apparent.

That fellow Wang Ye was indeed very powerful.

Unfortunately, he did not have a mechanical pet.

The many sword sentries here represented an ancient treasure to him, and the scarlet light sword was the universal key to the treasure.

Perhaps he might not be able to get all of the treasure, but it allowed him to glimpse a part of the ancient sword civilization.

This was his greatest gain, especially when there were so many paralyzed sword sentries.

Although most of their cores had been destroyed, there were still many that were only affected and not completely destroyed.


“Since that guy is so powerful, if I cant use this to grow, Im afraid Ill be beaten up the next time I meet him.”

By the time Wang Ye returned to the scene, the audience had already quietened down.

The scene was in a state of silence after a phase of excitement.

Whispers were the main thing now.

“Its very peaceful!” Wang Ye touched the locator projector installed on his phone.

Hmm, it seemed to be broken.

That was just as well, he could hide his strength for a while.

However, just as this thought appeared in his mind, Jian Canghai walked over with a smile on his face, “Wonderful! Wonderful! I announce that in the way of the sword exchange meet this time, Wang Ye, you have won first place!”

“…” Wang Ye.

Damn, it seemed that he had been exposed.

But it did not matter.

After all, the sword rabbit had just learned both skills.

Wang Ye replied humbly.

“Comrade Wang Ye, are you interested in coming to our university to study” Jian Canghai smiled amiably, “Our university has all kinds of facilities and is rich in resources.

There are also many sword pets and even mechanical sword pets.”

“This… Im used to staying in the investigation corps,” Wang Ye waved his hand, “Im not used to academical life.”

Jian Canghai smiled and didnt try inviting him again.

He was just being polite.

After all, with Wang Yes talent, if he wanted to join the universities, he would have been invited to join Qixing University during the professional assessment.

“Then keep this sword-testing stone well.

Its a treasure,” It seemed that Jian Canghais words had a deeper meaning, “In addition, you should rest for a while.

Tomorrow, we still have something to tell you.”

Wang Ye nodded.

The sword rabbit was not in a good condition now, so it was really time to rest.

He also had to contact Ming Zhu and Jiang He from the professions department to send this chip away for research.

He was afraid that the chip would be a hot potato in his hands.

As the curtain of the meet was drawn, the audience came down from the stands one after another.

Some wanted to take a photo with Wang Ye, and some wanted to get his autograph.

Due to the nature of the conference, the news of the meet did not leave the province.

There were not many reporters and media present.

Wang Ye quickly found a few excuses to escape.

Then, he found a room and contacted Ming Zhu, “Miss Ming, the meet has ended.

To make a long story short, I have something that I think is quite important here.

When do you think you can come over and take it away”

“Wait a minute, Ill be right there.”

“ Im in the Twilight Plains.”

“I know.”

Not long after the message was sent, Ming Zhus beautiful figure walked into the room where Wang Ye was.

“You were here” Wang Ye was stunned.

Ming Zhu narrowed her eyes and sized up Wang Ye from head to toe, seemingly very curious.

“I was backstage, not on the scene,” Ming Zhu clicked her tongue and smiled.

Suddenly, her expression became serious.

“Comrade Wang Ye, tell me, please tell me honestly, which reincarnated big shot are you Do tell me your name!”

“…” Wang Ye.

“Three pets.

Even if you were a deity-rank, it would be no better than that!” Ming Zhu counted her fingers, “Especially that sword rabbit… its too ridiculous!”

After thinking for a while, Wang Yes expression suddenly changed.

He said with a solemn expression, “Since youve guessed it, I wont hide it anymore.

Im the Supreme of the Nine Heavens Golden Palace, the Great Benevolent Supreme Miluo Heavenly Saint Jade Emperor Celestial Master of the Heavens, the High God.”

Hearing this, Ming Zhu looked at Wang Ye in confusion, “What You came up with it, right”

She was just confused when she heard the long string of prefixes.

Wang Ye shrugged and thought, “As expected, no one in this world knows what Im talking about.”

“Youre really so good at bull**ting!” Ming Zhu rubbed her head.

The long string of prefixes sounded somewhat real…

“Spit it out then, what do you have for me”

Wang Ye took out the chip and briefly recounted the process.

Of course, he phrased the intentional search for Pivot as a fortuitous encounter.

He said things along the lines of him finding that the sword sentry still had a clear mind, and the sword sentry asked him to take out the chip, and so on.

Because the footage had been recorded and broadcasted, Ming Zhu naturally knew what Wang Ye was talking about.

“As expected.

There is indeed a problem for those sword sentries to have appeared here.

I didnt expect you to meet a sword sentry with consciousness, though.

You even got its chip,” Ming Zhu took the chip.

This time, she was really serious.

What was hidden in this chip

Perhaps it was the key to uncovering the origins of those sword sentries!

Moreover, the last scene where Wang Ye was besieged by countless sword sentries happened only because he got the chip.

They did not seem to have encountered such a situation in the simulation.

Wang Ye reckoned that he had probably wasted a lot of time in the simulation when investigating, so at that time, there probably hadnt been so many sword sentries around.


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