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The difference was that Wang Ye had just arrived while their battles were about to end.

All of them were in a hurry to leave the valley.

“Wang Ye Why are you so late Hurry up and leave.

Damn it, these sword sentries are too strong!”

Wang Ye met Bai Mo.

He was currently covered in dust as he walked out of the depths of the valley in a sorry state.

“Whats going on” Wang Ye pretended not to know anything.

“Sword intent,” Bai Mo shook his head, “Some of the sword sentries inside actually know sword intent.

This is ridiculous.

Let alone these first-generation mechanical sword pets, even among the modern mechanical sword pets that have cultivated their sword techniques to the peak, it is still pitifully rare for them to be able to cultivate sword intent.”

“Whether its attributed sword pets or beastmasters, their greatest advantage over mechanical sword pets is that they are relatively more capable of comprehending the unique mental concept.

I didnt expect these first-generation sword sentries to be able to comprehend it as well… Theyve become sentient!”

“Moreover, there are a lot of sword sentries inside! From the looks of it, the weather is going to change soon too.

Itll be very unsuitable for battle!” After saying that, Bai Mo patted Wang Yes shoulder, then rode his seven-kills tiger king and left in a hurry.

“…” Wang Ye.

Wang Ye pretended to hesitate on the spot for a while, then continued to walk inside with the sword rabbit.


At this moment, a bolt of lightning suddenly flashed across the sky!

The continuous drizzle slowly fell on the human world.

The deeper they went, the more rarely they met other participants.

Some had already returned.

And there were indeed more and more sword sentries.

The spiritual energy waves they emitted were not very strong, only a little over level 3, but the aura they emitted was terrifying!

Sharp, cold, and murderous.

They were like emotionless war machines.

The mechanical longswords in the sword sentries hands were emitting an extreme murderous intent.

The murderous intent condensed into a unique bloodthirsty sword intent, adding endless terror to these sword sentries.

Wang Ye held his breath.

He didnt know if it was due to the effect of Natural Divine Power, but he felt that he seemed to have a certain degree of integration with the natural environment here.

The sword sentries didnt notice him.

Right in front, as a crimson sword light slashed down, it attracted quite a number of sword sentries.

“Its that guy He Xingu, huh Hes really awesome, going all out and killing so many in this place…” Wang Ye said in his heart.

However, it was also a good opportunity since the other party had attracted the attention of many sword sentries.

He could use the opportunity to look for Pivot.

On the other hand, the watching audience was frightened.

This was because, on the screen where He Xingus footage was being broadcasted, he was being slowly surrounded by sword sentries.

The image transmission was intermittent.

The cold and merciless killing sword intent seemed to be able to reach the audience through the screen, causing chills to run up their spines.

Jian Canghai frowned slightly and looked at the elder beside him, “This disciple of yours who has left your school is still so stubborn.

The danger is already at this level, yet he still doesnt want to leave.”

“These sword sentries have survived for many years.

Although they no longer possess intelligence, under the effects of time, they have already cultivated a strand of sword intent.

Their strength is extraordinary.

To think he wants to learn from the Seven-star sword spirit and the sword rabbit.

Hes fighting with the sword sentries in an attempt to let his scarlet light sword absorb and comprehend the killing sword intent.”

The old man did not speak, but only snorted coldly and said, “His talent in the way of the sword is only ordinary.

He does not think of cultivating hard, but instead only wants to take the shortcut.

He was definitely not the one who comprehended the sword intent that the scarlet light sword carries.

It mustve been transmitted by others or modified and added to the sword through some forbidden method.

Its completely unorthodox for him to try and use this method to prove himself in front of me!”

“If this continues, he will sooner or later destroy himself! The killing sword intent nurtured by the sword sentries can even destroy the intelligence of those mechanical sword pets, yet he still wants to absorb and comprehend it Hes simply courting death!”

Jian Canghai was silent.

Regarding the grudges between these two, he was not in a position to say anything.

“If something really happened to him, would you be at ease” Jian Canghai asked.

“I have long expelled him.

What do his life and death have to do with me” The old man shook his head, “On the other hand, Wang Ye has been moving forward quietly.

He hasnt made a move against these sword sentries.

I wonder what hes thinking.”

At this moment, many were focused on He Xingu.

The fight was so earth-shattering that it naturally attracted the attention of the audience.

Wang Ye had been relaxing all along the way, so naturally, not many people paid attention to him.

At this moment, as Wang Ye went deeper, he finally found a rather strange sword sentry.

It was a sword sentry whose eyes were emitting a reddish blue light.

“Blue light… This should mean it still has some consciousness” Wang Ye narrowed his eyes and immediately walked over quietly.

Without waiting for the latter to get up and draw its sword, he immediately said, “Are you Pivot”

“No.1000 Pivot… Reporting… Who are you”

“Are you dying” Wang Ye asked.

“Ye… Yes.”

“Were you originally a pet called the Pivot swordfish” Wang Ye continued to ask.

The sword sentrys body trembled.

The red and blue lights in its eyes interweaved as if it was recalling something.

After a while, it said with some effort, “You, how do you know…”

“Let me ask you, how did you become a mechanical sword pet” Wang Ye asked frankly with narrowed eyes.

“I… forgot… My… chip… was… sealed… I… cant… open it myself.

Many… memories… cant… open it.”

Hearing that, Wang Ye didnt ask any more questions.

He didnt ask why it was here.

Obviously, he wouldnt get an answer.

It probably did not know.

“Im about to lose control of myself…” The stuttering voice continued, “Please take out my chip… I… I dont want… to become one of those…”


It should be referring to the other sword sentries.

Wang Ye was silent.

He took a deep breath and did not waste any time.

He nodded, “Okay.

After the chip is taken out, you…”

“My body will die, but… I will not die… Everything about me is sealed in the chip…” After Pivot finished speaking, it suddenly grabbed its head with both of its arms.

Then, it pulled out its head forcefully, revealing countless blood vessels-like photoelectric circuits.

A slightly dim chip was in the middle of its broken head.

It was as small as a bean.

It was hard to imagine that this was the core chip that drove a huge mechanical sword pet.

Wang Ye stayed still and took it out.

The next moment, Pivots body made the sound of a mechanical Pivot turning, and the rusty body lost its last luster.

Wang Ye frowned slightly, put away the chip, and planned to leave.

However, at this moment, suddenly.

“Mi!!” The sword rabbit that had been lying on Wang Yes shoulder all this time let out a warning sound.

Its Sixth Sense had been activated and it sensed danger!

Wang Ye was stunned and instantly felt that he had been locked onto by spiritual energy!

In the next moment, countless red lights came from afar and surrounded him.

Dong, dong, dong!

The sound of sword sentries rushing over entered his ears.


Sword sentries with red eyes came from all directions.

He Xingu, who was fighting to the death in the distance, was stunned.

He didnt expect to see the sword sentries around him suddenly turn around to head in another direction.

“Hu… Whats the situation” He Xingu heaved a sigh of relief.

He had been careless just now.

There had been an endless stream of sword sentries, just too many of them.

It was worth it, though.

Now that they had all suddenly left, he could just leave now.

He had gained a lot.

The audience watching this scene was also stunned.

Then, they immediately burst out in exclamations.

“Holy sh*t! Look, those sword sentries are all running toward Wang Ye!”

“Whats going on What did Wang Ye do this time”

“I can barely understand how he attracted so many seniors to descend in the Starry-sky Sword Realm, but whats going on now”

“It doesnt look got good! With so many sword sentries, its going to be difficult to even clear a path.”

“Oh no, the image is getting a little blurry.

Is it because there are too many sword sentries and theres mechanical interference”

“Dont worry.

Wang Ye still has two powerful pets.

If its so dangerous, theres no need to follow the rules.”


Jian Canghais expression changed!

However, when he thought about Wang Ye and his two other powerful pets, and the fact that there was no need to follow the rules in such a dangerous situation since safety came first, he relaxed slightly.

However, at this moment, no one saw Wang Ye release his two other two pets.

Instead, they saw the sword rabbit jump off his shoulder.

“” Everyone.


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