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Wang Ye sensed the information of the Seven-star sword spirit and found that he still couldnt sense anything.

Well, that was normal.

After all, the Seven-star sword spirit wasnt his pet, and it hadnt signed any contracts with him.

It was only related to the sword rabbit.

But at this moment, the outside world was already in an uproar.

“F*ck, is that Deitys sword that powerful”

“This is too ridiculous.

In the hands of that sword rabbit, this sword seems to be divine help.

How can such an ancient sword be so powerful in modern times”

“Weak! I feel that even the mechanical sword pets arent as powerful as the Deitys sword!”

“Are you kidding me This is Xinghai Provinces Deitys sword, okay A sword that was worn by a Deity! How many beastmasters can reach the deity-rank in the way of the sword”

“The key is that its such a powerful sword, but to think that the sword rabbit can still display such powerful might with its strength.

It could even easily defeat the will of the predecessors! Is this the strength of the sword rabbit or the ancient Seven-star sword”

The uproar outside went on, but only Jian Canghai and the green-robed old man knew a thing or two about what was going on.

“The Seven-star sword spirit has awakened,” Jian Canghai thought to himself.

Judging from the current performance, it should be extremely compatible with the sword rabbit.

As expected, as a sword that had been worn by a Deity for countless years and had gained sentience, the companion it choose for itself would not be wrong.

“Moreover, the sword spirit should have awakened because it wanted to fight with those predecessors,” Jian Canghai said thoughtfully, “Some of them are even old acquaintances of its era.

Now that it has gained sentience, it can naturally sense their auras.

In that case, Im not sure what the sword rabbit will gain.”

As if he had thought of something, Jian Canghai looked at the Seven-star sword with a look of sudden realization, “Could it be that these ancestors sensed the Seven-star sword spirit and thus descended It wasnt just because of the sword rabbit”

Thinking of this, he and the elder exchanged a glance.

Both of them seemed to have understood the other partys guess and nodded slightly.

So that was the case!

After thinking through this point, a gratified smile appeared on Jian Canghais face, “Weve struck it rich.”

In the Starry-sky Sword Realm, Wang Ye also revealed a gratified smile.

A red characteristic!

Due to the sword rabbits Disaster Sword Body, it was plagued with bad luck.

Perhaps it had also affected the simulations.

In the month that Wang Ye had run simulations for the sword rabbit, the number of times it had simulated had far surpassed Xiao Jiu and the white python.

Yet, it had not obtained a single red characteristic.

Fortunately, the sword rabbit never failed him.

Its talent in the way of the sword was ridiculously high, and it had comprehended an emperor-grade skill.

He had not expected that it would obtain a red characteristic in real life.

Moreover, it was an upgradeable characteristic!

“The most ridiculous thing is actually the inheritance skill.

What the hell! Xiao Jiu and the white python didnt manage to get an inheritance skill even after evolving, but the sword rabbit just obtained one with no effort and no price paid”

Even Wang Ye himself, the beastmaster, felt that it was ridiculous.

Fortunately, the other audience members didnt know what the sword rabbit had obtained at this moment.

If they did, the word “ridiculous” probably wouldnt cover it.

The sword rabbit would probably be taken away to be studied.

In the end, the sword lights that filled the sky turned into stars again, leaving only the lonely figure of the sword rabbit and the Seven-star sword spirit that flickered with a different luster.

“The white python has the big shot Long Ying to help it soar, and the sword rabbit has the Seven-star sword spirit to accompany it.

Xiao Jiu doesnt seem to have anything at all,” Wang Ye clicked his tongue in his heart.


Xiao Jiu, “…”

The sword rabbit put away the Seven-star sword, and the light that was flickering all over its body gradually disappeared.

It turned around, walked to Wang Ye, and cried out.

“Hmm, it seems that you and that sword spirit have already gotten used to each other a little” Wang ye asked.

The sword rabbit nodded.

“Very good!” Wang Ye was satisfied.

He knew too little about twin pets.

He didnt know how to deal with the Seven-star sword spirit.

He originally planned to use simulate it first, but because the sword spirit was on the sword rabbit, he couldnt touch it.

Even if he wanted to simulate it, he needed to first come into contact with it.

The premise of the scripted simulation was the pet.

Only when Wang Ye came into contact with the pet would it work.

If the sword rabbit was carrying the sword spirit, the sword spirit wouldnt appear after entering the scripted world.

The same went for the reality simulations.

Even if it appeared, only a few words would be mentioned of it in the simulation information.

It would definitely not participate in the actual process of the simulation, so naturally, it would not produce any gains.

Otherwise, he could only wait until the sword rabbit and the Seven-star sword spirit evolved and could be considered as one before he could simulate them.

However, without simulations, evolution was just a dream that was even more impossible.

Now that they had gotten used to each other a little and the sword spirit could be considered to have woken up, only then would there be a chance for simulation!

“How do you feel” Wang Ye asked.

The sword rabbit first nodded and then shook its head.

It meant that it was still unfamiliar with the sword spirit and was just cooperating with it.

“Its fine.

Since it chose you, it means that it has a certain degree of compatibility with you,” Wang ye rubbed the sword rabbits ear, “Lets go, lets go out.”

With that, he left the Starry-sky Sword Realm with the sword rabbit.

At this moment, the outside was chattering, and discussions were everywhere.

The moment Wang Ye came out, he felt as if he had come to the scene of a football match that was noisy.

Looking to the other side, he saw the mental image that the mindless spirit monkey had projected.

It should have shown everything that had happened there.

“Squeak!” The mindless spirit monkey urged Wang Ye to leave quickly.

What had happened in the Starry-sky Sword Realm had consumed a large amount of its spiritual power.

It had almost been emptied out.


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