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The dark fog region was just beyond the arc.

It expanded at a certain speed every year, swallowing a portion of the wilderness every time.

The dark fog would erupt from time to time.

If Dongli Country didnt deal with it, the expansion speed would increase by dozens of times.

Therefore, in terms of development, Jiangnan Province was naturally developing better.

If the way of the sword exchange meet was held there, there would be more mechanical sword pets.

Not only were there more mechanical sword pets, but mechanical pets were also more common there.

Qixing City could already be considered a city that had been mechanized to a certain degree, but compared to Jiangnan, there was still a gap.

The difference in the general development direction of different cities caused there to be quite a few differences between the pets and beastmasters in different regions.

Subdivided into such exchange meets, there was naturally a world of difference.

“Xinghai Province is still quite traditional, especially in terms of the culture in the way of the swords.

However, for the meet to be held in the wild this time, as well as the sword sentries that were discovered, the event sponsor seems to intend to expand the culture in the way of the swords here… After all, times have changed,” Wang Ye shook his head, his all over the place for a moment.

After resting for a while, the person in charge of the meet sent a message, preparing the participants to participate in the next project, “sword skills evaluation”.

The “evaluation” here probably meant that it was an assessment.

“That is to test the comprehensive level of your sword techniques.

Considering that all of you are going to face an ancient sword pet like the sword sentries, if youre too weak, your life will be in danger.

I wouldnt recommend you to try continuing with the event then.”

“For the sword skills evaluation this time, there are two methods you can choose from.

One is the traditional way, which is to enter the unique Starry-sky Sword Realm and compete with the remnant thoughts left behind by the ancestors.

The other is to have a simple sword technique competition with the new generation of mechanical sword pets, the mechanical sword guards.”

The general explanation of all this was mostly available on the phone.

As for the details, they would not be completely open to the public to maintain a sense of mystery.

It would only be completely open when each project was about to commence.

Other than for the sake of maintaining a sense of mystery, it was also mainly to maintain a certain level of difficulty.

“The Starry-sky Sword Realm is a kind of spiritual space developed by Tianqian University.

The culture in the way of the swords of Dongli Country has always been flourishing.

After the normal deaths of many predecessors in the way of the swords, they would leave their spiritual imprints.

Through the spiritual space constructed by high-level soul-type pets, these spiritual imprints can be recorded.

When the juniors sense them, these spiritual imprints will transform into the appearance of the predecessors before their deaths.

You may then communicate with the predecessors, or the predecessors can take the chance to spread their unique sword skills.

It can be considered a reserved tradition, a very traditional one.”


“Compared to fighting in the virtual world, this tradition has many advantages: It is not restricted by the Internet, and there are no mechanized moves.

After experiencing the sword techniques of the predecessors, there is a certain probability of comprehending their sword techniques.

However, there are also many disadvantages: The difficulty is locked and can not be changed.

Spiritual imprints are extremely rare and can not be mass-produced.

Spiritual imprints will weaken as well…”

This traditional method made Wang Ye feel as if he was in a fantasy world, what with the spiritual space and spiritual imprint.

The second method was much more modern.

Mechanical sword guards were a new type of mechanical sword pet developed by the Xionggang Empire based on the sword sentries.

It was an enhanced version of the sword sentries.

That being said, those in Xinghai Province were most likely the modified and weakened versions of the mechanical sword guards.

The reason was very simple.

Mechanical sword guards were considered the core technology of the Xionggang Empire.

It was unlikely that the complete enhancement route of the mechanical sword guards would be announced.

It was even more unlikely that it would be announced to Dongli Country.

However, money still had to be earned, so the most they would do was to announce some weakened version of the enhancement route and sell it to other countries.

In any case, each country would have some representatives of the most cutting-edge mechanical pets.

The core technology was in their own hands.

If other countries wanted it, they could only get the weakened version at most.

They would also have to spend a lot of money.

After understanding this project in detail, for some reason, Wang Ye suddenly felt that this world had a strange sense of fragmentation.

This sense of fragmentation was the result of the powerful mythical pet civilization brought about by the Divine Beast Totem, and the fusion of the original worlds technological civilization.

“Why should I care so much What has it got to do with me” Wang Ye brought the sword rabbit out.

At this moment, when the sword skills evaluation project was announced, the participants were buzzing with discussion.

Times were changing.

Among the beastmasters participating this year, more than ten had mechanical pets, and some even had mechanical talents.

A few years ago, the number of those beastmasters and pets could be counted on one hand.

It had to change eventually.

The venue of the project had subtly changed again.

It was on the high platforms on both sides.

On one side of the platform was a rectangular silver-colored steel box that looked extremely smooth.

Standing in front of the high platform was Jian Canghai.

The high platform was wide, at least a few hundred meters long.

From the looks of it, it was not built temporarily.

Instead, it was probably formed from an earth-type pet that was at least level 7 or above.

It should be the emperor-grade skill, Mountain-forming Soil Accumulation.

The platform was definitely solid enough.

Even if a pet at this stage self-destructed, the platform would probably not be damaged.

On the other platform, a soul-type pet was floating.

It was the mindless spirit monkey.

This was a snow-white monkey-type pet.

It looked very petite, somewhat similar to a golden monkey.

At this moment, it was sitting cross-legged in mid-air as if it was meditating.

Its eyes were closed, and its slender tail stood up like a long sword.

Before it was a rhombus-shaped spiritual imprint that was emitting a faint glow.

Such rare pets usually only appeared in books or illustrations on the Internet.

On this high platform, an old man dressed in green was guarding it.


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