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After resonating with the swords, the beastmasters had a rough understanding of their abilities.

Some beastmasters who participated purely for entertainment turned into spectators, discussing with great interest as they looked forward to the next project.

After Wang Ye came down, he searched for information on twin pets on his phone.

However, he found that there was very little information about twin pets on the Internet.

The search results did not even contain a few keywords.

One might think that the topic was banned from the Internet.

“Twin pets are very famous… After all, even I have heard of it,” Wang Ye pondered for a moment, “But, in fact, it seems to be just a concept.

It seems to just be something that is highly praised but not easy to achieve.”

Since it was a concept, it naturally meant that there were still many problems about the subject that had not been solved thoroughly.

Whether it was abroad or in Dongli, it was the same.

Otherwise, talent evolution would not have been announced in Qixing City.

Often, the things that could be truly announced would have to be verified and confirmed for implementation beforehand.

“It seems that I can only find some professional pet scholars to ask about it,” Wang Ye was thinking probably Ming Zhu.

That rich lady had many connections.

Of course, with his identity, it was not difficult to get in touch with those experts either.

“How do you feel” Wang Ye looked at the sword rabbit that was lying on his shoulder with its eyes half-closed.

“Mi” The sword rabbit crossed its legs and supported its chin with its paws.

After a few seconds of contemplation, it cried out a few times.

It didnt feel anything.


It took out the small wooden sword on its waist and waved it a few times.

Then, it closed its eyes and nodded with a satisfied expression.

It meant that the wooden sword was still more comfortable.

“…” Wang Ye.

So it wasnt used to the Deitys sword and sword spirit-type pet on it, huh

It was probably because the sword rabbit was unfamiliar with it.

If a sword had a consciousness that turned into a sword spirit, it would have the ability to grow like a pet, and it would also give birth to spiritual intelligence.

The main thing was that Wang Ye wasnt sure when the Seven-star sword spirit had given gained its intelligence and turned from a sword into a sword spirit.

If it had been a long time, then it would probably be extraordinarily intelligent.

Moreover, this sword had gone through three generations of owners.

Since it had been stored in Tianqian University for so many years and had even appeared at the way of the sword exchange meet, this meant that it had appeared in the sights of many swordsmen in the past.

It was probably just that it hadnt found a suitable person or pet for itself.

“Over a hundred years…” Wang Ye suddenly thought, “Although the sword rabbit is powerful, the sword must have come into contact with other beastmasters or pets with higher potential than the current sword rabbit.

Why did it choose the sword rabbit Wait, that might not be the case.

At this stage, the only sword pets with the potential of the sword rabbit… are probably the mechanical sword pets.”

Wang Ye suddenly thought about it, but what level was the sword rabbit at now

It had a black characteristic, Disaster Sword Body.

It had several orange characteristics that had to do with the way of the sword, overflowing six dimensions, and countless skills in the great success realm.

At this stage…

“Unless the pet is a born Overlord or even Legendary class pet cub…” Wang Ye was deep in thought.

Otherwise, it was simply impossible to have a sword pet cub that was stronger than the sword rabbit.

After all, the little sword rabbit had simulated for hundreds of years…

Let alone other things, just its few characteristics in the way of the sword, such as Sword Grandmaster and Sword Great Master, had all been accumulated over time.

“This Seven-star sword spirit has good taste,” Wang Ye nodded and affirmed his pet.

Currently, both parties were probably not used to each other.

They needed some time to get used to each other.

After all, they were both pets.

It wasnt easy for pets to get along peacefully.

Just look at Xiao Jiu and the white python.

“The next project seems to be a sword skill showdown”

There were quite a lot of projects in this meet.

After the sword resonance, the pets or beastmasters could then have a more in-depth exchange on the way of the swords…

Amongst everything, the level of ones sword skills was naturally more important.

Every year, although the projects were mostly different, their essence was the same.

It was only done in different ways.

In essence, they would assess the pet or beastmasters level of sword skills.

If one was in university, one would usually use the tools in the university to conduct the assessment…

Different sword techniques would be examined in different aspects.

Some would require one to perform the sword technique and carve out a statue, while others would require one to use ones sword to chop metal.

All sorts of strange and bizarre assessment methods werent rare at all among the way of the sword exchange meets that had been held many times.

Moreover, because the culture of the way of the sword was more prevalent in Dongli Country, the exchange meets werent just held in Xinghai Province.

The other provincial cities would hold them every once in a while.

Different regions had different cultures, resulting in the difference between the participating beastmasters and sword pets.

Thus, the projects were even more different.

“Jiangnan Province, where He Xingu is from, is closer to the Xionggang Empire.

Due to its influence, mechanical sword pets are more prevalent there.

Hmm… There are also more rich people in that area since theyre further away from the dark fog.”

The dark fog around the five great countries had been cleared up on the world map.

Only large-scale dark fog eruptions would occur in the outskirts once in a while.

Therefore, the closer one was to the periphery of the five great countries, the safer it was.

The dark fog had engulfed a small country that was close to Xinghai province hundreds of years ago.

That place had long been reduced to the dark fog area.

In Xinghai Province, Qixing City was located in the innermost part of the province.

If the general shape of Dongli Country was compared to a fan, then Jiangnan Province was located near the central angle.

Xinghai Province was located near the arc.

In this area, Yaoguang City was closest to the arc, and Qixing City was the furthest.


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