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The materials needed were even more bizarre and rare.

The most important thing was that the twin pets needed to have a unique beast spirit bond.

It would often take decades or even hundreds of years for them to evolve.

Up until now, no twin pets had been born naturally.

Every one of them that appeared was nurtured after birth.

Everyone was numb from what they had just seen.

Their faces just spelled the words “confused and puzzled”.

The air fell into a dead silence.

Their gazes alternated between the sword rabbit and Jian Canghai.

There was a kind of awesome that was beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Although they did not understand what He Xingu from just now had done, they roughly knew that mechanical sword pets were awesome, so they managed to barely come to terms with it.

But what was going on now



What kind of sword was that

What did that sword rabbit do

“Ahem…” At this moment, Jian Canghai seemed to have sensed the gazes around him.

He said slowly, “First of all, Id like to explain.

That sword just now wasnt an advanced-grade sword.”


Everyone had strange expressions on their faces.

He didnt have to say that.

Any beastmaster would be able to tell.

“That sword just now was…” Jian Canghai paused for a few seconds, “It can be considered an emperor-grade sword.

Its a famous sword of Tianqian University.

It was also the sword of a deity-rank back then.

If youre interested, please look it up.

Five hundred years ago, Dongli Countrys first deity-rank beastmaster was Lonestar Deity.

The Deity died when subduing the dark fog, and only his sword was left behind.

Due to the death of its master, the sword sealed itself in the dust.

It was kept in our institute, waiting for the fated person.”

“After that, we went through two more generations of beastmasters, but due to various karma and history, the sword has been sealed since 200 years ago, and no sword practitioner has been able to sharpen it.

We havent taken it out at any of the previous way of the sword exchange meets.

I didnt expect that this year…” Jian Canghai looked at the sword rabbit with a complicated gaze.

It hadnt been taken by a beastmaster.

Instead, it had been taken by a pet.

Logically speaking, if it werent for the fact that Ming Zhu had sponsored quite a bit, he wouldnt have taken the sword out for Wang ye to give it a try at all.

This sword had too much history behind it.

It was no longer suitable, nor was it likely to become a sharp divine sword again.

At this moment, after hearing Jian Canghais short and informative explanation, everyone suddenly exclaimed in realization.

“Lonestar Deity, Ive heard of him before! He was mentioned in the high school history textbook! We even learned his detailed life history in university!”

“HMM Why havent I heard of him before…”

“Your education has been exposed.

You didnt go to university, huh”

“More than five hundred years ago, that time seemed to be Donglis darkest era… The dark fog was like a tide that surged ceaselessly, and the pet contract hadnt been formed yet.

Who knows how many talented beastmasters in our country were buried in that period of history.”

“D*mn, this sword has such an awesome origin Its a Deitys sword! But after so many years, will it rust Is it still at the level of a deity rank”

“With that imposing aura just now, plus its history, Ill believe you even if you say its a legendary-grade sword, let alone an emperor-grade.”

“No, whats the origin of this sword rabbit! How could it even awaken such an awesome sword”

“I want to go home and raise a sword rabbit too!”

The audience was in a heated discussion while the contestants below were all silent.

“So its… The Seven Luminaries Lonestar sword,” He Xingus lips moved slightly, “I didnt expect it to still be around… This sword rabbit is quite interesting.”

He looked at Wang Ye, his eyes seemingly filled with interest.

He knew better than anyone what level the attributed sword pet sword rabbit was.

He could recite all information about sword-related pets.

Compared to ascending to the heavens, it was even harder to resonate with such an ancient sword that was full of history.

“There are really hidden talents,” He Xingu smiled and didnt think much of it.

On his way here, he had already sensed that there seemed to be something strange about Wang Ye.

He didnt expect that his pet was even stranger.

“An emperor-grade sword…” The corners of Wang Yes mouth twitched.

What was going on

Didnt Jian Canghai know that this sword had already given birth to a soul It had already turned from a sword into a sword spirit pet!

Oh, right, after so many years, no one had been able to awaken it.

Who would know

But… Speaking of which, this shouldnt be considered his pet.

It was his sword rabbits pet

“…” Wang Ye.

His pet had a pet.

Wang Ye asked, “So, Master Jian, this sword is now considered to be given to it”

He pointed at the sword rabbit.

Jian Canghais face suddenly froze.

The crowd froze, too.

Could such an awesome sword really be given away

Never mind if it was strong or not, wasnt this thing a lot more valuable than an ordinary emperor-grade sword, right

Moreover, it had a symbolic meaning.

“Since it has already been sharpened, then it naturally belongs to the one who has sharpened it,” Before Jian Canghai could reply, the old man behind him opened his mouth to speak.

Hearing this, Jian Canghai came back to his senses and nodded, “Thats right.

However, please let this old master verify it first.”

Wang Ye waved his hand at the sword rabbit.

The sword rabbit hopped to Wang Yes side and seemed to understand what he meant.

With a slight flash in its paw, the sword appeared in the air.

The sword rabbits eyes were filled with a strong sense of affection as it reluctantly handed the sword to Wang Ye.

“Wait! This thing can not be touched by anyone other than the original owner!” At this moment, the old man immediately warned.

However, just as he finished speaking, Wang Ye took it.

His whole body trembled as if he was shocked by electricity, and then… then nothing else happened.

Wang Ye held the sword and looked left and right, but he really couldnt see anything powerful about it.

He could only see that there were seven light nuclei printed on the blade of the sword, and occasionally, a faint light would flash.

“It seems… nothing special” Wang Ye handed the sword to the old man, “Please verify it.”

The old man and Jian Canghai looked at each other.

Hints of surprise dyed their eyes, and they looked at Wang Ye with great surprise.

The old man took the sword, but he didnt hold it directly.

Instead, he generated spiritual energy in his palm before holding the sword across the air.

Unique energy emerged from the old mans palm and wrapped around the sword.

A moment later, a strange look flashed in the old mans eyes.

Then, he gently swung his palm, and the sword landed steadily in front of the sword rabbit.

After a long silence, the old man sighed and said nothing more.

Then, he smiled and said, “Not bad.

Your sword rabbit is very talented in the way of the sword.

You are not bad either.”

Wang Ye coughed and waved his hand repeatedly, “I dont have much talent.”

The old man smiled and said nothing more.

He just said casually, “After the meet, come and find me.

I have some suggestions for the sword rabbit.

For now, go and prepare for the upcoming projects of the meet.”

After saying that, the old man walked down the stage.

He did not report Wang Yes results.

Because to the current Wang Ye, just like He Xingu, results were no longer important.

The process was enough to prove everything.

Jian Canghai followed the old man down the stage and asked in a low voice, “Elder Gu, whats the situation”

The two of them walked into a tent.

The old man shook his head and said, “The Seven-star sword might be useless to his pet.”

“Huh Why is that” Jian Canghai was stunned.

The old man continued, “It has already given birth to a sword spirit.

It is no longer a sword weapon.

It has long become a sword pet.

Now that it has been awakened by his pet, the only way is for the pet to evolve with it into a twin pet.

Otherwise, it cant even be compared to an ordinary sword weapon.

However, to evolve into a twin pet… In our country, the research on this aspect is very weak.

There arent many predecessors experiences to draw from, especially the twin sword pets that are related to swords.

At present, there are almost no successful cases.”

Upon hearing this, Jian Canghais face was filled with shock at first, then realization, and then silence.

“So thats how it is,” Jian Canghai sighed, “Time passes so quickly.

I didnt expect that a sword that had followed the three generations of masters to battle the dark fog would have already given birth to intelligence after sealing itself for hundreds of years.

Its really incredible.

But for that child to nurture the sword spirit, Im afraid…”

“Its very difficult,” The old man frowned slightly, “Its not an exaggeration to say that every step is difficult.

Twin pets have been praised to the skies overseas, but in reality, not many people have managed to raise them.

Just the bond between the beast spirits alone requires an unknown amount of effort.

The path of evolution is also like a blind person crossing the river…”

“So, its not considered a good thing” Jian Canghai could not help but ask.

“Indeed,” The old man nodded, “Awakening the sword is only the first step.

The road ahead is too long.

So, I plan to wait until after the meet is over to see if I can think of a way.

Otherwise, that sword will become that child and his pets burden.”

“…” Jian Canghai.

“Moreover, a pet with such high aptitude in the way of the sword…” The old man closed his eyes, “It cant be implicated like this.”


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