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After the ancient sword lit up with seven rays of light, the blue sky was densely covered with dark clouds.

Suddenly, it became dark.

Only a few stars were shining with a lonely light.

Rays of light sprinkled down from the stars and shone on the body of the sword rabbit.

No, to be precise, it shone on the ancient sword that was blooming with light, instantly filling it with a mysterious and ancient aura!

The sword chimed!

With the pull from the sword rabbits paw, the ancient sword was pulled out inch by inch from the mountain!

The pitch-black color could no longer cover the seven rays of light on the sword blade.

It shone like the stars and emitted a mysterious and ancient sword intent.

“” Wang Ye.

When he saw this, countless question marks popped up in his mind.

This special effect!

This imposing manner!

This light!

What advanced-level sword was so awesome

Not to mention other things, just the star effect of the sword sharpening alone was like the difference between a Hollywood blockbuster and an online drama when compared to the previous sword sharpening of He Xingu!

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It wasnt just Wang Ye.

At this moment, everyone who was watching this scene had the same thought in their minds.

What the hell

Just sharpening a blade could cause world phenomena

The sky really darkened.

The darkness was not in the physical sense.

The Sun had not set.

Rather, it seemed to have entered a unique space and was affected by strange spatial energy, causing the surroundings to undergo a drastic change!

The unique and magnificent special effect before them was thus formed.

Especially when the tens of thousands of swords in the surroundings resonated, coupled with this scene, it was as if some ancient sword spirit was about to revive!

Of course, the one who was most shocked was still Wang Ye.

At this moment, he was no longer only shocked by the special effects of the sword.

Instead, he was shocked that the sword rabbit had undergone an earth-shattering change at this moment.

Its spiritual energy value was soaring!

When it pulled out that sword, the sword rabbits spiritual energy value of a little over 1000 had soared.

In just a short while, it had risen to three thousand, and it was still climbing!

In addition, the sword rabbits six dimensions were also changing.

As its beastmaster, Wang Ye could feel it very clearly,

The change wasnt fixed.

Rather, it was constantly flickering, which was just strange.

The sword rabbit seemed to have entered a unique state.

“What kind of sword is this Why Is it so awesome” Wang Ye couldnt help but look at Jian Canghai who was at the side.

Even if he didnt use his brain to think, he knew that this was definitely not just an advanced-grade sword.

However, at this moment, Jian Canghai was already dumbfounded.

His wrinkled eyelids kept twitching.

“Is this really just a sword rabbit” At this moment, Jian Canghais mind was like a malfunctioned computer.

“The Xinghai Provinces holy sword that has stayed sealed for hundreds of years has been awakened and sharpened by a sword rabbit” The corners of Jian Canghais mouth twitched.

To be honest, he just wanted to give it a try.

It was mainly because Miss Ming Zhu had high expectations for Wang Ye.

So much so that he really brought the ancient sword with the mentality of giving it a try.

This sword monument was transformed from its sword case.

However, he didnt expect Wang Ye and his pet to succeed!

It felt as if he had been walking on the side of the road when he heard others say that if one was poor, one could buy a lottery ticket and try ones luck.

Then, he bought one and won ten million…

It was ridiculous!

That wasnt all!

“Sword Intent! This sword rabbit is only one year old and at level two, but it already has sword intent What kind of talent is this” The scenes from just now kept flashing in Jian Canghais mind.

He held his quivering sword that was by his side.

To be able to awaken the Seven-star sword, the sword rabbit would naturally have some outstanding points.

Other than sword intent, the moment the sword rabbit held the Seven-star sword, it seemed as if it had held it for decades.

He even had the illusion that the one holding the sword was not a pet, but the sage from back then.

“This sword rabbit must have a powerful characteristic related to the way of the sword,” Jian Canghai had a few guesses in his heart, but he was not sure.

It was too f*cking mysterious!

At the same time, the sword rabbit that had already raised the sword seemed to be dyed with starlight as it shone brightly.

Then, it abruptly swung towards the sky!

The sword instantly slashed out a beam of sword light that stretched across the sky and cut open the dark clouds!

The sun shone down, and everything returned to normal.

The swords light dimmed slightly, then slowly shrank, finally turning into a palm-sized sword that flew into the sword rabbits glabella.

“” Wang Ye.

F*ck, this is a sword

Wang Ye was shocked.

What kind of sword is this

In the next moment, he saw a strange message.

[Pet: Seven-star Sword Spirit]

[Type: Sword-form demon spirit pet]

[Class: ]

[Combat Power: ]

[Skills: ]

[Six-dimensional Growth: ]

[Characteristics: ]

It was a freaking pet

Wang Yes jaw dropped.

What happened to the sword

A sword was a sword, and a pet was a pe.

A sword was a piece of equipment, and a pet was a living creature.

There was a fundamental difference.

However, there was also a type of twin pet in the pet world.

For example, innate sword spirits could fuse with other pets and turn into a higher form of a pet.

That would only be possible after evolution.

This was the special privilege of demon spirit-type pets.

Demon spirit-type pets had a chance to fuse with any pet, and through evolution, they would become twin pets.

The pet would then have the characteristics, combat strength, six dimensions, and skills of two pets, which made it just powerful.

In todays world, twin pets were very rare.

Demon spirit-type pets were rare, to begin with, and those that could fuse with them were even rarer.

The probability was terrifyingly low.


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