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“Please understand that this type of sword is very expensive to manufacture.

Usually, those that have not been sharpened are more valuable.

After all, the sharpened sword will often come with an enhancement ability related to the beastmaster or pet that has sharpened it.”

Wang Ye nodded in understanding.

Sharpening a sword was kind of similar to appraising equipment.

Of course, it was only similar.

Not everyone could appraise a sword.

It was usually best to sharpen ones sword by oneself.

It was just that many beastmasters didnt have the ability to do so, so they would hire someone to do it.

The higher the level of the person hired, the stronger the effect after sharpening.

Jian Canghai flew straight to the top of the sword monument, disappearing for a while before descending.


The towering sword monument instantly collapsed the next moment, turning into a mountain fortress.

“The last advanced-grade sword is on top of the sword monument,” Jian Canghai smiled and pointed at the top of the mountain, “The way to sharpen it is very simple.

As long as you resonate with it and pull it out, it will naturally be sharpened.”

There, a very strange ancient sword was inserted.

The strange changes in the sword monument also attracted everyones attention.

“Huh” Wang Ye was stunned, “Theres even such a sword”

“Of course!”Jian Canghai patted Wang Yes shoulder, “Donglis sword culture is broad and profound.

Theres nothing impossible.”

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At this moment, the old man opened his eyes, frowned, and glanced at Jian Canghai from the corner of his eyes.

He seemed to be amused.

“Do you want to try it yourself, or let your other pets try” Jian Canghai asked.

“Other pets” Wang Ye was stunned.

He pointed at the sword rabbit and said, “Of course, its this little guy.”

“…” Jian Canghai.

As he said this, Wang Ye and the sword rabbit exchanged a look, then nodded.

“Mi!” The sword rabbit hopped toward the mountain fortress.

The collapsed sword monument, no, to be precise, the strange mountain fortress formed by the deformation of the sword monument looked quite special.

Many swords had been sharpened, so there were densely packed empty slots.

The ancient sword that was inserted at the top of the mountain looked no different from the other swords.

Well, the swords that had not been sharpened were all quite similar.

When everyone saw the little rabbit hopping to the mountain like that, all of them were quite amused for a moment.

“A sword rabbit, I also have one at home! But I feel that they are just playing when learning the sword!”

“This kind of pet… Umm, arent they just for looks”

“Dont talk nonsense, the sword rabbits are also very powerful, okay”

“Give me an example”

“This… Im talking about the sword rabbit king that the sword rabbit will evolve into after three stages of evolution.

Its very powerful…”

“Then what are you f*cking talking about.”


For a moment, the voices of discussion were endless.

“A sword rabbit”He Xingu was stunned, “I thought that you could at least take out an innate sword spirit, then maybe you could have a chance to compete with me.

Such a mere attributed sword pet…”

He Xingu shook his head slightly.

“This guy is really confident!” Bai Mo mused.

Recalling the situation back then when Wang Ye had fought against six alone, perhaps he could indeed bring some surprises.

Bai Mo was in a daze.

Jian Canghai was silent.

Miss Mings expectations, this years strongest Professional Rookie King in Xinghai Province, a beastmaster that countless universities pet scholars and professors found inconceivable…

Jian Canghai thought to himself, “I do want to see just how powerful he is.”

Under everyones gaze, the sword rabbit calmly walked to the top of the mountain.

It looked at the ancient sword, its fur wrinkling.

It seemed to feel that this ancient sword wasnt simple.

The sword rabbit took a deep breath.

Without hesitation, it grabbed the hilt of the ancient sword.


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