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Although he had chosen a beginner-level sword as well, the beastmaster simply gently inserted the hilt of the sword into the unsharpened sword.

With a magneto-optical scan, the dead-object-like sword seemed to have been driven by some powerful force and immediately emitted light.

The whole process didnt even take a minute.

Everyone was stunned.

They probably did not expect the gap to be so big.

Wang Ye was also a little numb.

Wasnt this too easy

How did he do it

Wang Ye knew nothing about mechanical pets.

After thinking carefully, he felt that the pulse sword might be the reason behind all this.

“The chip in the mechanical sword pets body has been injected with the information of at least tens of thousands of swords,” Bai Mo sighed, “It can use this information to find the corresponding sword, then according to the sharpening method of this particular sword, with its mechanical energy as the driving force and sword engine as the core, it can simulate the sharpening method, thus resonate with it.”

“The reason why foreign countries can mass produce some intermediate and advanced grade pet equipment and professional equipment is based on a concept similar to this method.”

“Mechanical sword pet… Perhaps, mechanical pets will be the mainstream in the future.

One day, when the information of all pets is integrated into one, then integrated into the body of a mechanical pet, I wonder if it will create a modern monster” After saying that, he sighed again and glanced at Wang Ye.

Wang Ye felt that Bai Mo was quite farsighted.

Following that, Bai Mo walked up as well.

His method of sharpening the sword was much simpler.

This was because he made the move himself.

He simply chose an intermediate-grade sword and used an extremely ancient method, dripping his blood on the sword.

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Then, he placed the sword in the mouth of the seven-kills tiger king.

After five minutes of brewing, the sword flew out of the seven-kills tiger kings mouth, turning into a dazzling sword.

It was also the only intermediate-grade sword that had been sharpened at the moment, thus Bai Mo was rewarded with a good grade of B .

He had managed to get an intermediate-grade sword with three additional effects, which was considered very outstanding.

In short, Wang Yes horizons were broadened.

In any case, there were many ways to sharpen a sword.

Someone even inserted the sword straight into his own body…

Wang Ye initially thought that the fellow wanted to commit suicide.

It turned out that the fellows talent was an extremely rare one in the Noumenon Talent Sequence, Sword Blood.

His blood was not the blood of an ordinary person.

By chance, the blood of a sword spirit had fused with him.

In a sense, he was some kind of sword body.

An innate sword body.

As long as the sword was in his body, he could use his blood to awaken the sword.

He was born to practice the sword.

Everyone was shocked by his performance, and his results were comparable to Bai Mos.

After that, the results were different.

It wasnt that the later one went forward, the better ones results were.

On the contrary, the later one went forward, the worse ones results were.

Some didnt even get a grade.

It was because they had overestimated themselves and hadnt managed to resonate with the sword.

There were also a few beastmasters and pets who didnt know their limits and chose advanced-grade swords.

In the end, they fainted from exhaustion, and the sword didnt even make a sound.

Then, He Xingu appeared.

Wang Ye and the sword rabbit were too engrossed in watching, so they forgot about going forward for the time being.

However, when this fellow appeared, his aura was different.

He slowly walked up, looked at the crowd, and said calmly, “My name Is He Xingu, and Im from Jiangnan Province.

To be honest, Im participating in the way of the sword exchange meet for no other reason than to prove a fact.

Ten years ago, someone told me that mechanical sword pets were vice.

But today, I want to prove that mechanical sword pets will be the mainstream in the future!”


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