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“…” Everyone.

“This is a sword rabbit!” Disappointment appeared in everyones eyes.

The sword rabbit was foolishly picking weeds from its fur, which looked quite cute.

However, it seemed to be completely different from the two pets that shone in the duel back then.

One had to know that the image of Xiao Jiu and the white python was now an important research target studied by various universities.

They were trying to analyze how strong those pets were, how did they evolve, could it have XX characteristics, how was their six-dimensional growth, the situation of their skills, and so on.

As for the sword rabbit, other than Wang Ye, Ming Zhu, Lin Rou, and a few others, no one knew about it.

“So you really arent Wang Ye,” The girls eyes revealed obvious disappointment, but she still smiles and said politely, “Mm, your pet sword rabbit is quite cute.

There are fewer and fewer such attributed sword pets now.”

“So, you should continue looking for Bai Mo,” Wang Ye nodded.

Everyone immediately left in disappointment.

“…” Bai Mo.


Seeing that everyone was quickly sent away, Wang Ye heaved a sigh of relief and looked at the sword rabbit.

The sword rabbit curled its lips as if it didnt care much about this.

Perhaps it was because it had been a homebody for too long and had a cynical temperament, so the little fellow didnt care much about such things.

Speaking of which, it had, after all, stayed put in front of the sword tomb in the simulation to comprehend for over a hundred years.

It was only given it had a strong mentality.

“Lets go,” Wang Ye brought the sword rabbit inside.

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“Hello, are you here to participate in the way of the sword exchange meet I need you to register your and your pets information for the meet.”

“Wang Ye, first rank aide, pet sword rabbit.”

Attributed sword pet, Transcendence class 2… 1-star level 2, spiritual energy value 1000 .

Hmm, comrade, it might be a little difficult for this pet of yours to participate in our exchange meet,” At this moment, the person-in-charge who was registering Wang Yes information reminded him.

“Oh Why” Wang Ye asked casually.

“You should have heard about it, right The meet has been set up in the wild this time, the main purpose being to fight against the sword sentinels later,” The person-in-charge explained patiently, “These sword sentinels are very strong, and most of them have reached level 3.

Moreover, because they are mechanical sword pets, and some of them are ancient, they have extremely high-level ancient sword skills.

Their levels have already reached a very high mark.”

“Putting that aside and disregarding the sword sentinels, the previous few projects should be quite difficult for your sword rabbit already.

For example, the first project is sword resonance,” The person in charge tapped on his phone, and ancient swords immediately appeared on the phone, “As an attributed sword pet, the most important thing is to resonate with the sword.”

“The attributed sword pet is not as advanced as the mechanical sword pet, nor is it as spiritual as the innate sword spirit.

To perform sword skills, it even needs the assistance of swords.

In this project, the sword pet needs to resonate with the swords that we have given it.”

“These swords have lost their spirituality.

During the process of forging by the alchemists, they failed due to various reasons.

The final enlightenment was not carried out, so they do not have spirituality.

The sword pets need to resonate with the swords.

For the sword pets, theyll need to have years of experience in using swords and a higher level in the way of the sword.”

Wang Ye nodded, deep in thought.

This project was interesting.

“The mechanical sword pets themselves can store a lot of knowledge about swords,” The person in charge cleared his throat and continued, “They can even analyze the materials of countless swords.

Therefore, such projects are relatively easy for them.”

“Innate sword spirits are often rarer, but its easier for them to resonate with the weapon.

However, an attributed sword pet needs a certain amount of experience and strength to do it.”

“Your sword rabbit is only at level two and is maybe only more than a year old.

It might not even complete the first project.

How about you consider watching the meet this time as an audience” The person in charge said it in a more reserved manner.

Simply put, he meant that Wang Yes pet was too weak, so it was not recommended to participate.

“…” Wang Ye.

“Mi!” The sword rabbit used its rabbit paw to pat the wooden sword on its waist.

Wang Ye thought about it.

Wouldnt this project be as easy as ABC for the sword rabbit

He did not deny that it was weak.

After all, it was truly only a 1-star level 2 pet now.

But… Did they understand the value of the orange characteristic Sword Grandmaster!

“Well, the important thing is to participate!” Wang Ye said, “It doesnt matter if its a little harder.

Its also good to let it broaden its horizons.”

Hearing this, the person in charge did not say anything else.

He registered Wang Yes information, then handed him a number plate, telling him to hang the number plate on the sword rabbit as proof of participation in the meet.

The number was relatively auspicious, number 99.

After that, they waited in the waiting area for the meet to begin.

The waiting area was in a tent that had been temporarily built.

Surrounding it was a huge open-air exhibition stand, where many staff members were busy preparing for the event.

“I didnt expect that you would participate in the meet this time” Bai Mo walked to the waiting area in a somewhat sorry state.

He walked straight to Wang Yes side and looked at him with a strange expression.

“Cant I” Wang Ye glanced at him.

“With just this sword rabbit of yours” Bai Mo narrowed his eyes, “I thought you were good at the way of the sword too.

Looks like I was overthinking it.”

“There are no restrictions on the pets and beastmasters in the meet,” Wang Ye shrugged, “As for me, my level in the way of the sword is average.”

“So, your sword pets level is very high” Bai Mo said calmly.

“Its not bad.

Im just bringing it here to see the world,” Wang Ye replied.

Bai Mo was about to say something when he suddenly looked at the sword rabbit and his eyes focused.

This sword rabbit…

Under its seemingly ordinary appearance, Bai Mo felt a very unique aura.

“This pet of yours is a little interesting… Based on my understanding of you, youre definitely not here for entertainment… It seems that this pet of yours is the same as the two you had before.

It has a huge secret”

“…” Wang Ye.

This bastard was so sensitive.

At the same time, in another tent.

“Miss Ming, why are you so generous this year to sponsor so many unenlightened swords” A white-haired middle-aged man smiled at Ming Zhu and said, “I remember that in previous years when we held the way of the sword exchange meet, the Mingguang Enterprise would at most sponsor a few intermediate swords.

This year, you even took out “Wuchen”.

Somethings wrong, somethings very wrong!”

The mans name was Jian Canghai.

He could be considered the main person in charge of this conference.

At the same time, he was also the vice-principal of Tianqian University in charge of sword pets and the mechanical major.

Ming Zhu coughed and said, “Its nothing.

I just want to see how many young swordsmen there will be this year.

After all, the way of the sword was the path I had yearned to take in my earlier years.

Its a pity that my talent is not suitable.”

Jian Canghai smiled and said, “I dont believe it.

You even took out the Wuchen sword as a backup sword for our first project.

Since youre so generous, there must be something fishy about it!”

Ming Zhu thought to herself, “Of course theres something fishy about it.”

She mainly wanted to see what was going on with Wang Ye.

She had no other choice.

Wang Ye had not said anything to her over the past few days.

“Oh right!” Ming Zhu suddenly thought of something, “Why dont you take out the ancient sword that Tianqian University has treasured for many years and let the swordsmen and their pets give it a try too”

Hearing this, Jian Canghai was slightly taken aback, shaking his head, “Miss Ming, you must be joking.

The Seven-star sword was the sword of that Sage back then.

A provincial-level way of the sword exchange meet like ours is for sword practitioners who have just stepped into this path.

Let alone the Seven-star sword, even your Wuchen sword is unlikely to resonate with a pet or a beastmaster.

After all, the Seven-star sword is a deity-rank sword.

To take it out at such a meet.”



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