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“To think the sword rabbit self-comprehended an emperor skill, its simply a genius,” Wang Ye was envious.

His red characteristic was nothing compared to the sword rabbit.

The same went for Xiao Jiu and the white python.

“To be able to comprehend emperor skills on its own, and its even its own skill, this is something that even Overlord class pets wouldnt be able to do,” Wang Ye looked at the sword rabbit.

At first, he felt that the newbie village where the sword rabbit had been born in the simulation was a disaster, especially since it made it hard to simulate its evolution.

But now, it seemed that the sword rabbit might be able to walk its own path.

“That graveyard, could it be… A divine tomb” Wang Ye couldnt help but ridicule in his heart, “Its really f*cking ridiculous.

So theres such a f*cking place, huh”

If that was really the case, by the time the sword rabbit walked out of the sword tomb, it would probably be almost invincible… After all, it had just casually sat in front of the tomb and comprehended for a hundred years…

Wang Ye understood.

So it was walking the path of the Ten-mile Slope Sword God in Chinese Paladin, huh

It was completely different from Xiao Jiu and the white python, right

“Mi!” The sword rabbit was a little confused.

A bunch of new abilities had suddenly appeared in it.

The experience of the simulation was like a mirage to it at this moment.

“Not bad! Well done!” Wang Ye rubbed its head.

To think it could stay put and sit there comprehending for a hundred years… Not many pets had such a temperament.

Wang Ye speculated that the reason the sword rabbit could sit there for so long was probably because of its Slumber…

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Although the sword rabbit was dazed and probably still hadnt come back to its senses, when it heard Wang Yes praise, its rabbit ears shook, indicating that it was very happy.

The reward that Wang Ye chose was reality simulation, the two characteristics, and the new skill.

As for the rest of the skills proficiencies, he temporarily didnt choose them.

After some accumulation, he had roughly ten reality simulation opportunities.

The sword rabbits achievements in the simulation were almost done.

If he wanted to obtain more chances of reality simulations in the future, he could only wait for the sword rabbit to break through 120 years of survival, kill more bosses, or something like that.

However, when he thought about the boss in the graveyard, let alone the boss, even some elite monsters would be able very difficult for the sword rabbit to deal with.

Next, Wang Ye looked at the strength of the new skill and characteristics.

[Flora Sword Intent (beginner): An emperor special-type skill.

The sword rabbit has sat and watched the sword for 100 years and has thus comprehended the true meaning of the sword.

Its sword is no longer restricted by form.

Even flora can be turned into a sword to fight the enemy.

After activating Sword Intent, the user will enter a unique state of sword intent.

In that state, all flora can be turned into a sword and perform any sword move of the sword rabbit! It will also buff the sword move by several times.

Activating Flora Sword Intent only consumes spiritual power, not spiritual energy.]

“Wow, as expected of an emperor skill.

Its already so strong in the beginner realm” Wang Ye muttered to himself.

This was equivalent to changing the form of the battle.

Even without a sword in its hand, the sword rabbit would still be able to erupt with terrifying strength!

To other pets that used swords, without a sword, their skills could not be displayed at all.

“Wont this be crushing” Wang Ye shook his head secretly.

Then, he looked at the characteristics.

[Sword Great Master (orange): You have an extremely deep understanding of the sword.

You can skillfully use all kinds of swords.

The effect of the sword in your hand will be doubled.

When you dont have a sword, the power of your sword moves will be reduced by half, but the consumption will be reduced by a quarter.]

“This characteristic is quite interesting.”

When the sword rabbit had a sword, the characteristic could change the effects of the sword.

For example, say a piece of intermediate-grade sword equipment could give a 0.5-point amplification to ones sword moves.

However, in the hands of the sword rabbit, the amplification effect will be doubled.

“The more powerful the sword, the more the amplification.

However, this “all kinds of swords” probably doesnt really refer to all the swords.

For example, the swords above the emperor grade… In the hands of the sword rabbit, the effects probably wouldnt change much.

For swords that are too high-grade, such as mythical grade weapons, this characteristic might be useless with the sword rabbits current strength.

Hmm… Of course, as far as Im concerned, were still far from mythical-grade weapons,” Wang Ye pondered.

The most interesting thing was that when the sword rabbit did not have a sword…

“When there is no sword… Isnt that the time to activate Flora Sword Intent The power of the sword move will be reduced by half, but Flora Sword Intent itself will increase the power of the sword move, yet the consumption will be reduced at the same time.

Its a bloody profit.”

Previously, Wang Ye was worried that with the sword rabbits meager spiritual energy value of 1,000, it would only be able to use one or two of its advanced skills, let alone those in the peak mastery realm.

Peak mastery realm intermediate or advanced skills required hundreds of spiritual energy points to activate.

Skills of this level were usually only available to level 4 pets.

Normally, only level 5 pets would have peak mastery realm intermediate or advanced skills.

Even those were rare.

For a pet like the sword rabbit that was only at level 2, if all its skills reached peak mastery realm, even using them would be a problem.

It would be even more troublesome than Xiao Jiu back then.

With this characteristic, it shouldnt be a problem.

The last characteristic.

[One Hundred Years of Loneliness (orange): You once sat comprehending the sword in the sword tomb for one hundred years.

After experiencing one hundred years of solitude, your will is incomparably firm.

You are immune to mental control, deterrence, and bewitching skills.

When cultivating, you can achieve a state where your mind is clear of distractions, and you will not be affected by external things.]

Look! Xiao Jiu, look at this characteristic!


Wang Ye really wanted to get the characteristic from the sword rabbit and stick it onto Xiao Jiu!

“Chirp, chirp!” As if sensing Wang Yes call, Xiao Jiu flapped its wings and flew over, tilting its head with a curious expression.

“Its nothing,” Wang Ye waved his hand.

Looking at Xiao Jius silly expression, he felt that even if he stuck the characteristic on it, it would not take long for the characteristic to disappear…


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