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“Hmm” Xiao Tao was stunned as she looked at Wang Ye.

Its sword blade flickered with an uncertain light.

“Mi, mi!” The sword rabbit was excited, which was quite rare.

It was the aura of the sword!

The next moment, in an instant, Wang Ye brandished the pocket-sized wooden sword.

It was as if he had stopped time, but it happened in the blink of an eye, unbelievably fast!

The refined sword light flashed across the face of the sword rabbit, highlighting the fur on its face that had turned red due to excitement.

It flashed across Xiao Jius wings, lighting up the blood-colored patterns hidden in its feathers…

The sword light flashed past and abruptly slashed out!


With that, a gully that was over a hundred meters long suddenly appeared in front of them.

The sword light flew into the air, slashed out a long arc, then gradually disappeared!

In the air, there was only the sound of the breeze caused by the Sword Drawing Technique.

It was very quiet!

“Pa, pa, pa!” The sword rabbit excitedly clapped its two chubby rabbit paws.

It ran to Wang Yes side and touched the hilt of its sword as if it was feeling the resonance with Wang Yes way of the sword.

“Chirp” Xiao Jiu rubbed its eyes with its wings.

It probably couldnt believe that its beastmaster had suddenly become enlightened.

“How about it” Wang Ye looked at Xiao Tao, “Hows your chara… Hows my talent”

Ahem, he almost let it slip.


“Very strong!” Xiao Tao said in a low voice, “Youre not inferior to me at all when I was younger.

Rather, youre even a little more talented than your sword rabbit.”

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Wang Ye thought to himself, “Just like you, huh…”


“I didnt expect you to have such outstanding talent in the way of the sword,” Xiao Taos voice had a hint of gratitude, “You are a good match for your pet.

Pets in the way of the sword are different from other attributed pets.

They often have stricter requirements for their beastmasters.

This sword rabbit of yours is very special.

Its talent might actually be higher than imagined.

Its just that its body is being suppressed by a special strength, so it probably hasnt reached its upper limit yet.”

Xiao Tao was probably referring to the sword rabbits negative characteristics.

Speaking of which, the sword rabbits talent in the way of the sword was very high, yet it didnt have any sword-related characteristics.

That shouldnt be the case.

However, Wang Ye could feel that the sword rabbit had gotten closer to him.

Hmm… It seemed that the beastmasters did have to have a compatibility point with their pets, huh

After obtaining another red characteristic, Wang Ye felt that the number of characteristics he had was increasing.

In comparison, his talent, Deep Memory, seemed to have even less of a sense of presence.

“Am I good” Wang Ye patted the sword rabbits head.

“Mi, mi!” The sword rabbit nodded, its eyes seemed to be twinkling with stars.

Wang Ye thought to himself, “After raising it for so long to increase its intimacy with me, it wasnt even as useful as using a sword skill.

Whats this Falling in love with one sword strike”

Then, Wang Ye and Xiao Tao chatted for a while before leaving the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb.

“Ive gained a lot from this trip,” Wang Ye thought to himself.

Not only did he obtain a red characteristic, but he also found an inheritance for the sword rabbit.

More importantly, through the simulation, he learned about the Dark Fog Cult.

The information given in the simulation was actually very ambiguous.

Reality would naturally not be as simple as the information in the simulation.

“One month later… The Qixing Investigation Corps should have found out about me.

I didnt expect that they would ambush me here and catch me red-handed,” Wang Ye shrugged.

Legally speaking, it was indeed illegal for him to take Xiao Taos sword hilt from the secret realm.

It was only legal for him to be captured as a result.

“So, as long as I dont go to Xiao Tao, for the time being, everything will be fine.

Anyway, its useless for them to look for me.

Now that Xiao Tao and the demonized sword hilt have become one, no one can prove that I took the sword hilt away from the secret realm.

I better go back and improve the sword rabbits strength now.”

After leaving the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb, Wang Ye returned to Anping County and recalled his whole trip.

He could not help but sigh in his heart.

“Why does it feel like Ive only seen the tip of the iceberg in this world…”

When he got home, he first had a good sleep.

Wang Ye had basically not slept in the secret realm.

He had only dared to take naps.

Both he and Xiao Jiu were very tired.

After resting for a full two days, Wang Ye began to lay out the items.

“Nightmare Bell, Seven Stars Body-tempering Technique, advanced skill Battle Intent, and the heaven and earth spirit root that can improve the pets constitution and dispel gray characteristics.”

On top of that, he had more than 50 million gold coins on his card.

Of course, the first thing he had to do was to sign the contract with the sword rabbit.

To be honest, this step could be done without extra effort.

This was the contract mode of Dongli Country.

After signing the contract, the first thing Wang Ye did was look at the sword rabbits information.

[Pet: Sword rabbit]

[Type: Ordinary-type rabbit pet]

[Race Class: Transcendent second-class]

[Combat Power: 4-star level 1]

[Skills: Sword Drawing Technique (practiced), Slumber (proficient)]

[Six-dimensional Growth: Strength (E ), Constitution (E), Agility (D ), Spiritual Resistance (E), Spiritual Energy (D), Soul (D)]

[Genetic Characteristics: Nightmare Haunted (gray), Disaster Sword Body (black)]

[Spiritual Energy Value: 400]

Looking at the information, Wang Ye felt a chill in his heart.

[Nightmare Haunted (gray): You have been corroded by the power of strangeness.

Your soul contains the power of strangeness from an Emperor class strange god, Nightmare.

You will often forget what you have learned and become extremely lethargic.

The consumption of spiritual energy for any skill is twice the normal amount.]

“F*ck!” Wang Ye was speechless when he saw this characteristic.

What kind of f*cking characteristic was this

No wonder the bear king who adopted the sword rabbit had said that the latter was quite smart at the beginning and learned skills very quickly.

However, after learning the skills, the sword rabbit tended to easily forget them.


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