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Wang Ye coughed.

It wasnt really a gift.

He had copied it with his simulator.

“Hahaha…” The broken blades aura gradually became stronger, and its depressed aura from before was gone.

In the next moment, a unique wave of energy suddenly erupted from its body, sucking the sword hilt in the distance over and becoming one with it!

“Get lost! I dont want to, I dont want to become one with a fool like you!” The sword hilt let out a panicked and angry roar.

Seeing this, Wang Yes thoughts moved, and he vaguely understood something.

The sword hilt had been extremely arrogant from the moment it came out.

It should have been planning to make the broken blade mentally weak and become low-spirited.

This way, it could take the opportunity to fight for the sovereignty of the body when it became one with the broken blade.

Now that the broken blade was in high spirits due to the pleasant surprise, it naturally wouldnt give the sword hilt any chance.

“What a crafty fellow,” Wang Ye thought to himself.

The demonized Xiao Tao was damn difficult to deal with.

In just a few minutes, the two merged into one.

The hilt and the blade merged, causing waves of powerful aura to erupt.

It now looked like a real sword.

The body of the sword flickered with two different glows, and the colors changed unpredictably.

After a long time, it slowly recovered to its original appearance.

“Whats the other remnant of your body” Wang Ye took a look and felt that it was already complete.

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“The crossguard,” Xiao Taos voice was slow, “But the crossguard is not as important as the sword hilt.

The sword hilt contains most of my memories.

The reason why what it said just now caused such an earthquake of emotions in me is that I dont have any of those memories.

So, after listening to it, my spirit began to fluctuate violently, making it very easy for it to merge with me and control me while its at it.”

“Then what about now” Wang Ye asked.

“Its barely alright.

Im one with it, to begin with,” Xiao Tao sighed softly, “Its will and behavior itself also represent another side of me.”

“Whats next” Wang Ye thought for a moment.

“I dont know…” Xiao Tao sounded lost, “Even if I have fused with my parts, its very difficult for me to recover my strength to the same level as before.

My strength has decreased too much in all aspects, and Im already out of touch with the current human society.

The current human society might not admit what happened back then.

If possible, I would like to find a pet and pass on my strength… Then Ill go to the Infernal Relic you mentioned and live in seclusion with the tree and the others.”

Xiao Tao looked at Wang Ye and said, “Youre a good choice.

You seem to be able to do the impossible.

Unfortunately, your pets have nothing to do with me.”

“They do!” Wang Ye immediately said, “They absolutely do!”

“” Xiao Tao was puzzled, “Havent your two pets evolved, and they dont cultivate swords either, right”

“To tell you the truth!” Wang Ye smiled, “I have a third pet!”

With that, he released the sword rabbit.

“Mi” The sword rabbit yawned and looked sleepy.

“Senior, Look!” Wang Ye pointed at the sword rabbit, “This little guy has an extremely high talent in swordsmanship!”

“This is…” Xiao Tao looked at the sword rabbit and said in surprise, “A sword rabbit”

The sword rabbit nestled in Wang Yes embrace and looked curiously at the peachwood sword in front of it.

“Thats right, thats right!” Wang Ye hurriedly nodded.

Xiao Tao was once a level eight Dominator class pet…

“Mm…” Xiao Tao observed the sword rabbit.

It seemed pretty good.

“It seems to have a very strange aura on it,” Xiao Tao suddenly said, “But its still a little too weak.

Im afraid it cant withstand my strength.

How about this, Ill teach it a beginner skill first.

Lets see its talent for now.”

“No problem, no problem!” Wang Ye agreed.

With that, Xiao Tao performed a sword skill in front of the sword rabbit.

First, it stabbed into the ground, and light began to brew.

The ground didnt seem to have changed, but Wang Ye still watched carefully.

Since its just a beginner skill, he should be able to learn it, right

He activated Dynamic Vision!

He could see the spiritual energy flow in Xiao Taos body, but it was very blurry.

No way, he couldnt even see clearly with his great success realm Dynamic Vision

What the hell Was this really a beginner skill

After watching for a few seconds, he didnt find anything special.

He wondered what kind of skill it was that the sword had to be inserted into the ground…

On the other hand, the sword rabbits expression suddenly became serious!

Wang Ye rarely saw the sword rabbit so serious.

From the looks of it, it must have sensed something.

In the next moment, accompanied by a loud and clear sword cry, Xiao Tao suddenly pulled out from the ground!

The earth cracked open, and the sword light cut through the sky, instantly cutting through this dark world!

“This is a beginner skill” Wang Ye was numb from looking at it.

It felt even more powerful than Xiao Jius emperor skill.

So this was the value of a pet who was once a level 8 Dominator class pet

“This is the Sword Drawing Technique, a very ordinary sword skill,” Xiao Tao explained briefly, “Ive been practicing it since I was young.

Its a very ordinary sword skill, but for a pet or human thats good at swords, its also a skill that tests your talent the most.

Its easy to learn, but difficult to master.

Different swords and swordsmen warrant a myriad of changes.

Its the skill that tests ones talent the most.”

Usually, only ordinary sword techniques would reveal ones true talent.

“If it can master the skill to some level, it means that it has extraordinary talent,” Xiao Tao nodded, “In this way, my power can be passed down.

Even if I die, I can rest in peace.”

Wang Ye recalled the whole process he had just witnessed.

He played it in his mind countless times.

He felt like he understood it, yet didnt understand anything…


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