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Instead, they chose to stand together and form a strange formation with their pets.

With the storm-horned dragon as the leader, its body began to expand like a balloon, instantly becoming more than ten meters long!

Even from Wang Yes position, one could feel its enormous size.

The six of them then jumped onto the storm-horned dragons back and soared into the air.

Chen Xian, who was in the lead, looked as if clouds were rising in his eyes.

He pressed his hands into the sky, and as a light shone brightly, dark clouds quickly covered the entire battlefield.

Cloud, ranked 17 in the Material Talent Sequence.

She could create all kinds of gaseous forms that could form clouds, trigger weather phenomena, and change the environment, thus allowing her to control all kinds of spiritual energy in the natural world.

The dark clouds swept, and the wind bellowed.

The clear sky was instantly covered with dark clouds as the wind blew.

“Zhao Ping!” Chen Xian looked at Zhao Ping behind him, “Its your turn.

He should be attacking soon.”

Zhao Ping shook his head slightly.

With that, the blue water elf instantly merged with him.

Zhao Ping looked as if he was soaking in water, and his eyes shone with a deep blue light.

His palms moved forward, and in an instant, a gray pillar of water shot out.

As if it had been strengthened, the pillar of water spiraled upward, becoming more and more majestic!

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It shot straight into the dark clouds!


In an instant, it was as if a dark spiral vortex had appeared in the sky, and the world seemed to turn dark!

The aura was extremely terrifying!

“Dark Clouds Sun-covering!”

“Turbid Waves Surge!”

The two beastmasters narrowed their eyes, as if they had long thought this through, and shouted in a clear voice.

Their unique talent skills, along with surging spiritual energy, instantly triggered the dark spiral vortex.

In the next moment, with a “rumble”, violent winds and turbid rain poured down from the vortex like a waterfall, accurately enveloping more than half of the battlefield!

Countless people gulped when they saw this scene.

Even the audience in the outermost circle of the stands could feel the terrifying power contained within the torrential downpour!

On top of that, the attack continued!

The torrential downpour, each raindrop the size of a grain of rice, shot out like arrows or spears amidst the howling gale.

It fell and attacked indiscriminately!

The scariest thing was that the torrential downpour had extremely strong penetrative and offensive properties.

As long as one came into contact with it, the spiritual energy in ones body would be corroded, as well as the body.

As such, the strength in ones body would rapidly decline and all aspects of ones strength would be reduced.

If this went on for a little longer, they could just wait for defeat.

From this scene, many people could feel what it meant to be a professional beastmaster!

No one, whether it was Chen Xian or Zhao Ping, would be able to unleash such a talent combination skill alone.

Zhao Pings talent, Turbid Rain, was more focused on a single target, so he couldnt spread it over a large area.

Possessing a water elf could increase his control over his talent, as well as prevent himself from being contaminated when he used the talent.

However, with Chen Xians talent, he could create a large-scale turbid rain that would affect the entire area.

Forming a combination skill of talents required sufficient understanding of each other as well as perfect control over both sides spiritual energy and talents.

It wasnt something that could be formed just because one wanted to.

“These guys are true geniuses,” Wang Ye thought to himself as he watched on.

Chen Xian and Zhao Ping were beastmasters from two different systems, and they didnt even know each other before this.

To be able to cooperate with each other to complete such a large-scale talent combination skill in these short five to six hours without any training, and gain an advantage in the field, was simply amazing.

This represented the highest level of accomplishment in the professional assessment.

In an unfamiliar team, they could quickly display their abilities, and at the same time, cooperate with their teammates.

If it were any other professional beastmaster, they wouldnt be able to do it so easily.

“Moreover, from the looks of it, theyve considered my weakness,” Wang Ye looked at the dark turbid rain that filled the sky.

In such an environment, the power of fire-related skills would decrease, or even be completely useless.

This was because the penetration and infectivity of the turbid rain were too strong.

Even strong flames would be extinguished.

“Go, dont worry about me,” Wang Ye patted Xiao Jiu, “You can fight however you want.

If you really cant hold on any longer, Ill let out the white python to fight with you.”

“Chirp!” Xiao Jiu flapped its wings, indicating that the other fellow didnt need to come out.

It was enough alone!

“Confidence is a good thing,” Wang Ye said, “But the other party isnt so easy to deal with…”


Before Wang Ye could finish, Xiao Jiu flew out.

“…” Wang Ye.

This stupid bird!

Was it really not afraid of anything!


Xiao Jiu flew into the air, against the wind and rain.

Seeing this, everyone was stunned… and a little confused.

Why didnt it find an opportunity to defend itself but instead charged forward

The next moment, as Xiao Jiu rose into the air, its body began to change rapidly.

From a small bird that was a few tens of centimeters long, it returned to its original form.

It was now a mysterious bird that was a few meters long.

Its feathers flickered with a white-blue radiance and flowed with red patterns!

The plume feathers that were fluttering in the wind began to burn with a wisp of white flame.

Its feather crown also began to gradually emit white-gold flames!

This was Xiao Jius normal form.

After evolving, Xiao Jius growth speed was extremely fast, especially with the enhancement of the spiritual energy value that had been maxed out.

It had originally been only more than a meter long after the evolution, but after reaching 3-star level three, it was already close to four meters long.

The terrifying growth also made its body full of strength!

If not for Free-size, it wouldve been very inconvenient to carry it around.

On the other side.

“The brilliant light sparrow, a light flame type pet that possesses the rare dual attributes of light and flame.

It is a kind of bird that has just been recorded in the domestic pet encyclopedia,” Jing Ji narrowed his eyes, “When we were looking for information, none of us believed it.

Compared to the fleeting scene in the secret realms survival assessment, the bird in front of us now is its true appearance.”


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