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“One months worth of simulation results!” Without hesitation, Wang Ye chose the first, third, and fifth options.

The new skill was a must-choose!

The proficiency of Feather Coat could be achieved again after a few more simulations, so that could be put aside for now.

As for the orange genetic characteristic, it was self-explanatory.

Even a Supreme class pet might not have an orange genetic characteristic.

The reality simulation was even more important than the rest.

“Chirp, chirp!” After he had chosen the rewards, as if they had gone through thousands of times of tempering, the green sparrows every feather emitted a faint green radiance!

[Hurricane God Wings (orange)]: Every feather has gone through countless times of tempering in the hurricane.

Your wings have thus possessed extraordinary power, allowing you to fly freely in hurricanes.

When using a skill related to wings, the effect and power of the skills will be doubled, but the consumption of spiritual energy will also increase.

“As expected of an orange genetic characteristic! Its strong!” Wang Ye sighed in amazement.

Pets could awaken their innate genetic characteristics, and they could also awaken certain genetic characteristics after countless training sessions.

The innate genetic characteristics might not be suitable for every pet.

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“Xiao Jius current skills are all related to wings.

Sky-dance, Feather Coat, Skyful of Feathers, and even the newly learned Feathery Habitat are all related to wings.

With this, all of them have been enhanced.

However, the consumption of spiritual energy will also increase, which is a small deficiency.

The consumption of intermediate and advanced skills is too high.

I should find an opportunity to make Xiao Jiu learn a few more beginner skills.

With this genetic characteristic, even beginner skills can be extremely powerful.

The cost-benefit ratio is quite high!”

Wang Ye felt that this orange genetic characteristic could even be considered one of the top characteristics among the birds.

After all, most bird skills were related to wings.

As for the new skill, Feathery Habitat, although it was only a beginner skill, it was a rare self-recovery skill among the sky-type skills!

[Feathery Habitat (beginner)]: A beginner sky-type skill.

Uses feathers to envelop the users body, allowing the user to enter a resting state and recover physical strength.

The user can not fight while in the resting state.


The green sparrow had obtained a recovery skill!

If used together with Sky-dance, Xiao Jius cultivation speed will be even faster in the future!

Attack, recovery, defense, enhancement, cultivation, all in one.

“Xiao Jiu seems quite invincible now.

Speaking of which, Xiao Jiu has died countless times in the hurricanes,” Wang Ye stroked Xiao Jius wings and nodded repeatedly, satisfied.

“The feathers have become harder and stronger,” Wang Ye praised.

After more than a month of training, Xiao Jius current appearance was no longer the same as its originally weak figure.

Apart from relying on the cheat, eating well was also very important.

At present, Xiao Jiu had eaten at least 200,000 yuan worth of food.

Spending so much on food in a month was something that Wang Ye did not dare to imagine in his previous life.

Moreover, the amount of food it was eating increasing day by day.

As Xiao Jius strength level increased, its growth improved and it became stronger, it was eating more and more.

“Im so poor!” Wang Ye had taken most of the remaining pills he had, but he still felt that his spiritual power was not fully recovered.

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This meant that his spiritual power had increased again.

The longer the script scenario was run, the more his spiritual power would be consumed.

If he were to wait for it to naturally recover after one simulation, it would probably take days.

Just as he was thinking about it, Tang Xiong called, “Wang Ye, youve rested for a month.

Hows your condition”

“Im alright, though just a little poor.”

“With such a huge reward, it cant be that youve spent them all in a month Young man, spend less money on debauchery and more money on where its really needed.

Your pet is your foundation, alright Oh right, youve become a trainee investigator, so its time for you to accept a mission.”

“Go ahead.”

“Considering the investigator assessment that youll have to sit for in three months, weve decided to assign some missions to train you.”

“Please go ahead.”

“Do you still remember the Baisen Secret Realm A few days ago, a transport-type mechanical pet from Yaoguang City, a flying eagle, crashed into the Baisen Secret Realm.

After the crash, all the resources it was transporting were scattered in the wild, as well as in other secret realms.

We have also lost contact with several beastmasters who had been traveling with the eagle.

Theyre probably lost in the various secret realms and disappeared without a trace.

Because the eagle had crashed into a secret realm under the jurisdiction of Anping County, and because our investigators are also professionals when it comes to secret realms, were responsible for collecting the scattered resources and finding the beastmasters.

Of co, theres a certain level of danger, which is just nice for you to train yourself.”

“Hm, isnt this a little difficult for a trainee investigator” Wang Ye asked, “Do you have another mission”

Searching for things and people in secret realms seemed like a thankless task that would be purely training.

There was probably no reward for it.

“The flying eagle belongs to Mingguang Enterprise of our county.

Their market value is in the hundreds of millions.

They are the client, and theyre offering an additional reward.”

“Dont say anymore.

This mission must be done by me!”




After chatting for a while, Wang Ye learned the whole story.

The flying eagle that had crashed belonged to a famous company in Anping County, Mingguang Enterprise.

It mainly sold pet equipment and was one of the few companies in Anping County that was worth a mention.

It had quite a reputation in Yaoguang City, with a market value of several hundred million.


What the Investigation Corps needed to do was to collect the lost resources.

The most important thing was to find the beastmasters who had been transporting the goods.

This was because apparently, Mingguang Enterprises young master, Ming Kai, and his sister, Ming Zhu, were in charge of the transportation this time.


The cause of the accident was said to be that the eagle was affected by a low-altitude hurricane.

Even a seven-star level-three flying eagle couldnt withstand the hurricane and was sent crashing by the hurricane and lightning.

Thus was the situation in the wild.

It was very dangerous, unlike within the city.

Of course, Wang Ye wasnt the only one in charge of the mission.

For such a big matter, the Anping County Investigation Corps had dispatched at least dozens of investigators.

Wang Ye was only one of them.

After learning about the mission, Wang Ye immediately looked up the information.

“Ming Kai, this person is famous in Yaoguang City.

If I find him, wont I be rewarded with a million or so” Wang Yes eyes lit up.


After memorizing the appearances of those two important people, Wang Ye filtered through the information in his mind and rested.


The next day, he didnt rush out of the city to carry out the mission.

The fact that the Investigation Corps had sent out so many investigators meant that the mission wasnt easy.

“Xiao Jiu, reality simulation!”

[Reality simulation begins, loading information…]

[You and your beastmaster left the city and met several investigators along the way.

Your beastmaster discovered that even the reserve investigators had been mobilized and vaguely sensed that this matter was probably not simple.]

[You first flew into the Baisen Secret Realm to conduct an investigation and discovered the remains of the flying eagle.

The resources that had been lost werent found, nor were there any traces of people.

During the investigation, however, you noticed the fresh bloodstains of many pets.

After careful analysis, your beastmaster inferred that this might be blood from the Investigation Corps pets.]

[After leaving the Baisen Secret Realm, you start investigating the surrounding secret realms.]

[In the Donghu Secret Realm, you discovered the corpses of two level-two pets.

There were obvious signs of battle on their corpses.

Your beastmasters heart went cold, sensing that there was something fishy about the mission.]

[In the Fenglin Secret Realm, you encountered a familiar pet, the tyrant flame tiger.

After greeting each other, the two of you split up to investigate.

At night, a few phantom-like fierce beasts attacked.

Their terrifying auras made you feel a sense of fatal danger.

However, with your powerful strength, you were able to defeat them, but you were also riddled with injuries, unable to fight anymore.

After some investigation, your beastmaster discovered that those were pets disguised as fierce beasts, and immediately knew that something was amiss.

With that, you and your beastmaster returned to the county.]

[A few days later, you heard the news that Mingguang Enterprises eldest young master, Ming Kai, and his sister, Ming Zhu, had died in the Fenglin Secret Realm.

It was reported that they were killed by powerful fierce beasts and dark fog strange gods.]

[Three months later, you broke through to level 2 and went to Yaoguang City with your beastmaster to participate in the investigator assessment in the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb.

During the assessment, you and your beastmaster were killed by a powerful and mysterious fierce beast.]

[No special characteristics achieved.]

[The simulation has been completed.

The green sparrow has survived for three and a half months.

The green sparrow has broken through to level 2 in the simulation.

The rewards have changed.

You may retain one of the three options below.]

[Temporarily obtain a current skill of your pet.]

[Temporarily obtain a current characteristic of your pet.]

[Temporarily obtain one of the current six dimensions of your pet.]


“… This mission isnt simple!”


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