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“To think that b*tch made a wrong judgment! It found a human who looks righteous, but is actually extremely evil! Not bad, not bad, you suit my appetite! With a reckless human like you, plus that b*tch has lost its Scalding Bright Flame, even if we meet, it wont be able to turn the tables! Come on then!” The sword light retracted, and the hilt let out crisp bell-like laughter.

Wang Ye pinched his chin and let Xiao Jiu control the Scalding Bright Flame to enter the sword hilt.

The moment the flame entered, the surface of the sword hilt seemed to have been dyed, and a white halo appeared.

“Oh right, let me ask you a question,” Wang Ye suddenly thought of something, “Logically speaking, you should have been sealed here the whole time, right”

“Yeah, why”

“Then how did you wake up”

“How would I know I didnt have any consciousness when I woke up.

I just relied on my instincts to fight, just like the intelligent mechanical pets that you humans controlled back then.

Humph, sealing me here and then waking me up, arent both things done by you humans Among you humans, there is always a group of bad people who yearn for disaster and darkness.

In this world that is shrouded by the dark fog, they follow the shadows and try to destroy everything.

Of course, the humans who sealed me here are not good people either.

In short, they are all the same.

They all deserve to die.”

“…” Wang Ye.

“Your identity is special.

If you go out like this, I will be in big trouble,” Wang Ye said, “Think of a way to hide.

Otherwise, when we go out, you will be found and well all be caught.

At that time, well be screwed.”

“I dont care.

Think of a way yourself,” The hilt said


“You dont have to remind me.

Im not that stupid.”

With that, the hilt flashed slightly, and two pale golden hilts appeared, along with dozens of other hilts.

The two pale golden hilts looked exactly the same as it did.

“The hilts formed by my power are all good materials for you,” The hilt said, “I can just blend in here.

Besides, I have the Scalding Bright Flame attached to me, so the power of strangeness in me is already very weak.

As long as I dont make a sound, even if a deity rank comes, he wont be able to notice me.”

“…” Wang Ye.

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This sword hilt was very clear about itself.

“Those demon skeleton sword ghosts were caused by your power, right” Wang Ye nodded, “Its indeed a good idea.

Then, Ill take these materials with thanks.”

With that, he put the sword hilts into his backpack.

Looking back at the Land of Hiffen Mysterious, Wang Ye let out a slight sigh.

He had completed his mission for the time being and could go back now.

“Next is the rock dragon emperor, but Im too weak to settle its matter for now…” Wang Ye shook his head and began his return.

The harvest from this secret realm was okay.

The biggest gain was naturally the white pythons evolution.

As time was tight, he had only collected some miscellaneous materials.

It should not be difficult to sell them for tens of thousands.

“Hmm… but my combat ability has improved quite a bit.

Since the white python has evolved, it can simulate and cultivate combat techniques now.

It would be best if it can get to the limits of the spiritual energy value.

This trip to the Land of Hidden Mysterious was not very dangerous.

Fortunately, I reacted in time.”

“I didnt expect that Xiao Taos remnant body was also affected by the power of strangeness and went down the wrong path.

Hmm, why didnt it tell me about this back in the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb” Wang Ye was puzzled about this, “Could it be that Xiao Tao from the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb doesnt know about this at all”

He shook his head.

Either way, he had already collected one of Xiao Taos remnant bodies.

He could just bring it to Xiao Tao first for it to take a look…

Outside the secret realm, the towering sea mechanical kun in midair was like a star barrier.

Below, in mid-air, Long Wu looked at the beastmasters who were flying up to the sea machinery kun from the secret realm with a solemn expression.

It had been two days since the secret realm survival assessment had commenced, and the time was almost up.

Most of the beastmasters who had participated in the survival assessment had already come out of the secret realm a day ago.

Only a small number of them were able to enter the core area.

As for those who could pass the assessment, they were even fewer.

Among them, beastmasters who could pass the assessment of the fighter class were even rarer.

This was because the fighters were required to kill demon skeleton sword ghosts and a certain number of fierce beasts.

On top of that, the number requirement was also the highest.

In contrast, the passing requirements for the other classes werent that high.

“Captain, I reckon that the results of this years assessment wont be too ideal,” Aa red-haired investigator at the side interjected, “As expected, fierce beasts of the demon skeleton sword ghosts level are still too difficult for them.

Perhaps only a few beastmasters can manage to kill one or two.”

“Oh, right.

Theres news from the central control room that the core area has been subjected to a very strong spiritual energy shockwave, and several of the photoelectric shuttles have been broken.

I wonder how the Jinlong Teams investigation is going…”

“Other than that…” He paused for a moment, “Theres news from above that after the assessment is over and all the beastmasters who participated in the assessment come out, theyll immediately go in to investigate.

Its probably because Old Jin and the others arent doing too well…”

“Well talk about it after the assessment is over,” Long Wu nodded slightly.

“I wonder what those fellows from the profession division are thinking,” The red-haired investigator said speechlessly, “To think they chose the Hidden Mysterious Realm as the location for this years assessment.

The Hidden Mysterious Realm has been under some sort of commotion recently, and fierce beasts like the demon skeleton sword ghosts have appeared.

To have a bunch of newbie beastmasters who dont have much experience in secret realms or combat experience deal with such fierce beasts, wouldnt the difficulty of the assessment be a few levels higher”


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