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Its here!

Wang Ye stared at the wooden cocoon that was about to shatter.

After waiting for a long time, the evolution was finally about to be done!

Wang Ye returned the Flying Feather Sword to Xiao Jiu.

At this moment, the light barrier and airwaves from the Land of Hidden Mysterious had affected where they were as well, causing the originally gray sky to gradually disperse the dense fog.

A faint light penetrated through the clouds and sprinkled down.

At the peak of the mountain, the light was quite brilliant.

This first beam of light just happened to land on the shattering wooden cocoon.

In the next moment, with a “crack”, the wooden cocoon split open.

Amidst the endless silver light, a huge shadow flew out.

Due to the close distance, in Wang Yes line of sight, silver-black scales slowly floated past.

There were many ancient patterns on the scales as if they were some kind of mysterious and profound symbol that recorded some civilization.

Seeing the scales that were half the size of a palm, Wang Ye was stunned, “So big”

Looking up, he found that he was engulfed by this huge shadow.

A dazed python head was facing him.

“Huji!” The white python blinked its eyes.


To be precise, it had become a black python.

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Its body was at least dozens of times bigger than it was before! It was much larger than the evolved Xiao Jiu!

Other than its body becoming larger and the huge increase in scales on its body, the color of its entire body had also changed from its previous white color to a silver-black color.

Its head hadnt changed much, though.

It only looked like it had grown much larger.

However, the pupils in the depths of its eyes were spiral-shaped, like an endless abyss, as if there was a hidden world.

In addition, there was a pair of silver wings on the side of the pythons head, emitting a unique spatial fluctuation.

If it was the white python from before, it wouldve looked a little silly and cautious.

Now, the white python had become a huge python that exuded a mysterious and dark aura.

“Your color has changed!” Wang Ye touched its scales, “Your aura has also changed a lot.

The rest doesnt seem to have changed much though!”

He then sensed the pythons stats and realized that he seemed to be wrong.

[Pet: Soul Shadow-devouring Python]

[Type: Dark-type python]

[Race Class: Emperor first-class]

[ Combat Power: One-star level 3]

[Beginner Skill: Shadowless Line (peak mastery)]

[Intermediate Skills: Three-dimensional Meditation (beginner), Dynamic Vision (great success), Spatial Flash (great success), Intimidation (great success), Spiritual Barrier (great success), Dimensional Cleave (peak mastery)]

[Advanced Skills: Instant Hell Strike (beginner), Complete Darkness (beginner), Supercomputing Space (great success), Ultimate Sublimation (great success), Free-size (great success)]

[Emperor Skills: Soul Space (beginner), Kings Prestige (great success)]

[Six-dimensional Growth: Strength (A), Physique (B ), Agility (A), Spiritual Resistance (B ), Spiritual Energy (A), Soul (A)]

[Genetic Characteristics: Never Rest Until Death (orange), Revise and Learn (orange), Well-prepared (orange), Calm and Collected (orange), Divine Phantom Tail (orange), Expenditure Decrease (orange), Slow and Steady (orange), Sword Spirit Tempered Body (orange), Skyshroud Python (orange), Supreme Spiritual Sense (orange), Shadow Body (orange), Late-bloomer (red), Gluttonous Snake (red – upgradeable)]

[Spiritual Energy Value: 12,000 points]

The interface was gorgeous.

There was only one beginner skill.

The rest were all intermediate and advanced skills.

If others knew about the pythons rows and rows of orange characteristics, they would be shocked.

For a pet at the current stage, it would be good enough if it had two or three orange characteristics.

Unless it was an overlord-class pet, which would then usually have a few orange characteristics.

“Theres not much difference between the changes in the six dimensions and the predicted evolution.

Only strength and spiritual energy have been improved, probably due to the extreme-darkness nether wood.

Theres also no difference between the skills and the predicted evolution.

However, it seems that there are two additional characteristics.”

Wang Yes thoughts moved.

The predicted evolution outcome of the soul shadow-devouring python only had two orange characteristics, namely the Skyshroud Python and Supreme Spiritual Sense.

But now, there were two more, the Shadow Body and Late-bloomer.

“These two characteristics seem to be the Dark Tree of Heavens” Wang Ye frowned slightly, “Is it because of the extreme-darkness nether wood”

The extreme-darkness nether wood came from the Dark Tree of Heaven, and it was a part of the tree itself!

The white python had absorbed the extreme-darkness nether wood to evolve, so it got part of the Dark Tree of Heavens abilities.

It was a pity that it did not obtain any skills.

However, these two characteristics were not simple either.

[Shadow Body (orange): After your body has been baptized by the power of shadow, you can find some unique spaces from the shadows of space and enter them.]

“It should be this characteristic that will allow the white python to be able to enter the Infernal Relic” Wang Ye seemed to have understood something.

[Late-bloomer (red): As time passes, the upper limits of your six dimensional will rise.

The longer time passes, the higher your six dimensions will be.

You may even surpass the limits of your race.]

Wang Ye was slightly startled.

The characteristic Late-bloomer was indeed powerful, but in reality, one would have to wait till the very late stages for it to be effective.

Moreover, since the six dimensions could continue to grow and even surpass the limits of the pets race, this meant that the white pythons six dimensions would no longer be restricted by its level and evolution.

This was impossible for normal pets.

For example, the white python had reached C grade six dimensions previously, but if it did not evolve, it would not grow even if it survived for 120 years in the simulator.

This was because the longer the white python lived, its growth would have reached its peak.

Without the growth period, the six dimensions would not change even after 120 years.

Only after it evolved and broke through its own limits would the six-dimensional growth limit increase again.

Only then could he continue to train the white pythons six dimensions.

For Transcendence class pets, C grade six dimensions were already the limit.


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