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At the top of the cold mountain peak, the cold wind whistled.

Wang Ye looked ahead.

There was only a human skeleton on the peak.

The spirit pearl was in it.

Wang Ye walked over and did not rush to take it.

Instead, he sized the skeleton and the pearl up carefully.

The conditions for the creation of emperor-grade resources were usually quite harsh.

The spirit pearl could definitely be considered an emperor-grade resource.

“It is said that after the death of all living things, if the soul has an obsession over an unfulfilled wish that lasts for a hundred years and its will does not die, the spirit pearl will be formed under the corrosion of time,” Wang Ye muttered in a low voice.

The spirit pearl was unlike Xiao Jius Scalding Bright Flame which was unique, but it was also quite rare and hard to come by.

As an emperor-grade resource, the greatest effect of the spirit pearl was to recover ones soul and prevent it from being infected by other energies.

When a pet absorbed dark-type materials, due to the unique energy of those materials, they would often affect the pets soul, causing the pets personality to undergo a drastic change after absorbing the dark-type materials.

The pet might even break away from the pet contract.

Therefore, soul-related evolution materials were usually needed to neutralize and protect the pet during moments like this.

Wang Ye walked over and gently touched the skeleton that had been here for an unknown number of years.

The moment his finger landed on it, the skeleton instantly turned into dust and disappeared.

The only thing left was a shimmering pearl that landed in Wang Yes hand.

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The inside of the pearl was emitting a crystal clear luster.

No energy fluctuations could be felt.

Only a faint spiritual energy entered Wang Yes soul when he held it.

His spirit trembled!

“Got it,” Wang Ye took a light breath.

However, for some reason, he felt that he had obtained the item too simply.

That being said, he seemed to have obtained the item relatively easily in several simulations, and he hadnt encountered any problems later on.

Worrying should be unnecessary.

“Oh right…” Wang Yes thoughts moved, and he looked around.

He remembered that in the reality simulation before he came, something strange had happened in the distant land after he had just obtained the spirit pearl.

Wang Ye cast his gaze to an even gloomier spot on the other side.

That was the Land of Hidden Mysterious, and also the core of this relic.


Suddenly, the land in that direction began to tremble.

Wang Yes heart tightened.

The simulation was truly accurate!

“Could it be that… This spirit pearl is related to that matter” Wang Ye frowned.

Although the skeleton just now was human, he could not find any information from it.

It was because it was too old.

There was nothing other than bones, so it was impossible to identify it.

“It cant be that this an existence like the Six-character Mantra on Wuzhi Mountain, right” Wang Ye muttered.

Well, he was probably thinking too much.

“Forget it, lets find a safe place first and let the white python evolve,” Wang Ye put away the spirit pearl in his hand.

It was not easy to find a safe place in the core region.

“Hmm…” Wang Ye looked around, “This mountain peak seems to be a very good place.

We probably wont need to find another place.”

The mountain peak was very high, so the fierce beasts on the ground would usually not appear here.

The fierce beasts in the air were not a problem with Xiao Jius protection.

At this moment, a strange light suddenly erupted from in the Land of Hidden Mysterious.

“Oh Could it be that they are already fighting” Wang Yes eyes were fixed as he looked into the distance, “Doesnt seem like it.

Come, white python, lets evolve directly!”

“Huji!” The white python immediately blinked.

Wang Ye took out the materials one by one: Three troll hearts, five stalks of the nether spider lily, and ten nether demon plume.

Other than the extreme-darkness nether wood and the spirit pearl, Wang Ye had long bought these materials.

He had let the white python swallow them and keep them in its reserve before entering the secret realm.

“Xiao Jiu, guard well!” Wang Ye patted Xiao Jius wings.

Xiao Jiu nodded and scanned its surroundings with a sharp gaze.

Everything was ready.

Wang Ye seemed to have thought of something and took out the spatial cloud mushroom as well.

As an emperor-grade spatial resource, the cloud mushroom had some spirituality.

Since it had come to him itself, he just had to pick it.

“If I use you… Never mind… The evolution route is fixed.

If I use one more material during evolution, it will cause variables.

Its too hard to predict.”

Unless he ran another reality simulation.

But it felt a little wasteful.

If something went wrong, the simulation would be wasted.

Following the designated evolution route was good enough.

As for this material, it could be used for other purposes in the future.

Wang Ye put the spatial cloud mushroom away and fed the materials to the white python according to the information from the simulation of evolution.

The requirements of evolution were quite interesting.

Not all of these materials had to be consumed.

Some of them just had to be applied on the white pythons body.

The ten nether demon plume had to be inserted into different parts of the white python.

The five stalks of nether spider lily had to be crushed and smeared on the extreme-darkness nether wood, which would then have to be used to crush the troll hearts into a paste and smeared all over the white python.

At this time, the white python then needed to use Spiritual Barrier to begin to resist the dark-type energy from infecting its soul through its body.

This was the first step.

To be honest, the evolutionary prelude was very troublesome and also quite strange.

Especially when Wang Ye picked up the extreme-darkness nether wood to crush the troll hearts, the paste that formed was like a silver-black thick liquid, exuding a heart-palpitating aura.

On top of that, Wang Ye couldnt be the one who smeared the paste.

The white python had to smear it on itself with its tail.

The second step was to insert Shadowless Lines into the extreme-darkness nether wood, forming a unique energy circuit that would circulate throughout the body, allowing the pet to absorb the dark-type energy.

After that, it had to swallow the spirit pearl.

After smearing the paste, the white python that was originally snow-white turned into a small silver-black snake.

“Chirp!” Xiao Jiu, who was patrolling in the air, turned around to take a look.

When it saw the white python that had already changed color, it immediately let out a cry.

So ugly!

“Huji!” The white python understood and immediately let out a cry of dissatisfaction.

It lowered its head and sized itself up.

It seemed to be dissatisfied and developed an unwillingness towards evolution.

It looked at Wang Ye, and its eyes were somewhat hesitant.

It seemed to be unable to endure the fact that it had become ugly.

“…” Wang Ye.

This was something that he had never expected.

“Trust me,” Wang Ye nodded his head affirmatively, “Look, before Xiao Jiu evolved, wasnt it also an ugly little bird Evolution is a natural selection process, so you would definitely change in a better direction.

Xiao Jiu has already become so beautiful, do you think you would be inferior to it Dont tell me, do you think you are worse than Xiao Jiu”

“Chirp, chirp!” Xiao Jiu unhappily threw a feather at Wang Ye.

The white python pondered for a few seconds, and felt that it made sense.

“Then continue!” Wang Ye nodded.

For pets, evolution did not allow hesitation.

This was a change in life form.

Once the pet hesitated, it was very likely that countless problems would appear during the evolution process.

Failure was very possible.

And once the evolution failed, the potential of the pet would definitely decline.

It would be very difficult to evolve again.

“In addition,” Wang Ye continued, “Ill tell you a secret of evolution! A secret that even Xiao Jiu doesnt know.”

He whispered a few words into the white pythons ear.

After listening to it, the white pythons eyes lit up, and its eyes immediately became extremely determined.

Xiao Jiu wasnt satisfied.

What was this secret that even it didnt know

It landed and chirped at Wang Ye.

It wanted to know too!

“Its useless even if you know now,” Wang Ye waved his hand, “Well talk about it after the white python evolves.”

In all honesty, pets were somewhat unwilling to have the dark attribute.

This was because the energy of this attribute leaned towards the power of strangeness.

As the biggest disaster in the world to date, both humans and pets hated the power of strangeness to the extreme.

Some countries even thought of dark-type pets as an ominous symbol.

It was forbidden for dark-type pets to appear in those country.

However, that involved the divine beast totem beliefs and the culture of the country.

In Dongli, without a divine beast totem, these prejudices naturally didnt exist.

Any pet that could fight against the power of strangeness was a good pet.

On top of that, they even favored light and dark attribute pets.

Of course, in terms of the basic trend in the whole world, there was not much detestation towards dark-type pets.

It was only in certain countries or regions that there was some detestation.

After the white python swallowed the spirit pearl, a wonderful cycle seemed to be formed in its body in an instant.

The nether demon plume on its body lit up like beacons.

They were like the base point of the energy, guiding the unique energy.

Then, the extreme-darkness nether wood began to shatter, turning into countless wood shavings.

Under the infiltration of the Shadowless Lines, these wood shavings flew toward the white python, forming a dark black wooden cocoon.

Waves of majestic energy began to burst out from the inside.

The pouring energy caused many fierce beasts to come upon sensing the commotion.

In the thick fog in the air, ghostly figures began to appear.

They were half-hidden between the clouds, emitting a fatal aura.

Wang Ye narrowed his eyes and stood by the side of the white python, “Sword!”

Xiao Jiu chirped.

Its feathers turned into feather blades and landed in front of Wang Ye, forming the Flying Feather Sword.

Without the Shadowless Lines, it was less powerful.

However, Wang Ye did not need to take the initiative to attack.

He only held the Flying Feather Sword and protected the white python.

As for the rest, Xiao Jiu was enough.

It was a light flame-type pet, which made it have a fatal lethality against these fierce beasts.

Wang Ye himself only needed to stab the fierce beasts to deliver the killing move when needed.

Well… He had to admit that there was still a big gap between him and Xiao Jiu, whose spiritual energy value had reached 320000.

Wang Ye calmed himself down and paid attention to the battle in the air while keeping an eye on his surroundings.

As they were on the peak of a mountain, fierce beasts would only occasionally appear in the air.

“Speaking of which, the spirit pearl had been quite eye-catching on the peak of the mountain… It has been here for so many years, but it hasnt been taken away by these fierce beasts Could it be that the corpse had been emitting pressure Or is this place itself very strange, and forbidden grounds for these fierce beasts Now that the spirit pearl has been consumed by the white python…” Wang Ye was deep in thought.

In midair, Xiao Jiu defeated one fierce beast after another like slaughtering chickens.

Some still had a few breaths left, so Wang Ye casually stabbed them, not leaving the white pythons side at all.

After an unknown amount of time, when he was feeling a little tired, his backpack suddenly trembled.

He put down the backpack and found that the hilts of the demon skeleton sword ghosts that he had killed earlier had suddenly begun to tremble.

It was as if they had been mysteriously affected.

“Huh” Wang Ye was slightly startled.

This material could move

“Whats going on”

In the next moment, the hilts suddenly burst out with a strong light, and like a light sword, they left Wang Yes backpack and floated as if they had received some kind of guidance.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The red hilt of the demon skeleton sword ghost elite was the first to move.

It flew into the air and toward the Land of Hidden Mysterious!

Wang Yes heart skipped a beat.

He instantly felt that something was wrong and immediately looked toward the Land of Hidden Mysterious in the distance!

He saw a bright light appear in the gray and mysterious area.

In the air, countless sword hilts that were emitting light rose up from the ground and flew into the distance.


A mushroom cloud-like airwave rose in the distance.

It was like a huge divine light shield that absorbed all the light swords.

“Could it be that they are already fighting” Wang Ye took a deep breath and looked at the white python beside him.


Cracks appeared on the wooden cocoon.

It gave off a pitch-black glow that slowly seeped out, interweaved with contradictory colors…

The evolution was almost complete!


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