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The Hidden Mysterious Realm, the core region.

After rushing out of the cave, they were not far from the core region.

Wang Ye stood on Xiao Jius back and looked at the distant dark sky.

The biggest difference between the core and outer regions was that the sky was even gloomier in the former.

In the distance, there was even a huge spiral-like vortex that was sweeping up the surrounding rolling dark clouds.

It was as if an apocalyptic boss was about to appear.

The occasional crackling lightning followed the deep vortex like a protective escort.

The result of the vortexs travels was that the wind in the core region was like thunder, and the temperature dropped rapidly.

In fact, the visibility was so low that one had to light torches to even see.

Looking down from the sky, the region below was flickering with sparks like stars.

It was likely that a beastmaster had entered the core region to explore.

“Its already been a day.

Those who can reach the core region should be quite capable,” Wang Ye had Xiao Jiu lower its altitude and observe the surrounding mountains.

According to the simulation, the spirit pearl was at the peak of a mountain range.

However, there were many mountains around…

“Hmm…” Wang Ye was still thinking about the rock dragon emperors matter.

What exactly was that rainbow celestial lotus

Why did it have to be nourished by the dragon marrow of a pet like the rock dragon emperor

In all these years, had any other beastmaster fallen for it

The Land of Hidden Mysterious was also awaiting them ahead.

Although they were bound to go, the outcome was really hard to predict.

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“Huji!” The white python coiled around Wang Yes arm and rubbed against his shoulder.

“Although there are many problems, at the moment, I still have to help you evolve first,” Wang Ye patted the white pythons head.

They had done so many simulations all the way to this point.

To gather the evolution materials for the white python, just simulations in the Infernal Relic alone had been countless.

After the white python evolved, only then could it be considered to have the ability to protect itself.

Moreover, after it evolved, if it could indeed enter and leave the Infernal Relic like in the reality simulation, that would be wonderful.

This was especially so since the white pythons evolution route was slightly stronger compared to Xiao Jius.

The difference was that when Xiao Jiu had evolved, it had obtained part of the crimson flame phoenixs soul inheritance, causing the brilliant light sparrows strength to exceed the original simulated evolutions predicted strength.

“Chirp!” Xiao Jiu suddenly called out.

“Hm” Wang Ye looked down.

They were at a low altitude, so he could already roughly see what was on the ground.

In their line of sight, a strange fierce beast with a tall and sturdy build, its entire body made up of bones and minced meat, appeared below them.

This fierce beast was in the shape of a human, and on its back was a huge sword that was half the height of a human.

Compared to other fierce beasts, it could be said to be very eye-catching.

“This is the demon skeleton sword ghost” Only then did Wang Ye remember that the goal of the survival assessment was to kill this beast.

“There seem to be a few of them.

Just kill them,” He thought for a moment.

He had almost forgotten about the mission of the survival assessment.

It did not matter whether he did it or not, though.

As an aide, he did not need to kill them.

As long as he stayed alive in the secret realm for some time, he would be considered to have passed.

However, killing them would bring extra rewards.

“Demon skeleton sword ghost.

It is said that those that have been affected by the Land of Hidden Mysterious would have blue bone swords on their backs.

So, is this an ordinary demon skeleton sword ghost Its energy level reaction is not high.

It seems to be only at the peak of level 2, but it is indeed a little stronger than a fierce beast of the same species.”

Wang Ye patted Xiao Jius neck and said, “It seems that there are a few more that are rushing over from behind.

When you fly over, kill them while you are at it.”

Xiao Jiu thought for a moment and nodded.

At the same time, below.

“Ming Zhu, hurry up! What are you doing! That demon skeleton sword ghost is coming!” Rapid and clear shouts kept ringing out.

“Sheesh, dont rush me! Xiao Bais Charm didnt work, what can I do” In front, Ming Zhu and the white moon fox were surrounding the demon skeleton sword ghost.

The white moon foxs eyes flashed with purple light as if it was activating some kind of skill.

However, its race skill did not seem to be very effective toward a fierce beast.

After all, most fierce beasts did not have consciousness, so spiritual-related control skills were rarely effective.

“F*ck! Why is this demon skeleton sword ghost so troublesome! Its just a level 2 fierce beast, yet it has high defense and resistance, and its sword skill is ridiculously strong!” Behind them, a woman was holding a short staff with mysterious runes engraved on it, waving it gently.

On her shoulders, two small white mushrooms were emitting a faint light, as if they were recovering their stamina.

“Xu Sandao, what the hell are you doing Hurry up and move!” The woman holding the short staff pointed at a man who was wiping his treasured saber at the side.

This was a three-person team.

The three of them each had a hilt at their waists, dropped by demon skeleton sword ghosts.

It showed that they had killed a certain number of those beasts.

“Whats the rush” The man said in a deep voice, “Arent I warming up Xiao Teng, quickly wrap around my waist!”

Behind the man, a thick golden vine twisted slightly.

When it heard this, it immediately coiled around the mans waist like a snake.

In an instant, the mans entire body trembled as if a powerful strength had been injected into him.

A layer of light golden aura that seemed to be corporeal burned on him.

“Heavenly Blade · Soul Condensing!” Xu Sandao held the large saber that seemed to be made of diamond horizontally in his hand and brushed it past his arm.

The back of the saber drew a bloody scar on his arm and began to tremble slightly.

“Ming Zhu, move aside!” He shouted in a low voice.

Ming Zhu and the white moon fox looked at each other in the distance and immediately retreated.

As a fighter, she only had comprehensive combat abilities and was responsible for restraining and disturbing the opponent.

In the team, there was a need for another fighter who was responsible for killing.

In the face of a strong enemy, the benefits of a team were quite obvious.

Ming Zhu retreated to the side.

The demon skeleton sword ghost immediately roared in anger.

Without any disturbance, it raised the long sword in its hand and slashed forward.

At the same time, a cold light flashed, and Xu Sandaos figure appeared in front of them as if he had teleported, slashing horizontally with his golden saber.

The two slashes collided, creating an ear-piercing sound.

Immediately after, the saber light poured over and finally defeated the giant sword.

It slashed down, splitting the demon skeleton sword ghost into two halves.

The beast turned into a pile of pitch-black smoke that quickly dissipated on the spot.

All that was left was the blue hilt of its sword.

Seeing this, the three immediately collapsed to the ground.

“Theres something wrong with how strong these sword ghosts are in the core region,” Xu Sandaos face was pale, but he still smiled confidently, “Unfortunately, It was still killed by me!”

“F*ck off! If it werent for Ming Zhu and me holding it back, you wouldnt even have the chance to display your lousy saber skills,” The woman holding the short staff picked up the blue hilt of the sword.

She looked charming, but the words that came out of her mouth made the corners of Xu Sandaos mouth twitch.

“Enough, stop bickering,” Ming Zhu shook her head, “There arent many people from our university who can reach this point.

Lets see how many materials we still need.

Come on.

I keep feeling creeped out in this core region.

I dont feel safe at all.”

“Ive been to quite some secret realms, but the Hidden Mysterious Realm is indeed quite strange,” Ming Zhu sighed, “Sigh, if it werent for the rule that we cant find people we know when forming teams, I would have cleared the assessment with Wang Ye by now.”

The teammates she had found were all strangers.

The assessment rule was very inhumane.

To think they could not look for friends and classmates who they knew.

Those two were at least from the same university, though they were not in the same major.

Fortunately, they were both elites from the university.

Although they werent familiar with each other, it wasnt difficult for them to cooperate.

They managed to reach the core region steadily.

“Ming Zhu, is that Wang Ye youre talking about that strong” Xu Sandao walked over, “At the very least, Im the best in the Material Talent Sequence major in my university.

Im quite confident in my strength.

Isnt that right, Xiao Teng”

He patted the giant vine on his waist.

The wood tendril vine was a metal-wood dual-element pet.

It was good at support and control.

When attached to a beastmaster, it could give an extremely high boost to the beastmaster.

“Its not a question of whether hes strong or not,” Ming Zhu said with a smile, “Hes one of those rare… yes, very special beastmasters.

Also, I dont know if hes strong, but his pet is very strong.”

“That wont do,” Xu Sandao stood up with difficulty, dusting off the dust on his body and clenching his bandaged fist, “A real man still has to rely on himself.”

“It takes a lot of effort for you to even kill a demon skeleton sword ghost,” The woman with the short staff rolled her eyes, “Dont think that just because youre a fighter you look down on pets.

Without your vines, I think wed see you turn around and run the moment you see a demon skeleton sword ghost.”

“Cough, cough, cough… Big sister Chen, please stop insulting me,” Xu Sandao patted his giant vines, “Im still the main force, so I do need some dignity.

Besides, I didnt use my full strength just now.

If I had, a few more wouldnt have been my match!”

Cheng Chen curled her lips.

She knew that this guy had hidden his strength.

Who wouldnt know to hide their strength

It was just that to think he still hid his strength when they were in danger.

It seemed that he wasnt treating them as teammates at all.

The demon skeleton sword ghost just now had suddenly charged over.

If it werent for Ming Zhus cleverness in stalling the beast, she might have been injured.

Of course, he wasnt wrong to hide his strength.

After all, the survival assessment of the secret realm wasnt the last round.

There was still a comprehensive battle after this, so all of them wanted to reserve some of their strength to shine in the duel later and get excellent results.

Perhaps they could even give a go at the title of the best beastmasters in the professional assessment of Xinghai Province.

“The Seven Stars of Beidou.”

“Professional Rookie King.”

At this moment, Ming Zhu suddenly stood up and looked into the distance, “It seems that there are still demon skeleton sword ghosts.


The three looked forward.

They saw one demon skeleton sword ghost after another rushing over from afar as if they had smelled something.

“Five So many!”

“Wait, the one in the middle, could it be…”

“F*ck, I jinxed it!”

In their line of sight, the giant sword on the back of the demon skeleton sword ghost in the middle was a pale red one!

“A demon skeleton sword ghost elite!”

“Lets go, lets go quickly!” Xu Sandao said hurriedly.

“Go where” Cheng Chen smiled, “Didnt you say that a few more wouldnt be a match for you”

“I was just bragging… Senior Long Wu had said that the demon skeleton sword ghost elites are comparable to peak level 3 fierce beasts, and they even possess the power of strangeness.

With that pale red sword, even if it isnt elite, it shouldnt be far off!” Xu Sandao waved his hand, “There are even four more.

Anyone would run.”

Just as he finished speaking, a ball of light that was as hot as the sun suddenly swooped down from the sky.

Like a fighter jet, it spun and charged into the distance.

In just a single exchange, the endless flames instantly annihilated everything.

The five demon skeleton sword ghosts were instantly chopped into pieces.

Their tattered flesh and bones were burned into ashes, and the power of strangeness was burned, making ear-piercing sounds.

With that, only five sword hilts were left.

The three were instantly stunned.

When the flames died off slightly, they saw a figure in the distance.

It was a magnificent giant divine bird with green and white feathers.

Then, the five sword hilts flew onto the back of the divine bird as if they were hooked by something.

After that, the divine bird flapped its wings and flew away.

Landing, attacking, retracting… The whole operation had been neat and clean!

The three were numbed by what they saw, and they couldnt come back to their senses for a moment.

Only Ming Zhus blank eyes had some doubt and a sense of familiarity.


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