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Zhao Pings palms were spread out flatly, and his entire body was surrounded by a wave of gray turbid water.

The water pounced into the depths of the lava before him and sprinkled on the rock dragon emperor.

At the instant that it sprinkled down, the rock dragon emperors body emitted sizzling hot air, and the rocks on its body began to corrode.

“Turbid water.

Among the water-type talents, there are turbid water, clean water, weak water, and many other different water elemental control abilities,” Wang Ye glanced at him with a hint of envy.

Turbid Water Control was one of the top talents in the entire Elemental Talent Sequence.

It was also quite outstanding among the water-type talents.

The turbid water displayed by a beastmaster possessed an extremely strong corrosive ability.

It could destroy the enemys defenses, and was an extremely domineering water-type talent.

Furthermore, it could fuse with other water elements to produce a mutated effect.

However, such a talent wasnt easy to cultivate.

It required one to consume many materials that were harmful to ones body just to slowly level up.

As one cultivated to the end, while the might of ones talent would be great, ones body would also suffer a certain amount of damage.

A lot of poison would accumulate in ones body, causing ones lifespan to decrease.

Usually, in such situations, one would need the help of a pet that could purify ones body, complementing each other.

“A water elf is a rare pet that can be bound to oneself and purify its beastmasters body.

It has both offense and defense abilities and is an innate elemental elf.

Its extremely rare,” Wang Ye fell into deep thought.


The energy fluctuations from Zhao Pings Turbid Water Control were only a little over level 2.

The turbid water he used had an extremely obvious effect on the rock dragon emperor.

It could be seen just how exaggerated the power of this talent was.

At the same time, a small blue elemental elf flew out from behind Zhao Ping and jumped into the air.

Its entire body glowed as it opened its mouth and spat out a huge spiral water column towards the rock dragon emperor.

Intermediate water-type skill, Water Dragon Cannon!

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From the power effect, it should be around the proficient realm.

This skill was very powerful.

In combination with the turbid water that was reducing the opponents defense, even an earth-type fierce beast at level 3 would be defeated in one move.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The huge stream of water splashed onto the lava nearby, and the cave was instantly filled with clouds and mist like a fairyland.

However, the scene was very cool, but the effects…


As the Water Dragon Cannon gradually disappeared, only then did the rock dragon emperor slowly open its eyes and let out a low roar.

It was as if that move just now had barely woken it up from its dream.

Even in the fog, Wang Ye could see that Zhao Ping was stunned.

It was obvious that he had underestimated the rock dragon emperor.


With that, the rock dragon emperor let out a majestic roar, and its aura instantly rose!

A terrifying spiritual pressure instantly enveloped the cave!

The fog seemed to have solidified, frozen by the powerful spiritual power.

The corroded mountain rocks on the rock dragon emperors body quickly began to cover its body again, like an armor that would grow on its own.

In just a few breaths, it was as good as new.

“I cant beat it.

Its up to you then,” Zhao Ping said coldly in another direction.

Wang Ye was stunned.

Could it be that he had long been discovered

Just as Zhao Ping finished speaking, a cold light burst out from the hazy fog and descended from the sky!

The fog in the surroundings quickly condensed and took the shape of an ice-colored dragon.

It soared into the air and bared its fangs while brandishing its claws, transforming into a beam of cold light that pierced through the clouds and smashed towards the rock dragon emperor.

It had to be said that even with Wang Yes beauty standards, this move was quite cool!

That was because, in that beam of light, he saw a beautiful figure.

The beautiful face covered by an icy aura was bright like a flash.

Coupled with the mysterious talent skill, it seemed to brighten the dark cave!

“That Bing Li seems to be… What a cool move!”

Not only was it cool, but it also seemed to be terrifyingly powerful as well!

Under the huge fluctuation of ice-type energy, the rock dragon emperor was quickly frozen, and even the surrounding magma around it was frozen!

The entire cave instantly turned from a lava cave into an ice cave!

“Mystic Ice Control.

Among ice-type talents, mystic ice is an extremely thick type of ice.

Its power and effect are both terrifying!”

Wang Ye had finally witnessed the power of these top-ranked talents.

He hadnt really encountered them before.

Even Commander Lin Rous talent couldnt be considered to be top-ranked.

She had gotten to her position with only hard work.

The talents of the rest of the investigators were also average.

Those with good talent wouldnt come to Anping Countys Investigation Corps anyway.

He had now finally seen these powerful talents, and they were only talents in the Elemental Talent Sequence, yet they were already so powerful.

There were probably even more powerful talents among those higher ranked.

Looking at the frozen rock dragon emperor, Wang Ye sighed in his heart.

He deeply felt that his talent was just weak.

He was just relying on Xiao Jiu and the white python…

However, at this moment, the ice on the rock dragon emperor only lasted for a few seconds before the mystic ice on its body which was as thick as iron boards began to shatter.

Crack crack crack…


In less than ten seconds, the mystic ice turned into countless fragments that shot out in all directions like bullets!

“So powerful!” Bing Li, who was falling from the sky, shook her head slightly.

She did not stay any longer and fled toward the exit.

The strength of the rock dragon emperor was beyond imagination.

It was probably at least at the peak of level 3.

They wondered what characteristics it had, but ice and water were ineffective to it.

Its growth ability was simply astonishing!

Its resistance to the elements seemed to have been maxed out, and was even almost out of control!

This was the first time they had encountered such a powerful fierce beast.


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