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“Different occupations have different assessment requirements.

Killing a fierce beast is the core requirement, but for different classes, such as aides who excel in support, they usually only need to persevere for a certain amount of time.

For warlocks that excel in control, they need to control a fierce beast for a certain amount of time, and so on.

These beastmasters who are more inclined to assist arent required on killing a fierce beast themselves, but they still have to face one head-on.

This should be a piece of cake for you investigators though.”

This assessment was indeed very easy for the investigators.

After all, investigators faced fierce beasts every day.

They were unlike the students of the universities, who mostly focused on dueling among themselves and rarely had real battles with fierce beasts or strange gods.

This was because fighting with fierce beasts was extremely dangerous and the universities could not bear such responsibility.

If something went wrong and the students or their pets were crippled, it would be a waste of the students talents and potential, as well as the resources of the universities.

“For our university, most of the students can only experience the process of fighting a fierce beast online through the virtual combat system established by the university.

Only a very small number of students have the opportunity to fight real fierce beasts under conditions that ensure their safety,” Ming Zhu paused before continuing, “Moreover, these students have to have the courage to face fierce beasts or strange gods.

Most beastmasters will only grow rapidly after they become professional beastmasters to face powerful fierce beasts and the dark fog strange gods.”

“As for the virtual combat system, to be honest… Although it feels very real, to the point ones senses in there can reach more than 90% reality level, its gap with real combat is enormous.

The fierce beast models that are constructed by the virtual combat system are only 70-80% accurate to real fierce beasts, and all of it is just strings of data.”

The virtual combat system could be considered a unique resource for universities.

It required a powerful beastmaster with a talent in the Spiritual Talent Sequence to build countless fierce beast models with the integration of modern internet technology.

Although the models couldnt be constructed to be exactly the same as the fierce beasts themselves, at least it could help the students accumulate some experience while being fully safe.

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Its a hell of a lot better than the investigators having to face real fierce beasts.

The ironic part is that the data for the fierce beast models are mostly the product of countless lives of the Investigation Corps investigators lost in secret realms…

Wang Ye didnt say anything.

He knew a little about this.

Why was the death rate of investigators so high

Compared to students who had studied, dueled, battled in the virtual combat system, and eventually became professional beastmasters, investigators had to face real fierce beasts from the very beginning, so the death rate was naturally ridiculously high.

At the same time, the potential of most investigators wasnt high…

Wang Ye shook his head.

The plaza was huge, so it was divided into different assessment areas.

After walking toward the east for a while, the number of beastmasters around had largely decreased.

Usually, beastmasters who couldnt even meet the basic requirements naturally didnt need to participate in the following assessments.

In the assessment area ahead, a transparent spatial wall appeared.

Standing outside, one could see that there were many steel cages inside the spatial wall, about the size of two basketball courts.

“Roar!!” Compared to the cute sound of pets, the roar of a fierce beast could really stop a child from crying due to shock and fright.

It was filled with extreme hostility and killing intent!

“No, mom, I want to go home! I dont want to fight a fierce beast!”

“Is this even reasonable! That demonic flame wolf is clearly dying, yet it can still attack”

“F*ck! Its so dangerous.

I should just be an amateur beastmaster…”

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“This is too hard! I clearly attacked the weaknesses of the fierce beast, yet why isnt it feeling anything Its completely different from the schools virtual battles!”

“Professional, eh I should respect this word.

Id better just leave.”

“I could fight four or five of these fierce beasts by myself in the virtual combat system, but in real-life battles, I can barely fight one.

Im speechless.”

Wang Ye suddenly fell silent after arriving in the area.

He saw countless ugly scenes.

There were people running helter-skelter, holding their pets in their arms.

There were people banging on the steel cage in fear, shouting for help.

There were even people who abandoned their pets and hid in a corner, shivering.

Of the beastmasters from all over Xinghai Province, probably only the students from beastmaster universities, as well as investigators who were able to survive through the assessments until now, had slightly better qualities.

It was just a disaster for the unaffiliated beastmasters to participate in this kind of assessment.

“Its surprising, no” Ming Zhu smiled, “Beastmasters are also humans.

In the face of real danger and death, only a small portion of them possess steel will and an unyielding spirit.

Even in the university, not everyone is an elite.

Theyre unlike you investigators, who have been walking on a tightrope from the start.

After all, the investigators who can survive are already used to it, and those who cant survive… And this is just a simple fierce beast combat assessment.

There are no cages in the secret realm and the dark fog.

If one is not careful, one might just be killed unknowingly.

You should know this much better than me.”

Wang Ye nodded.

He recalled the first time when he followed Xu Hu to Baisen Secret Realm to investigate.

Logically speaking, if he didnt have the simulation… The moment they entered the secret realm, they would have been wiped out long ago.

That was the terror that the investigators had to face!

Even if he had the simulations, he still had to run several reality simulations to ensure survival.

As for the secret realms after that, such as the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb, it was the same.

The level of danger was simply ridiculously high.

“This kind of assessment can eliminate a large portion of beastmasters,” Wang Ye said softly.

“Of course,” Ming Zhus expression was calm, “The word “professional” means that one has to bear the responsibility given by the state.

How can it be easy If one is unable to face it, one can still contribute to society by choosing to be an amateur beastmaster.”


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