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“Wait, this is an all-new new evolution form!” The examiner looked at the cracks on the Gem Pupil.

Powerful level reactions would not cause cracks to appear in the level 5 Hexagon Gem Pupil.

Only when there were unknown and undetectable pet information would cracks appear due to internal calculation errors.

A moment later, the data appeared.

[Pet: ]

[Class: Emperor first-class]

[Combat power: Three-star level 3]

[Spiritual Energy Value: 324,500]

“As expected!” The examiner gasped.

What kind of monstrous pet was this

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Every year, there would be some monstrous pets during the professional assessment!

But the ones this year seemed to be extra monstrous!

“320,000 spiritual energy value, how is this possible It has reached the spiritual energy value growth limit for every star it has advanced What kind of potential is this” The examiners scalp went slightly numb.

As an old examiner, he had been conducting the professional assessment in Xinghai Province for many years.

Such extreme levels were simply rare.

“A new evolution form plus an extreme spiritual energy value, no wonder…” The examiner looked at the data and was a bit uncertain, “You… This pet of yours, what did it evolve from”

“A green sparrow.”

“” The examiner was dumbfounded.

What A green sparrow could evolve into this

From the Transcnednet class to the Emperor class, there was a total of three classes between them!

He hadnt nurtured many pets, dont lie to him!

“It obtained the phoenix bloodline in the Yihuang Forest in Yaoguang City,” Wang Ye said simply.

“Yihuang Forest, phoenix bloodline…” The examiner was very knowledgeable, and when he heard this, he immediately understood, “I see! No wonder.

A few days ago, I heard that someone obtained the phoenix bloodline in the Yihuang Forest of Yaoguang City.

So it was you, huh Young man, you have a bright future ahead of you!”

The examiner revealed a gratified smile and began to record the data.

“Oh right, does this evolution form have a name”

“The brilliant light sparrow.”

“The brilliant light sparrow, light flame-type Compound attributes!” The examiner immediately recorded the data on the Gem Pupil.

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“320,000 spiritual energy value, reaching the upper limits of growth.

This is good, very good! Although your talent is weak, your luck is extremely good.

Work hard!” The examiner patted Wang Yes shoulder.

At this moment, the surrounding crowd was dumbfounded.

Only when Wang Ye brought Xiao Jiu down the platform did they come back to their senses.

“You… you… you…” Ming Zhu pointed at Xiao Jiu who was on Wang Yes shoulder.

She was truly dumbfounded.

When Wang Yes talent had been assessed, she could still somehow understand, but the pets data had truly turned her world views upside down.

The evolution of the green sparrow into an Emperor first-class pet was still acceptable because it had, after all, obtained the phoenix bloodline.

But its spiritual energy value was truly too exaggerated.

A spiritual energy value of 100,000 for a one-star level 3 pet was the theoretical limit of growth.

In reality, it was extremely difficult to achieve such a value!

As far as Ming Zhu knew, the most extreme pet among the freshmen in Qixing University in the past two years had only been a one-star level 3 pet with a spiritual energy value of over 90,000.

A two-star level 3 pet could only have a spiritual energy value of 180,000 at most.

For a three-star level 3 pet to have a spiritual energy value of 320,000, it meant that the pet had reached its limit of growth in terms of spiritual energy value for every star level, gaining 100,000 spiritual energy points for every advancement.

It was even close to level 4.

This was not something that could be achieved with just resources.

It required the pets bloodline, class, combat techniques, and so on to reach an extremely high level of compatibility.

Just the phoenix bloodline alone couldnt possibly bring about such growth that reached extreme limits.

“Not bad, right” Wang Ye patted Xiao Jiu.

“It doesnt seem to be just not bad…” Ming Zhu spread her hands, “Although I dont know how you did it, you probably dont have much of an idea about the limit of the spiritual energy value of level 3 pets.

If you were in our university and you could raise such a pet, you would be immediately studied by the professors of various colleges.

Yet, youre an investigator.

Youre practically a monster.”

Level 3 was very special, it was the rapid growth period after pet evolution.

It was a crucial stage for pets to widen the gap with other pets.

At the same time, different combat techniques would have different degrees of compatibility with pets.

As such, it was very easy to create gaps between pets when through different ways of nurturing them.

The pets may be of the exact same type, but each pets growth path, growth experience, personality, characteristics, and so on were all different.

Even if they were level 3 pets of the same race, they would have different degrees of compatibility when practicing different combat techniques.

This also resulted in the myriad of changes within level three pets.

“A hundred years ago, a world-famous deity-rank beastmaster said that there are no two pets that are completely the same in the world.

This saying has received the approval of countless modern pet experts.

This green sparrow of yours is unique,” Ming Zhu sighed in amazement.


Wang Ye nodded.

If Xiao Jiu were to simulate from the beginning again, it would definitely not be the same as it was now.

“It should be said that every one of our pets is unique, right” Wang Ye cleared his throat.

“Its my fault for not looking at the bigger picture,” Ming Zhu waved her hand.

Under everyones shocked and silent gazes, she led Wang Ye away from the plaza.

She didnt ask for any other information regarding Xiao Jiu.

After all, all beastmasters had their secrets in nurturing pets.

No one would casually share their secrets with others.

It was just like only Ming Zhu knew how she had raised her white moon fox.

Thanks to the famous theory, many beastmasters understood one thing: Even if others told one how they nurtured their pets, one still wouldnt be able to nurture a pet like the other pets.

At most, it would just be some experience-sharing…

“Next is the fierce beast combat assessment.

It involves survival in secret realms because if one doesnt have some basic field combat ability, one cant be called a professional beastmaster.”


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