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Wang Ye walked out.

The simulation was still as accurate as before.

What should come, would come.

Perhaps, if that lioness had taken her cubs away from here temporarily, she would not have encountered such a thing.

“Who are you” Mo Kai stopped in his tracks.

Looking at Wang Ye who had appeared in front of him, he raised his eyebrows.

Wang Ye couldnt be bothered to waste his breath on these dumbasses.

He paused, and a stream of air burst out from where he stood.

In the next second, he charged straight at Mo Kai.

To be honest, even if the lioness left this place, he still wanted to teach these people a lesson.

If it werent for the simulation, he would have become a cripple because of this matter.

Of course, if he hadnt received any rewards from the simulations, ahem, then he wouldve forgotten about it.

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But now, Wang Ye felt that he was very strong.

His huge fist was like a cannonball, shooting straight at Mo Kai.

“A fighter” Mo Kais pupils constricted slightly, and a purple armor formed from spiritual energy appeared on his body, flowing with tiny electric arcs.


The two collided, and Mo Kai was immediately sent flying, his expression slightly changing.

Wang Ye clenched his fist.

Not bad, he had indeed become much stronger.

That weakling Wang Ye from before should be gone for good.

“Hmph!” Mo Kai let out a low growl and did not waste any more words.

His pupils began to flicker with a purple light, and there were lightning arcs that kept jumping.

A gale began to rise in the surroundings, accompanied by thunderbolts.

Elemental Talent Sequence 19, Sky Lightning.

Among the Elemental Talent Sequence, those in the top 30 were all among the top talents.

They were not much weaker compared to the talents of the last four great sequences.

The higher level one cultivated their talent to, the stronger their power.

When a humans talent cultivation reached the late stages, the human wouldnt be weaker than a pet.

When the powers of both parties were combined, they could even erupt with even greater strength.

This was the key for humans to fight against the dark fog.

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“Youre courting death!” Mo Kai shouted coldly.

Lightning arcs danced in his palm, and endless lightning spread throughout his body.

His aura was extremely powerful!


Wang Ye had seen talent skills before.

Back during the competition to get into the relic of life, a senior investigator used a talent skill called Steel Kick·Break.

It had left a deep impression on him.

Mo Kai that was currently before him was vastly different though.

In the next moment, Mo Kai teleported, and he disappeared like a bolt of lightning!

So fast!

Wang Yes heart shook, and his eyes flashed.

Dynamic Vision!

The moment it was activated, the world seemed to have changed!

Almost in an instant, Wang Ye had caught the trajectory of the latter!

He was already behind him!

Moreover, his hand was like a lightning strike, slashing toward him!

Wang Yes body moved slightly to the side.

The results of his previous training had shown themselves.

Now, he could accurately control his body and unleash the potential of his S- grade agility growth.

The lightning arc literally brushed past Wang Yes chest.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the shock and disbelief in Mo Kais eyes.

Immediately after, he threw a punch!


Mo Kai was instantly sent flying and crashed into the ground far away.

“It feels a little numb!” Wang Ye muttered in his heart.

His spiritual resistance was no joke though.

“However, the numb feeling isnt very strong either,” Wang Ye pondered for a moment.

Talent levels were similar to the combat power of pets.

From the strength of his spiritual energy, the opponents talent level was probably between levels 2 and 3.

In the distance.

“What a strong fighter,” Shen Xue looked at this scene and her eyes fell on Wang Ye, “Its him He didnt use his talent, but just suppressed Mo Kai with his reaction and body… what rank is he in his fighter class Why would such a strong fighter come to Tianxian Gorge to train”

She was puzzled.

Mo Kai was very strong, mainly because his talent was a combination of attack and speed.

However, in the short exchange just now, his attack was easily dodged.

That was his talent skill, Thunder Chop.

This was a talent skill that humans had imitated from the lightning-type pets intermediate skill, Lightning Cut, with their talents, thus allowing them to quickly comprehend and learn it.

It allowed the user to attack the opponent with lightning-like speed.

Even pets would find it difficult to dodge, let alone humans.

Right at this moment.


Mo Kai, who was far away, slowly floated.

Strong winds swept around him, and even lightning arcs began to appear in mid-air.

A strange mark appeared between his brows.

It seemed to be the strength of a contract.

The void trembled slightly, and a mirage-like phantom of a pet jumped out and drilled into Mo Kais brows.

In that instant, his aura rose again, and the lightning arcs around his body grew longer and thicker.

A round horn even appeared on his forehead.

“So this is a totem contract” Wang Yes eyes flickered.

He didnt expect to meet beastmasters from other countries so quickly.

Due to the different ways of contracting, beastmasters from Dongli Country were naturally much weaker than beastmasters from other countries.

After all, they could only rely on themselves and their pets while beastmasters of other countries could borrow some of the divine beasts strength from their contracts to temporarily become stronger.

Obtaining strength through those methods was commonly known as “God Descent”.

“This spiritual energy aura is close to a level 3 pet…” Wang Ye took a deep breath.

Beastmasters had talent.

When they cultivated, they were actually no weaker than their pets.

The strength of pets lies in their attributes and outstanding six dimensions.

For example, humans couldnt even achieve the lowest E-grade growth through natural means.

Only by possessing some of the more outstanding talents and slowly cultivating would ones growth be almost as strong as a pet.

To rely on ones talent to grow to a level comparable to a pet had very high requirements for the human.

In the next moment, Mo Kai floated on the ground, his eyes filled with coldness and ruthlessness.

He tapped his fingertip.

In an instant, a sky full of wild lightning appeared, striking straight toward Wang Ye.


On the other side, the bear king was kept busy by seven beastmasters.

Sensing the powerful aura, it immediately blasted away the other beastmasters with a furious roar and looked at Wang Ye.

Seeing this, its heart jumped in fear.

With the power of the lightning, even if it was struck once, it would probably not be able to withstand it.

Although it was a level 4 pet, its spiritual resistance was very low.

If the target was a human…

“Mi!!” The sword rabbit behind widened its eyes.

Looking at this human that it had only known for a short day, it seemed to be seeing some scenes from its memories.

“Do you think youre the only one who knows how to unleash an ultimate skill” Wang Ye clenched his fists.

He had just started cultivating, and the spiritual energy value in his body was quite low, probably equivalent to Xiao Jiu when it hadnt even reached level 2 back then.

However, his body was full of skills in the great success realm.

Therefore, he didnt dare to randomly use skills.

This couldnt be helped.

Talent sequences were similar to the classes of pets.

Outstanding talents could often bring fast cultivation speed.

Unfortunately, Deep Memory was a talent that was very slow to cultivate.

Simply put, Wang Yes “class” wasnt high.

He was at most only at Transcendent class… maybe even worse than the sword rabbit.

Yet he had used cheats and had ridiculously high six dimensions.

All those factors added were why Wang Yes battle prowess was somewhat deformed.

He had skills and the required six dimensions, but unfortunately, he didnt dare to use them at will.

“Kings Prestige! Free-size! Meteor Fist!”

Wang Ye took a step forward, and he suddenly erupted with an extremely terrifying aura!

The powerful aura condensed into something physical, forming a faint golden stream of air around Wang Ye!

The symbol of a king!

Whether it was the bear king in the distance, the other beastmasters, or even the thunderstorm lion king behind them, they were all stunned.

Following that, Wang Ye threw a punch!

His fist emitted a meteor-like glow.

In an instant, it was as if there were more than one punch.

Countless punches were thrown out!

He didnt have any offensive skills before, so his bunch of support skills could be said to have been useless.

Now that he finally had an offensive skill, his combat power was instantly increased by several levels!

“Roar” The bear king was stunned.

Wasnt that his skill

How could a human know it too

Could he be a pet disguised as a human

It was stunned.

But in the next moment, its eyes were wide open with shock.

It saw that the fist Wang Ye threw out instantly became bigger!

It was like a small hill that was densely packed with fists, instantly drowning out the thousands of thunderbolts that were hurtling towards it!

Mo Kai didnt even have time to react before he was sent flying by the punch, crashing down the mountain peak.

He didnt even have time to scream before he was gone.

The world went silent in an instant!

Wang Ye clenched his bloody fists.

He felt so f*cking good.

The power was too monstrous.

It was so powerful that even his body couldnt withstand it.

After all, this was his first time using these skills.

Although he was injured, Wang Yes aura didnt change.

He simply waved his hand and looked at the other beastmasters.

Their hearts instantly skipped a beat, and they felt an inexplicable chill.

F*ck, where did this humanoid pet come from

He was definitely the human form of some high-level pet, right

How could humans be so freakish

On top of that, every skill he used was a pet skill!

Without even thinking about it, they immediately fled down the mountain… They couldnt afford to offend the other party.


It was over.

It had to be said that the feeling of becoming stronger was pretty good.

In this world where pets were the main focus, most beastmasters were immersed in the sense of accomplishment brought by raising pets.

Only those with unique talents would train hard to become stronger.

However, they were still a minority.

For example, although the fighter class was very popular in society, in the entire beastmaster community, the proportion of them was actually very small.

The innate conditions determined that most beastmasters would find it difficult to achieve the same combat strength as their pets.

The seven beastmasters that the bear king fought werent weak, but the latter hadnt been at a disadvantage in a one-on-seven fight.

If each of these seven beastmasters had brought their pets, even if those were only just level 3 pets, they couldve easily beaten the bear king up.

This was the difference between pets and humans.

“Roar!” The bear king walked over, sizing up Wang Ye from head to toe.

What kind of human did it get to know The bear king howled a few times, feeling very puzzled.

“Mi!” The sword rabbit ran over, its eyes shining brightly.

It was very excited at this moment, and its eyes were filled with worship.

So humans could be so powerful too

Wang Ye looked at the sword rabbit and thought, “Good Lord.

So this little fellow admired the strong more… With this, its intimacy with me has increased a lot again, huh.”

“You… you… Are you a human or a pet” In the distance, Shen Xue walked over in fear.

“…” Wang Ye.

“Is there such a handsome pet” He asked.

“…” Shen Xue.

“Those people just now were from Qixing University,” Shen Xue sighed, “Mo Kai is from Daying Country.

The university treats him very well.

On top of that, that guy is very powerful and usually quite arrogant.

I didnt expect that he would dare to break our countrys rules in the wild.

Its is too infuriating.”

“With the current social environment, its quite normal,” Wang Ye nodded.

In his previous life, he had seen all kinds of demons and monsters.

This was nothing.

“Oh right, youre a fighter, right” Shen Xue asked.

“No, Im a supporting aide,” Wang Ye said.


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