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He didnt know how long he had slept, but his sweet dream had been the same such that he jolted awake at the crucial moment.

This time, Wang Ye didnt feel anything.

He just woke up in a wave of heat.

“Chirp, chirp!” Xiao Jiu, who had become smaller, was using its wings to rub against Wang Yes cheek.

Even though the current Xiao Jiu was not burning with flames, its body was quite warm.

The white python, on the other hand, felt cool to the touch.

After waking up, Wang Ye felt that his spiritual power was somewhat recovered.

The nether wood in the distance remained unmoving, not making even a sound.

The original Inferno Blood Pool also gradually recovered.

A faint aura of life continuously surged from underground.

“This divine pool is really quite interesting… The dark fog has infected it for so many years and senior Xiao Yin has used it for so many years… It shouldve been at least two hundred years, right Yet it hasnt dried up yet”

No wonder so many humans had fought over it back then, and a great war had even broken out over it.

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Unfortunately, it would take more than a hundred years to recover, which was too long.

“Youre awake” The giant silver trees voice was still weak.

“Yeah, come on then,” Wang Ye walked to the giant silver tree and touched its trunk with his hand.

A notification immediately appeared.

[The pet information has been detected.

The simulation can be carried out.]

His plan was indeed feasible.

“Im going to start, is that okay” Wang Ye asked.

The giant silver tree nodded.

It didnt know what Wang Ye was trying to do.

[The reality simulation is commencing.


[You were severely injured.

To find a way to liberate this place, after you changed your form, you and your beastmaster temporarily left this place.]

[After leaving, your beastmaster announced to the public that you were his newly contracted pet.

The Investigation Corps was shocked by your matter.

Due to the implications being too great, you and your beastmaster didnt reveal too much though.

After you returned to human society, you discovered that the current human society seemed to be very different from the past.

The biggest change was that the pet contract was very different.]

[Then, your beastmaster reported this matter to his Commander called Lin Rou.

After hearing about this matter, she felt that it was very strange.

She immediately secretly investigated the matter regarding the Xinghai Demonic Disaster and visited many places to learn what exactly had happened.

However, not long after, Commander Lin Rou died in a secret realm.

Your beastmaster felt extremely puzzled about this!]

[In less than half a month, you heard that the Qixing Investigation Corps had entered the relic of life.

A battle broke out for several days, and the spatial fluctuations in the relic caused the surrounding cities to fall into a state of spiritual energy disorder.]

[Your beastmaster sensed that danger was coming.

Just as he was about to leave, he was captured by a mysterious and powerful beastmaster.

As for you, you were also imprisoned… It didnt take long before you died of weakness.]

[The simulation had ended.

The time was too short.

There is no reward.]

“…” Wang Ye.

Directly bringing the giant silver tree out didnt seem to have any effect.

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“On top of that, telling Commander Lin Rou about this matter seems to have harmed her,” Wang Ye felt somewhat speechless.

He had originally wanted to bring senior Xiao Yin out to investigate.

But in the end…

“We were only secretly investigating the matter of the Xinghai Demonic Disaster… What exactly is hidden in this period of history” Wang Ye was deeply puzzled.

If even with Lin Rous status, she was unable to find out what went on, then it would probably be useless for him to investigate.

“Right, those two scholars…” Wang Ye thought of the two dark fog scholars.

“Although there seems to be something wrong with the memory lotus lamp they gave me, from the condition of the item, it doesnt seem to be entirely their problem…”

There was indeed something wrong with the memory lotus lamp, but in terms of cultivation, it was Wang Yes problem.

His Deep Memory was too weak, so when he used the item to cultivate, he had been unable to withstand the memory produced by this divine object, resulting in his mental disorder.

“Moreover, these two are officials of the country, and their origins are quite mysterious.

Their status is far above that of Commander Lin Rou too.

If I tell them… would it be different” Thinking of this, Wang Ye run another simulation.

The results of this simulation seemed very strange.

Before he could contact the two scholars, the Qixing Investigation Corps had already entered the relic of life.

Then, he was captured again, and the giant tree was imprisoned.

Not long after, it died, and there was no news of him either.

“The Qixing Investigation Corps… According to the information from the initial simulation with Chiyu, among the Corps should be the beastmaster who abandoned it, and that person had quite a high status as well as being quite strong.

Once they enter the relic of life, the Qixing Investigation Corps will definitely know about my situation and encounters in the Infernal Relic.

In other words, as long as the Qixing Investigation Corps enters the relic of life, Ill definitely be taken away,” Wang Ye frowned slightly.

The time was too short, and he didnt seem to have enough time to make a plan.

From this point, it seemed that the nether woods deduction was very correct.

Perhaps, this batch of investigators, including him, was only used as cannon fodder to probe the situation inside.

Even Lu Daying and the others didnt know.

It was very likely that the Qixing Investigation Corps knew about the relic, but they werent sure yet.

Therefore, for the time being, they let the Investigation Corps here investigate first.

“Interesting… The Qixing Investigation Corps is the most famous investigation team in Xinghai Province.

Theres also a deity rank in charge.

Moreover, Chiyus incident was at least a hundred years ago.

To be able to live for so long…” Wang Ye narrowed his eyes, “If they use an excuse that theyre eliminating fierce beasts, its indeed a legitimate reason to just destroy the relic.”

“Lets run one more simulation.

This time, lets do it another way,” Wang Ye didnt give up and continued to simulate.

[You and your beastmaster chose to stay in the Infernal Relic to cultivate.]

[While cultivating, you slowly recovered a bit of your strength.

At the same time, you started chatting with your beastmaster about the hundred years of history, getting to know each others experiences.

You were extremely shocked by his experience and talent, thinking that he wasnt weaker than your first beastmaster.]

[Time flew by, and half a month passed.

In the process, Yama did recover its consciousness a few times, but it was quickly destroyed by your beastmasters other pet.]

[There seemed to be no news from the outside world.

Occasionally, there would be a few clashes with the rules sealing the place.

That was probably a sign that the humans outside wanted to come in, but they didnt manage to break your rules.]

[With the help of the divine pond, your strength gradually recovered, and the Infernal Relic began to slowly change.]

[During this period, you felt that your beastmaster seemed to be quite mediocre, but his pet was still very powerful.

At this moment, the fierce beasts began to get restless.

His sparrow began to wander around the Infernal Relic, displaying an extraordinary leadership ability and the dignity of an expert.

It began to subdue one fierce beast after another, becoming the second Yama of the Infernal Relic, or more known as the Flame Lord.

With the Flame Lord being in charge, the fierce beasts in the Infernal Relic began to calm down.]

[Five years later, as your spatial laws deepened, the divine pond regained its spiritual energy, and the Infernal Relic finally regained some of its former appearance.

You and your beastmaster have developed some feelings for each other as well.

However, right at that moment, you felt your sealing rules being forcefully torn apart.

Countless human beastmasters barged in, starting to massacre the fierce beasts in here.]

[In the end, after a few days of intense battle, you were killed by a powerful human who called himself Ji Wuming.

Your beastmaster was also captured and brought away.]

[The simulation has ended.

The Dark Tree of Heaven has survived for five years, and its emotions for you have undergone subtle changes.

You may retain one of the following three options.]

[Obtain one of the pets skills.]

[Obtain one of the pets characteristics.]

[Obtain one of the pets six dimensions.]

“…” Wang Ye.

This time they went for developing in peace first and did not go out.

The tree had lived for more than five years, but unfortunately, it was too weak, and the strength it recovered was not considered strong.

Even if the divine pond had regained some strength, it was still useless.

Though he did expect this.

“Ji Wuming…” Wang Ye pondered.

He should be an expert from the Qixing Investigation Corps, right

“If we want to liberate this place, it seems that its useless to just rely on developing in here.

After all, its very problematic to disappear in the relic in the first place.

Xiao Tao… It seems that I still have to go out and find out the ins and outs,” Wang ye shook his head secretly.

“How is it” The giant silver tree said after some silence, “I didnt expect you and Xiao Tao to have such a relationship.

Moreover, I seem to have seen the future.

Humans are still so…”

“Theres no rush.

The future can be changed,” Wang ye said, “What you see may not be true.

As long as it doesnt happen, its not true.”

“That makes sense,” The giant silver tree sighed softly, “To be honest, in the beginning, there were humans who could enter this place and come to me.

My idea was different from Yamas.

It wanted to take over a human body and use it as a disguise to kill its way out with the fierce beasts here.

On the other hand, my idea is the same as Xiao Taos.

I want you to go out and help me find my companions so that they can help me deal with the situation.

However, it seems that they are in an even worse situation now…”

Wang Ye did not answer.

He only said, “Umm, can you let me see your stats first”

“I am a cripple who is no longer as I was in the past,” The Dark Tree of Heaven sighed softly.

With a thought, it still shared its stats with Wang Ye.

Wang Ye immediately sensed the latters information.

[Pet: Dark Tree of Heaven (weak)]

[Type: Plant space dark-type pet]

[Race Class: Legend First-class]

[Combat Power: Level 3]

[Skills: Shadow Whip (enlightenment), Space Gap (enlightenment), Space Seal (enlightenment), Space Suppression (peak mastery), Complete Darkness (peak mastery), Divine Spatial Dark Prison (peak mastery), Recruit (peak mastery), Life Gift (enlightenment), Growth (enlightenment)…]

[Six-dimensional Growth: Strength (S-), Constitution (S-), Agility (S-), Spiritual Resistance (S-), Spiritual Energy (S-), Soul (S-)]

[Genetic Characteristics: Shadow Body (orange), Shadow Silver Wood (orange), Extraordinary Intelligence (orange), Towering Ancient Wood (orange), Heaven and Earth Ancient Wood (red), Natural Divine Power (red), Late Bloomer (red)]

[Combat Technique: ]

[Spiritual Energy: ]


Its stats were very strong.

As expected of a pet who had lived longer than Chiyu and was an existence on the same level as Xiao Tao.

Even in a weakened state, its combat power was still at level 3, and its six dimensions were all at the S- grade.

A Legend first-class pet with space and dark-type dual-attributes.

Its evolution path was the same as the white pythons.

In particular, its skills had maxed-out realms, which made him wonder how many years it had lived.


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