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Chapter 167.2

Ice and Fire

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


The good thing was that Tian Xin came back in a short while and held something in her hand.

Ryan still ignored her, put the baby to sleep, and got up to cook.

Looking at his cold attitude, Tian Xin felt a sense of grievance in her heart and forced herself to boil water and take a bath.

Then she got upset, did not wear clothes, and came out with a piece of animal skin around her body.


“Ryan, Ryan, don’t be angry.

I was wrong.

I know I was wrong.” Tian Xin hugged him from behind ingratiatingly.

Ryan’s body shook and slightly struggled to break away.


Tian Xin saw that this did not work.

She gritted her teeth and went to his front, knelt down between his legs, pulled off the animal skin around his waist, grabbed his rod, stroked it twice, then opened her mouth and took it in.


“Mmm.” Ryan did not expect her to do this.

He half pushed and settled down on the chair, closed his eyes, and enjoyed the service.


Tian Xin first took the thick glans, then slowly swallowed the thick rod.

Ryan’s hand unconsciously stroked the top of her head, fingers in her hair, shaking involuntarily with her swallowing movements.


“Mmm,” so much that Tian Xin barely swallowed half of it, feeling that the meat stick had already been inserted into her throat.

The swallowing muscles in her throat were involuntarily squeezing the foreign matter in it.

The huge meat stick deep in her throat made her want to vomit.


Tian Xin barely held back and swallowed a little down.

She could not take it anymore and felt it was difficult to breathe.

Tian Xin had to stop moving because she was choking to tears and admired Philo for thinking she could swallow the whole thing.

She did not know how to do it, and she did not force herself and slowly spat it out.


“Mmm,” Ryan moaned comfortably, feeling the electricity generated by the friction between his sensitive glans and the wall.

The different pleasure gave him an illusion of flying up to the clouds.


Ryan’s large hand unconsciously clasped the back of Tian Xin’s head so she could not thoroughly spit out.

She had to stick out her tongue to lick the glans appeasingly.


At the same time, her small hand held up his balls and rubbed them gently to intensify his sensations.

Ryan closed his eyes and grunted in comfort.

Tian Xin felt him relax his grip on her, and only then did she manage to have the big rod out of her mouth.


As soon as the wrapper of warmth and tightness left, Ryan immediately opened his eyes in discontent and pushed his huge rod into her mouth.


Tian Xin was stuffed by him.

With the big glans in her mouth, she cried vaguely, “Wait a minute.

Wait, I will make you more comfortable.”


Ryan was suspicious and pulled out his big stick, waiting to see what she wanted to do.


Tian Xin panted slightly, brought out the ice cube prepared beforehand, picked a small piece, and put it into her mouth.

When it was almost melted, she re-embraced the big glans.


“Ah!” Ryan’s sensitive big stick was a little hot and wet, but with the cold mouth, he could not say what it was like for a while.

His whole body’s hair was suddenly tensed up, and his body was covered with goose bumps like ice.

He could not help but scream in surprise.

However, the big rod below him was not as good as the one he had been experiencing.


But his big stick did not shrink because of the feeling of ice and fire but was stimulated to become more robust and sensitive.

After only a short while, he almost came into Tian Xin’s mouth.


Ryan could not resist and did not care to give her a lesson.

He pulled her up and roughly pushed her down on the table.

‘Tear’ tore her body clothes, parted her legs, and did not hesitate to rush in.


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