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Marriage: The CEO Came Back to Pamper His First Love Lack of Parental Love

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The driver had heard about the legendary little sister, the one who is doted on and pampered by his Boss.

When he thought about his Bosss illness as a Sister Complex, sis-con, the driver paled and then turned red, he did not hide the fright in his eyes, but his attention was on the front.

He can believe he had such thoughts about his boss with his sister. He had heard his Boss spends six years with her overseas. And his boss did not acknowledge the one left behind. He felt ashamed, thankfully he did not voice out anything about it, if not… his head could roll over the floor.

While the drivers mind is in turmoil, the situation in the back was getting more despairing.

"Big Brother, do they hate me so much to the point to take the man I fell in love with, and gave him to Yun Mei? Does Yun Mei hate me that much for her to steal the man who swore to have a future with me? Does he hate me to such an extent to believe every word they spoke to him and does not even hear my side of the story? Did he forget the time we spent together? Does he not believe me? Was wrong with me not telling him about my situation with the Yun family?"

Yun Xiang did not know how to answer her questions. He had the answer in his heart, but did not dare to give wood to the fire.

"In the past, I only spend three months with them. I called my senior brothers, and they told me they missed me and wanted to see me that day. So, if I did not leave with them that day, could they have changed? Could they have liked me? If I let them continue to hit me, would theyve shown me the love I yearn for?"

Yun Xue was broken, although the Old Man and the rest gave her all their love and pampered her to the bones, she did not experience what is parental love.

Back then, she was born a couple of hours when the Old Man took her away from her parents. But she had never blamed him, she understood the reasons behind their actions.

When she wanted to experience the so-called Parental love, she never thought her excitement and hopes wouldve been crushed by her own parents words and treatment.

"To be honest with you, they would not." The bitterness in Yun Xiangs eyes did not go overlooked by Yun Xue. He did not want to lie to his lovely sister.

Yun Xue stopped sobbing to give consideration to her brothers words but her tears did not stop.

He opened his mouth, but no words came out of Yun Xiangs mouth. He had no words to ease his younger sisters heart. If it were not for her, he would never enjoy having family love as he had with his sister.

"For me, you are the only family member I need. The only family member I had left in this world. I was raised by grandpa, so, I did not have a bond with them. When Master Sun took you away, I was heartbroken. But when you came back, I knew, I must go with you. Grandpa was no longer in this world. So, my only family is you. I can give you an answer that could satisfy you. But I can promise to give you more love, the love you lacked with them. So, please, don seek their love, not now, nor never."

His words comforted Yun Xue. But also made her realize, it was not only her the one who lacked parental love, her big brother was lacking the same love.

"Big Brother, Im sorry." She had no words to comfort him. She just hugs him and cried until she feels asleep.

Yun Xiang looked down and saw the dry tears in his little sisters eyes. Raised his hand and his finger cleaned the remnant tears falling from her eyes.

"Im sorry. Xueer, we can be a family with them. We can …." Yun Xiang murmured.

Yun Xue had been sick since young. Due to enemies plotting against their grandfather. Their mother was poisoned when she was due to give birth. Because of that, Yun Xue was born prematurely and ended up with a sickly body.

Because of this, their mother had to stay in the hospital for almost a year. A few days after Yun Xues birth, an old man, named Master Sun, came to them and asked them to give their daughter Yun Xue to him.

Knowing the old man was the Old Master Yuns best friend, they agreed. Its not like they liked their daughter. Their mother even hated the newborn Yun Xue for causing her to be unable to stand up.

He remembers, the time his Xueer returned home.

When Yun Xue turned 6 years old, she visited her home, and a younger sister greeted her. The younger sister was only 4 years old, but it gave Xiao Xue a weird feeling.

It was their first meeting, and everything turned bad.

Because the shy and cute Yun Mei made Yun Xue a laughingstock in her own family.

Yun Xue was raised to become a strong woman, a woman capable to fight with older men and defeat them could not defeat the words uttered by a young child.

Feeling powerless, Yun Xue just raised her hand to hit the 4 years old Yun Mei, but it enraged her parents and both of them hit the poor Xiao Xue. Leaving a scar not only on her face but in her heart.

The twelve years old boy, Yun Xiang, saw how everything unfolds. And came to Yun Xue, he hugs her and told them that it was not Yun Xues fault. He explained that Yun Mei told her something bad and it hurt Yun Xue, telling her that her parents abandoned Yun Xue to have her as their sole daughter. And it makes Yun Xue sad and angry. So, she raised her hand.

Yun Xue was thankful to her big brother; he is the only one who believed her. Although hes only six years older than her, and he can make her feel safe being hugged by him.

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