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Chapter 139 – To the Royal Capital 1


I tried a little different method in the translation, it’s a little slower but I hope you like it n_n

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139 To the royal capital 1

“In the end, we don´t know who is the mastermind behind this incident”

After that, Roland continued to interrogate the men for a while before handing them to the city guards, looks like we have to wait a few days for the reward money and the profit of the sale as criminal slaves.

Of course I intend to invert this money on the orphans… but if you give such large money in cash, they will become prey of some criminal gang or other orphan group, so we have to think carefully on this.

When we were handing them over, I had Bell call Roland, so the conversation with the guards went pretty smooth.

His value’s existence is solely for situations like this (taking care of external affairs), so if he doesn’t work at times like this, there’s no point for us to feed him.

Since Francette was away on business (protecting Riette-chan), Roland, who was away when all this happened, started complaining to me “Why have you let me out of all this” Haha, it’s not my fault you weren’t here at the moment, I don’t why are you complaining.

At any rate, in the eyes of the people, Roland’s appearance, which is that of a bit spoiled noble son who is good at swordsmanship with considerable strength and ability, would have a better effect than those of a commoner(we) whose appearances are those of underage children and young adults.

Yeah, it’s better to use anything that’s convenient.

So, after helping the orphans and handing the men over to the guards, I came back to “Convenience Store Bell”.

“Hah, there’s no such thing as an employer telling a disposable pawn all the details, that’s normal…”

As Francette says, there is not mastermind who would share details like that.

Well, they are disposable, employed maybe by any of the royal, aristocracy, or merchant who still doubts of me, or who hasn’t got the new information about my hair and eye color yet.

…but that’s ok.

Yeah, that’s ok.

It is ok, whether it is a smart person who was not misled by the information disturbance, a weak information person who could not even obtain it, a person who thought about using me, everyone is working desperately for the benefit of themselves, subordinates, implicated persons, and residents of their own territory.

…but they tried to harm my Riette-chan, and the orphans.

You shouldn’t have done that…



Francette let out a slightly out of tune voice.

Emile and Bell nodded silently, and Roland only shrugs his shoulders lightly.

Yes, the same reaction, as usual…

Then, in the evening of the same day, a maid came shopping at “Convenience Store Bell” and when she paid and left I noticed a small piece of paper between the silver coins.

“There’s a summon from the royal capital.

I am unable to refuse this time because it is from the head of the faction to which my uncle, Count Masurius, belongs.

I admit there is the need for a meeting about the contents to be explained”

“…Oh, such a good timing.

Then, shall I go…” (Evil grin) (¬‿¬ )

“Then, I’ll leave things to you while I’m away.”

“Yes, have a safe trip, young lady (Ojou-sama)”

Well, Marial is not the Viscount’s daughter anymore, but the Viscount herself, though the “young lady” remains.

That’s because she’s still single, and cannot be called “Lady” (Oku-sama/wife) and “master” (Goshujinsama) doesn’t fit well.

In addition, the servants have been used to call her “young lady” for many years already, and until she gets married, she’d probably be called like that, maybe.

Marial belongs to the faction to which her relative, Count Masurius belongs… which means that Marial belongs to the faction to which Viscount Reifel family belongs… Anyway, we decided to head to the royal capital because I received a summoning order from the leader, the Marquis-sama.

Earl Masrius headed to the royal capital ahead of us and seems to be laying the groundwork for various things.

And as to why I am here now…

“Then, let’s go, Kaoru.”

“Yes, young lady!”

…that’s why.

After receiving the call from Marial, the laundry maids and the assistant maids, in other words, the low-ranking and unmarked servants were given letters and contacted several times to help me establish this strategy (trained me ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶ ).

Yes, I’m the young lady’s maid.

Marial, of course, is the young lady.

That’s the plan.

A lady’s maid is a senior servant that has considerable privileges for her youth.

It’s a special treatment that the housekeeper’s personnel rights don’t reach.

It’s not too unnatural to always stay by the young lady’s side, and it’s easier for me to do various things.

And many other things…

Francette, Roland, and Emile are horse guards.

Bell is a babysitter maid.

Riette-chan is… baby maid …and what the hell is that! (Tte, nani ja sorya!)

No, well, Bell is the one who babysits.

I created that position.

And there’s more.

Ed and other four are riding and replacement horse staff.

The horses used by Viscount Reyfel’s bodyguards, and the carriage horses used by Marial and his servants.

Dogs and birds are selected as an elite team because there are many applicants.

Alright, the preparations for attacking the royal capital are perfect!

… No, we’re not going to do it.

With this group, I’m going to raid the capital… not!!!.

Marial, it is almost certain that she will be used to advertise that the blessings and favor of the goddess are with her faction, as a “dear child of the goddess” rather than something like a “zoo panda” to the faction’s major nobles and royalty, and perhaps even to the people at the temple.

Therefore, she is probably full of anxiety about what to do if she is cornered, wondering how much she can say, or rather, what she should do if cornered, since she is sure to be demanded to say everything.

She cannot make the position of the Viscount Reifel and the Counts Masrius, to whom she is greatly indebted, worse, and she cannot pick a fight with the heads of the factions, the royal family, and the temple.

That would be troublesome.

And so I took advantage of Marial’s trip to the royal capital to help her, a desire to avoid having her talk about me in a flippant manner, and with the purpose to “snap” those who tried to harm Riette-chan by sneaking into the royal capital unnoticed.

…we have come together with the ones selected from the dogs and birds who said they wanted to take a bite on any of our enemies.

Of course, in order not to stand out, everyone slipped in as Marial’s escorts and servants.

The reckless attempt to make Viscount Reyfel’s royal capital mobile unit itself inconspicuous was abandoned from the beginning.

How can that be possible, surrounded by dozens of dogs, dozens of birds of various kinds flying in the sky, patrolling and mopping up the front and surroundings I mean….


The others were put in a different carriage, and inside the carriage there were only four of us, Marial, me, Bell, and Riette-chan.

During the break, Ed complains to Bell about me, who am keeping Riette-chan all to myself, and asks, “Why doesn’t she ride me!” and got angry, it was terrible.

And the day before we reached the royal capital it happened.

It’s here!.

Finally, the thieves who had been waiting for a carriage with sufficient guards, and even though it was rare for an idiot to attack a carriage that was clearly an aristocrat’s carriage, were waiting.

If you attack a aristocrat’s carriage near the royal capital, that would put the royal family to shame so the royal capital army will retaliate with all their might.

If left unattended, they would be licked and the carriages of noble families would be attacked one after another, or they will be despised by other countries, and the number of carriages heading to the royal capital, including merchants, will drastically decrease, which will be a big blow.

And then…

『We detected a group of people further ahead of us blocking the way!!』

A messenger came from the patrol birds ahead, stopped on the protrusion of the carriage and reported


“All units, prepare for bombardment!!”

『Understood! 』


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