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“Carrot-and-stick! My lord, I believe you are much more experienced than I am in dealing with such a bad disciple.”

Bazhunan stopped talking at the right time, leaving Mei Siren in deep thought.

The storyteller was also lost in deep thought, but his thoughts seemed to have wandered off somewhere.

After a long time, Mei Siren closed his paper fan again.

As he knocked his palm with the paper fan, he asked while knowing the answer, “Why should I help you”

“Because he is Xu Xiaoshou…” Bazhunan pondered as he knew it very well.

Every swordsman of the Eastern Region knew that Mei Siren was defeated by You Tu in a fight.

Because You Tu had a famous disciple, the Eighth Sword Deity.

Mei Siren had a lot of disciples in the world, but none of them were good enough.

However, at this moment, master Mei Siren, who couldnt lay down his dignity, needed an excuse.

Bazhunan understood it very well.

“This is a request from me, a junior in front of you.

And in return, I can send you to the Sky City.” Bazhunan said with a smile.

“You will get the Foundational Roots of Saint Ascension that any Spiritual Cultivator in the world desires!”

“Do I need that…” Mei Siren thought to himself.

He looked at Bazhunan expressionlessly, but what he saw was Bazhunans face which was also calm and wise.

It seemed as if Bazhunan believed that the condition offered by him was very tempting to Mei Siren.

Mei Siren suddenly smiled.

This was indeed very tempting.

But what tempted him was not the Foundational Roots of Saint Ascension, but Xu Xiaoshou.

“Both of us are Ancient Swordsman.

So, theres no need to mention the Foundational Roots of Saint Ascension, because its meaningless.”

Mei Siren shook his head and said, “As for Xu Xiaoshou, I can help you, but I dont need the condition offered by you, because I lack for nothing for the time being… just treat it as if you owe me a favor!”

Instantly, the storyteller, whose thoughts were pulled back to reality by his words, looked over in surprise.

Bazhunan was stunned for a moment, but the next second, he beamed with pleasure.

It was good to owe him a favor!

Ordinary people didnt want to be in debt because it was difficult to repay the debt of gratitude.

However, if an old senior like Mei Siren, who had no attachments and maintained no stand in his life, really asked help from Bazhunan, wouldnt it be the same as announcing to the world that Bazhunan was on the side of the Saint Servant

Bazhunan could hardly believe his ears, but he would rather make the best out of this mistake and not give Mei Siren the chance to change his mind.

Thus, he immediately continued, “Lord Mei, I respect your talent very much.

You may ask me to do anything for you at any time.

This so-called favor is unnecessary.”

Mei Siren knocked his palm with the paper fan and said with a smile, “I guess I will need you to return the favor sooner or later.”

Hearing that, Bazhunan came to a sudden realization.

Mei Siren had long understood what kind of misunderstanding his words would cause.

However, this was not a misunderstanding at all!

Mei Siren had already planned to get involved!

“Where is Xu Xiaoshou now” Mei Siren asked as if he could not wait to beat Xu Xiaoshou up.

Bazhunan suddenly fell silent.

He didnt expect Mei Siren could be so candid.

Therefore, he felt ashamed of his backup plan for a while.

“HMM” Mei Siren snorted as if he smelled a conspiracy again.

Bazhunan sighed, “Lord Mei, when you see Xu Xiaoshou again, you should… be on the Abyss Island.”

Mei Siren was stunned.

Abyss Island

In other words, as long as he promised Bazhunan, he would go to the Abyss Island with the help of the Saint Servant.

Then, the Holy Divine Palace would deem that he had chosen the side that stood against the Holy Divine Palace.

“The Eighth Sword Deity is indeed a genius in chess.

This is a chess game… and I am also a chess piece.” Mei Siren said with a faint smile.

“Ahem…” Bazhunan coughed awkwardly and didnt dare to answer, “What about Xu Xiaoshou”

“Humph!” Mei Siren snorted heavily.

Then, he said meaningfully, “My disciple is never inferior to You Tus disciple!”

Then, he opened the paper fan again and shook it slowly.

This time, what was aimed at the two Saint Servants was not the side that said “I refuse”, but the other side that had been hidden.



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