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“Alright, lets cut the crap.

Lets start the class.

The first lesson is elemental analysis!”

“Ill demonstrate it with the computer first.

You guys observe carefully.

If there are any doubts, please record them down.”

After Mance finished speaking, he picked up the laptop on the table and opened it.

Then, under the gaze of many students, he began to play a scene from the computer.

In the scene, there was a circular cube.

The cube in the scene was black in color.

Around the cube, there were many strange light spots.

This scene looked like a special star.

Ye Feng also stared at the cube carefully.

He did not know what was so mysterious about this thing.

He just felt that it was a little mysterious.

This cube was used to analyze elements, and it also contained basic knowledge about the use of elemental energy.

During the analysis process, one could also learn from other elemental energy, which was extremely useful to Ye Feng.

“Thats all I have to show.

Now, everyone can take a look at my explanation.” As Mance finished speaking, the computer screen lit up and a picture appeared.

This picture was a black cube.

The black cube was entangled by threads, like a spider web.

These threads were constantly emitting light.

The light continuously gathered at the top of the black cube, causing the black cube to shine with a metallic luster.

“This is a kind of high-density element.

Around this element, there will be some golden particles.” Mance had been explaining these things.

“The basic knowledge of the elemental analysis class is that the material around the element may be metal or other materials!”

“Among them, you should pay attention to the fact that we have discovered a total of four elements.

They are wind and air, fire and flame, water and ocean, earth and mountains.

Im sure you all know that these four elements are the source of all the elements, and the four elements have their respective successors, and our Teacher Andy is the successor of wind and air! In our human civilization, the wind and air elements are the most common elements, and also the most difficult to extract…”


Listening to the teachers explanation, many freshmen revealed thoughtful expressions.

In the entire galaxy, the elements were divided into non-elemental elements, wind elements, fire elements, earth elements, and water elements.

These four types of elements almost represented four large-scale elemental attributes, which was the so-called elemental power.

However, below this, there was a single metal, wood, water, fire, and earth element!

And behind these five elements, there were also some rare dark attributes.

In short, the things involved in the elemental analysis class were very complicated, and it required a lot of time to study in order to improve.

However, Ye Feng was not too worried.

Although his spiritual power was not too strong, he had elemental affinity.

In addition, Ye Feng now had the power of the water element.

‘I now have Walters ultimate water element power, but I did not receive the resonance between inherited water and the ocean.

Could there be some steps that I did not complete Ye Feng thought to himself.

Only he himself knew this secret.

He did not even know how long this secret could be hidden.

After all, Walters fall was such a huge matter, but it was also a great loss to humanity.

Of course, Ye Feng naturally could not say this matter.

After all, if he said it, wouldnt it be equivalent to admitting that he had entered Walters cage

Ye Feng did not want to expose himself so quickly.

These things could be discussed in the future.

‘Forget it.

When this elemental analysis class is over, I will give it a try!

Ye Feng secretly made a decision.

Ye Feng was very serious about this elemental analysis class.

He kept recording on the paper.

“You are all freshmen who have been assessed.

I know that your potential is very great! In the elemental analysis class, all of you have to continuously learn all kinds of knowledge to control the characteristics of your own elements and turn them into practical uses.”

“Now, what I want to tell you is that in this elemental analysis class, in addition to learning all kinds of basic elemental theories, we also have to learn some elemental techniques!”

Elemental techniques!

These two words instantly attracted the attention of everyone present.

Elemental technique was a very crucial thing in the path of cultivation.

Once one mastered some elemental techniques, it would be of great help to oneself!

“The content of this elemental technique is very simple,” Mance said.

“We require everyone to release their spiritual power during class to find the elemental fluctuations and then make a judgment.”

“Elemental fluctuations” Ye Feng was a little confused.

His spiritual power could detect a distance of several kilometers, and this strength was enough to instantly kill all the students present.

However, he had an inexplicable feeling toward the elemental fluctuations.

This feeling seemed to be an illusion, as if there was no existence at all.

But Ye Feng had never sensed it before.

Ye Feng had seen this illusion in those ancient books.

It was said that this fluctuation of the elements was formed from the energy of the elements.

The energy of the elements was like a liquid.

Its energy was transparent and only the elements themselves could feel it.

Therefore, if one wanted to detect the fluctuation of the energy through spiritual power, one must have a strong spiritual power!

“Thats right!” Mance nodded affirmatively and said, “Your spiritual power is very strong, but your perception of the fluctuation of elements is too weak.

This feeling is very weak, like a small stone thrown into water.

You have no way to sense it, and your spiritual power is very low.

You have no way to sense the fluctuation of elements.”

‘So youre saying that my spiritual power isnt enough Ye Feng frowned as a trace of doubt appeared in his heart.

According to Ye Fengs thoughts, his spiritual power was already powerful enough.

Even he himself felt a little surprised.

What he didnt know was that his spiritual power wasnt actually strengthened.

It was because in his sea of consciousness, and there were many spatial powers.

These spatial powers were all condensed from those elemental powers.

And the elemental power was equivalent to the ruler of this space.

Therefore, it was not strange that he could feel the spatial power.

However, Ye Fengs spiritual power was strengthened, but this kind of strengthening was not a qualitative change of spiritual power, but a qualitative change of space.

The qualitative change of space.

In other words, he already had the power of space, but he did not integrate this power into his spiritual power, which made his spiritual power very weak, only a little bit.

Therefore, Ye Fengs spiritual power was separated in a very short period of time and did not fuse with any spiritual power.

“Alright, who wants to go first Its just a demonstration!”

“Teacher, Ill go!”


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